Easter Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Hi There! If you followed us over from Fox 5’s Good Day DC, welcome!

Here are my tips/tricks for a fun Easter with older kids.

  1. Switch up your egg hunt
    1. Consider a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt using dollar store battery-operated candles or glow sticks (tape them into the appropriate shape for your eggs).  Make sure the area you’re using is clear of potential tripping hazards, and have fun! GlowEgg
    2. Try a confetti-egg hunt and bonus confetti fight.   You can make your own, or you can just purchase them, either online or at stores like Walmart. (Or, if you’re my kid, just smash them on your own head on-air!) IMG_1068(1)
  2. Incorporate some science
    1. Blow up some eggs with alka-seltzer! You’ll want to pick the type of eggs that stand up on their own (like the ones that look like ducks or frogs) and fill any holes with hot glue or tape.  Add a tablet of the fizzy stuff, shove on the lid, and back up! I-love-these-Easter-egg-rockets-What-an-awesome-science-experiment-for-kids.-750x1071(Photo via thestemlaboratory.com- follow link for details)
    2. Make some Easter Egg geodes! We’ve had great success with Martha’s recipe– just make sure you LET YOUR GLUE COAT DRY before you soak the eggs in the alum mixture.  Also, as my teenager can attest, alum is gross, so don’t put it in your mouth.  We got our food-grade alum on Amazon, but you could also purchase several smaller containers at the grocery store down the spice aisle.  (We made ours with plastic eggs, but if you wanna blow out eggs, be my guest.)Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.17.34 PM(Photo via MarthaStewart.com- follow link for details)
  3. Get Crafty
    1. Let your kids make the centerpieces for the Easter table! You can fill these cute Mason jars with Easter eggs glued onto craft sticks or skewers, or fake flowers.  If you’d like to use fresh flowers, be sure to spray on a top-coat glaze over your paint before adding any water. IMG_1072
    2. Use wood to make these super cute bunnies! As your kids get older, they’re able to make crafts you actually want to keep around 😉 so use durable supplies!IMG_1074(1)
    3. Put your older kids in charge of Easter Breakfast with these easy (and frosting-covered) bunny cinnamon buns! IMG_1073
  4. Ditch the basket junk
    1. We try to avoid giant baskets of sugar, but as our kids get older, that can be a little harder to do.  Try this cute idea for a “Bunny” made of a beach towel, swimsuit, flip flops, and goggles! It’ll be pool time before you know it!IMG_1075(1)
    2. Need other non-sugar ideas? Try stationary, new pens/pencils in cool colors (you know they’ve lost everything you bought for back to school by now), board games (Catan!!), playing cards (including things like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, if they play), cute socks, and new spring/summer pajamas.