Featured Organization Friday: CrossLink

Have I told you guys about Rich Anderson and my kid? (No, this is not me re-nigging on my promise to keep this space apolitical, you can vote for him or not, but it’s a cute story, so just hold on).  When my oldest son was 5, he informed me that he wanted to get into politics.  Being the over-indulgent mother that I am, I made a few phone calls and was told that we could help out on a brand-spanking-new campaign for delegate of our district.  I’m not sure that the message was passed down from the original person I talked to down to Delegate Anderson and his campaign manager, Reese as a warning, but I have to give them both credit for not laughing in my face when I showed up to volunteer with my 6 month old daughter in a Moby wrap on my chest, my 3 year old son in a pink MacLaren stroller (intended for the 6 month old, but he’d fallen asleep in the car) and my 5 year old, who was rocking it out in his suit and tie from Jacques Pennay.  (Or, as the less classy pronounce it, JC Penney.  Whatever.  You probably mispronounce Target, too. It’s “Tahr-jjjay”.)  

Anyway, 5yo was so excited and he and Delegate Anderson had a grand old time knocking on doors and meeting people.  I find this to be absolutely terrible, but my son LOVES it.  He had a great time knocking on doors, introducing “my friend, Mr. Anderson”, and handing out fliers.  If you live in the Lake Ridge area and had a small child smile at you and try to get you to talk to his friend the politician, you’ve met my son.  

Kids in Richmond- this is obviously not when they were 6mo/3/5.  Now 8yo is holding a picture of him giving Delegate Anderson a picture for his office, but he told him he could only keep it if he won.  I have no clue why my kid is making that face. 

I know what you’re thinking. Yes.  My kid is either going to be a televangelist or a politician.  We tried really hard to encourage his first career option–garbage truck driver–but he really just loves this stuff! 

So.  I bet you’re wondering what this all has to do with Featured Organization Friday.  Delegate Anderson’s wife, Ruth, works with some awesome organizations working to provide healthcare around the world, and she emailed me because they’re in the running to win some extra help and extra cash.  The organization isn’t based out of PWC, but since Ruth is Mrs. Delegate for our district, there’s a connection.  Check out the links below to learn more about CrossLink, and if you’re so inclined, to vote for them to win extra cash.  Otherwise, check out the bottom link and vote for some other organization that better fits your moral code.  Whatever.  Charities and the work they do are amazing.

We Need Your Help to Win a Prize for CrossLink International (www.crosslinkinternational.net)!

Our application was just approved to compete for 50 volunteers and a $500 grant through GOOD Maker, an organization which challenges nonprofits to enhance their productivity.  Our Dream Big Idea will compete with five other organizations and their big ideas.  So please read below and take the time to put in a vote for CrossLink’s proposal. Voting began Wednesday, August 1 at 3:00 PM and ends Thursday, August 16 at 3 PM. You can only vote once, please vote today!!

In a Nutshell…this was our proposal for a Dream Big volunteer project on October 27: CrossLink’s annual fund-raiser (called the Band Aid Ball) aids global health. The next gala is April 2013.  On October 27, we will send 50 volunteers (teams of 2 or more) into the local community to solicit auction items. They would be equipped with an Auction Brochure, lists of suggested items/services to solicit and maps. Some would use computers/phones to solicit from friends, family etc. Prizes will be awarded for items of highest value, most unique item, etc. There will be expert auction analyzers on-site to judge and value the itemsdonated to CrossLink.
You can only vote once — please vote now!  And if you could, please forward this message on to your contacts and encourage them to support CrossLink in this vote as well!

TO VOTE GO TO: http://VolunteerFestDreamBig.maker.good.is/projects/SCAVENGER

Once you open that website, please click “Vote for this idea”.  You will then be prompted to log in and create an account with Good Maker.  It’s easy, and you can do it one of two ways, either by using your e-mail address or an existing Facebook account.  Once you create your account, the site allows you to immediately unsubscribe from future e-mails so you won’t have them bothering you.  The site should then prompt you to check your email to confirm your vote — click the link in that e-mail and your vote will be tabulated.  Thank you for helping CrossLink!