Easy Crafts- Marble Painting

I actually used this technique with my homeschool class yesterday, and it worked so well that I thought I’d share a little indoor-inspiration for the next time you need some!! (Hopefully that day will not be today because we are supposed to be going apple picking and I would like for the weather to stay lovely!)

Our kids are studying abstract art right now, and art is really not my thing.  In college, I had to take a fine art class and I took 3D art since I like crafts, so I thought working with materials would make the class more bearable. The only A I received in that class was for an assignment where we had to make a tower for our imagination to live in out of balsa wood sticks and string (this was after making animal combinations out of clay and shoes out of wire).  The night before our projects were due, mine was knocked out of my cubbie and shattered on the floor.  Figuring there was nothing I could do to impress the teacher anyway, I just turned the assignment in broken.  When I presented it, I said that it represented my complete and utter lack of imagination, and the professor ate it up.  It was so frustrating!!

Anyway, I had a very long-reaching memory of making these marble paintings, but in an upside-down Tupperware cake carrier.  Mine wouldn’t work for the task because it’s not flat-topped and has holes where the handle goes, but a cookie sheet did the trick! 

All you do is find some marbles and dip them in paint.  Then, lay a piece of paper down on your jellyroll pan (I call these cookie sheets- but they need to have sides to keep the marbles in!) and then drop the marbles all over the paper, and let your child gently shake to create designs.  When the paint has all rolled off, you’re done! Remove the marbles and let your creation dry.

 I used primary colors because they make nice colors when mixed (unlike purple and green make brown) but you could use anything.  Pros of the project include that the kids can’t glob the paint on, so they dry in a fairly quick amount of time.  I think that back in Kindergarten we also did this same process on green paper and then cut out Christmas Trees to make a card for our parents.  Easy, quick, and a way to get the paint out without destroying your house/child’s clothes.  This takes literally 20 seconds per child, and while it’s not high-level, the kids had fun!