Featured Organization Friday: Coups for Troops

Living in a highly military area I’ve come to loathe the military for moving all my friends away appreciate the sacrifices our servicemen and women and their families make for our country.

(Credit: Coups for Troops Facebook)

This week’s featured organization Friday is a really neat way to give support to military families and clear out your coupon pile!  Coups for Troops was founded in North Carolina by a Stay At Home Mom named Stephanie, according to their website.  People can sent their unwanted and expired coupons to any of the satellite groups. Our local group is run by a PwcMom named Jaclyn- you can mail coupons to her at Coups for Troops c/o Jaclyn Doherty 8045 Whitting Drive Manassas, VA 20112.

Once Jaclyn or another satellite coordinator receives your coupons, they cut and sort them and ship them overseas to be distributed by military families for use in the commissaries, which will allow them to use coupons up to six month past their expiration date.  Currently, they are asking people to send coupons with expiration dates on or after December 2011 to allow for adequate time to sort and ship.

(Credit: Coups for Troops Facebook)

The easiest way to help is send your coupons.  You can email Jaclyn to set up a drop-off if you have a large number of coupons and want to save on postage. If you don’t collect coupons but would like to help, you can also donate towards the cost of overseas shipping.  You may also request to be set up with a military family directly and send coupons to them without going through a local group.    

For more information on this group that’s helping out our service members in a really simple and creative way, you can also check out their Facebook group for updates and FAQs.