Do Dogs and Children Get Along?

Do Dogs and Children Get Along? – by Eliut Morales

Dogs are amazing friends to have at home. They give you infinite love and cuddles in exchange for treats and a warm place to sleep. Whether you’ve grown up with dogs in your house or are new to the idea of adopting one, it’s important to make sure introducing a new furry friend to your family is the best idea.

As parents, it’s important to teach children that having a pet is more than just fun. Having a dog in your family possibly requires as much effort and patience as raising children. When it comes to potty training, manners, and play time, they go hand in hand.

While older children may already know how to approach a dog, toddlers don’t have the same control and may pinch or pull at their fur which can cause them to lash out or even bite. Dogs and children love to play, but small children and dogs alike wouldn’t know if they’re playing a little too rough. Make sure to know the risks when deciding it’s time to bring a dog in if you have toddlers at home.

However, dogs are a perfect way to teach your children how to be responsible by learning when to feed them, when to go on walks, and how to be aware of their environment. Taking care of a dog or any pet can also go a long way in teaching children how to care for others.

A great way to experience what it would be like to live with a dog is to volunteer at rescues or shelters as a foster parent! Kaitlyn Collier, our Special Events Assistant, has been a foster parent to seven dogs before they found their forever homes. She volunteers at Wolf Trap Animal Rescue and has even decided to adopt one of the dogs she fostered! Luna was one of Kaitlyn’s first foster dogs, and she fell in love with her the moment they met.

“If people are debating on adopting a pet, I would encourage them to give fostering a try! I started by walking dogs and playing with them, but I ended up falling in love with them. I knew I couldn’t take them all home, but then the idea of being a foster parent came up and I love it,” she mentioned.

When you decide it’s time to bring home a new addition to your family, visit your local animal shelter and consider taking home one of the many pups hoping for a loving home! Many dogs are great with children and will certainly give back all the love you give them. Be sure to do some research to find what kind of dog best fits your home and family!

If you’re looking for a place to let your new companions run loose, we encourage you to stop by our dog park! With warm weather coming, it’s a perfect way to let your pets run around and enjoy some play time in the sun. BREW (Beagle Rescue Education & Welfare) will be hosting their annual Beaglefest at our dog park on April 27! Many foster parents and adoptable pups will be attending. We encourage you to stop by and experience all the fun!

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