Dream it, Plan it, Do it, Own it at Camp SheEO

Is your daughter a boss? Has she
organized her Barbies into a corporate hierarchy? Does she win cookie sales
every year? Do her lemonade stands rival someone on Shark Tank? If so, you
should definitely check out Camp SheEO!
With four camps in Prince William
County (Manassas and Woodbridge NOVA Campuses) and additional locations all
over the region, Camp SheEO exists to empower the CEO inside every girl and to
encourage girls to take steps toward business and community leadership.
Each week of camp, trained Success
Coaches will help girls at Camp SheEO enrich their ideas about what it means to
be a business owner and leader.  They will also host a guest speaker from
the local business community.  There are two levels of the camp, First
Steps and Next Steps, both of which run for one week from 9am-4pm and are
Both First Steps and Next Steps are
intimate enrichment experiences, which means that space is LIMITED.  If
you know that this would be a perfect opportunity for your daughter to explore
her passion and interests, then sign up today! Owner DeShawn Robinson-Chew
explains the program like this- “We really want to introduce and encourage
entrepreneurship in girls and show how they can have a leadership role in their
community.  We are hyper-focused on business, entrepreneurship and
financial literacy.  This is the only program doing this” 

Camp Dates in Prince William County
Week of 7/18/16
First Steps
Week of 7/25/16
Next Steps
Week of
7/11 First Steps
Northern VA
CC Manassas
Week of
7/25 Next Steps
Northern VA
CC Manassas
Find out more information about Be a
SheEO or register for one of their amazing camps today by visiting them at: