Disney on Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party

I feel like I’m pretty much an expert on Disney on Ice, y’all. I’ve gone to basically 2 shows a year, every year, for like….all the years. I keep going because my daughter and her little bestie love it, but after awhile, you’ve really seen all the princesses doing all the things and, at least for me, you kind of sit on Twitter or talk to the friend you brought with you.

searchThat said, the shows are still really good. They’re always well-done, well-executed, and the kids love seeing their favorite characters and singing along.  The last time that I really came home excited about a show, however, was when they did Frozen on Ice. I loved the change in format and that they really did the whole show as a live performance. I actually said, in that post, “Frozen on Ice is without a doubt the best Disney on Ice production ever in the history of Disney on Ice, forever and ever, amen.”

I am about to recant that statement. Frozen on Ice WAS the best Disney on Ice production ever in the history of Disney on Ice, until now, because Mickey’s Search Party has de-throned it. I actually found myself regretting that I didn’t bring my 12 and 14 year old sons to this show. True story. I can’t actually confirm that Feld Entertainment spent a few months teaching former circus performers from Ringling how to ice skate- but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they di43093387_10100464766985191_5638778304249987072_nd.  This show had way more audience interaction with characters throughout the arena, kids invited to take part in the show (no clue how you get those seats, so don’t ask!) and even extras in shoes who walked around at the end of the performance so everyone felt involved.

However, that’s not really to my point about the circus. What IS to my point is the way they added in tons of circus-style tricks during the performances.  From people riding around on hoverboards and doing handstands (on the I43068748_10100464766740681_6588302462799577088_nCE you guys!) to running tumble track down both sides of the ice and having people doing flips and all manner of craziness (again, over frozen, hard water), to having what I would call a skateboard park inspired segment during Toy Story where skaters used ramps to flip and jump across the ice a la X-Games, but with more Disney.

Now, part of me is sad, as a former figure skater, that it’s not enough for these talented athletes to rotate three times in the air and land on their feet. Defying physics just doesn’t seem to be enough for the kids anymore. Part of me, however, is super impressed by the Coco-themed dancers on bendy poles up 10 feet in the air.

43149266_10100464766925311_4256534592900562944_nOther cool changes included upping their aerial game- because we’ve all seen one princess on a cool rope setup, so now you get things like Eric on the rope holding Arial unassisted, or Belle and seven of her closest feather-duster friends all up in the air at once.

I also liked that they used different versions of some of the songs. Don’t worry- Elsa is still singing the original of “Let it Go” but there was a very cool version of “Kiss the Girl” as well as new versions of a few other classic Disney songs.  The new digital background in combination with the always-cool lighting is really awesome, too. It allowed for the characters to really interact in some new ways with aspects of their stories that would be really hard/expensive to create otherwise.  For example, Moana is able to engage with the lava monster thing in a really cool way because they just project the digital image up there, and she’s able to go face to face with it.  I tried to get a picture, but it didn’t translate well to my camera. Take my word for it, it’s cool.

If you get the chance to head out to Eagle Bank Arena for this show, I really do think you’ll enjoy it. The typical expensive souvenirs and snacks are available, as well as paid photo booths, but the show itself is amazing on its own.

Disney on Ice tickets and showtimes can be found here.

Thanks to Feld Entertainment for hosting us for this show.  As always, all opinions are my own (like anyone could stop me from sharing them).  Hope you enjoy the show, too!

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  • Nicole says:

    I totally agree! This show was the best yet! Coco was amazing! I was stunned…my daughter was amazed. I almost skipped this show. I’m glad I didn’t.

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