My family loves to play games.  It’s one of our favorite things to do, especially when we all get together for a holiday.  This year on Easter, my brother and his girlfriend brought a new game called DiceCapades. This game is for ages 12 and up, but it is a fantastic time.

 Play is fairly simple.  Each player advances around the board by completing challenges in 3 categories.  Blue cards tend to involve drawing, yellow cards are challenges, and red cards are trivia.  As part of the game, you use several different types of dice.  With so many pieces, the game seems like it would be challenging, but it’s actually really simple to play.  Each card gives very clear, concise directions and tells you how many spaces to move.  The timer is 30 seconds, so play moves quickly.

  The game was also funny.  Several of the challenges are quite comical.  The trivia questions were actually challenging, especially the music ones (Do you know who the Beatles original drummer was?), but that added a level of bragging that the die-hards in our family really enjoyed.  We play for bragging rights, and we play hard.

Dicecapades is definitely worth the investment! There’s also an expansion pack, which I like to know so that once you memorize the cards, you can get more 🙂
Nobody paid me or gave me anything to write this.  Dicecapades is a really fun game and I thought I’d share.  Although, if anyone out there wants to send me my own game so I don’t have to go steal it in the middle of the night from my brother’s house, or, gasp, actually drag my butt out to Tar-jay and purchase my own, I’d be okay with that, too. All opinions expressed here are my own.