Disney’s Into the Woods

Did you know that Anna Kendrick is my BFF?

Neither does she.  But she is.

Nobody throws shade like Anna.


But I digress.  I was invited to check out Disney’s “Into the Woods” coming to theaters on Christmas Day.  The film is rated PG, but I would recommend it for kids ages 12-13 and up.   Here’s my breakdown:

The Good:
Meryl Streep.  For real.  She is amazing at everything, and as the witch she’s totally awesome.  She can sing, she can be old and scary, she can rock the blue hairdo that she gets when she’s young- she’s amazing at it all.
The singing is great.  Everyone is very talented.
THE PRINCES.  OH MY GOSH.  When they sing “Agony” it’s like someone took an Old Spice Commercial and translated it to a musical.  I did not stop laughing.  They made my life complete.  If I could pay money to see this movie again and JUST SEE THIS SCENE it would be worth it.

The Bad:
In the first 30 seconds of the movie Jack’s mom beats him upside the head about 20 times and Cinderella gets smacked to the floor.  True to the Grimm version of things, the stepsisters cut off their toes to fit into the glass slipper, and the poor baker’s wife dies right after being unfaithful to her husband.
Much like the musical, this movie lasts about 40 minutes too long.  Everybody was happy! Why are we ruining this?

The Awesome:
Did I mention the princes? They are so funny

The Scary:
When Johnny Depp sings “Hello Little Girl”, it is somehow taken to a whole new level of child molester.  I was actually afraid of what I was going to see on the screen….he just eats her, no worries, but he is creepy as the wolf.

Did you like the musical? You’ll like this!
Do you hate musicals? You’ll probably hate this, too!
This was a well done on-screen musical.  You cannot beet Meryl Streep as the witch, I loved Cinderella, and the baker is endearing.  There is lots of comedy, but there’s also a lot of adult themed things happening (infidelity, child abuse, infertility, death) but it’s all very much done in the fairy-tale style, so you might take younger kids.  I think that with my kids, they’d all have been either lost, bored, or scared, which is why my guess is 12 and up.  I enjoyed this movie and I’m glad I saw it!