Cree LED Bulb Swap

Are you one of those people?

You know the ones I’m talking about.  Are you those people who leaves every single light on in the house? Or, alternatively, are you one of those people who are constantly running around after everyone in your house trying to get them to shut the lights off? Or, are you one of those people who have to pay the electric bill and it’s really getting to you, especially right now with all the exterior lighting you’ve got going on for Christmas?  If you haven’t switched to LED bulbs, which are 85% more energy efficient, you can check them out this weekend, snag a free bulb, and stay a little calmer the next time your house looks like this one, even when everyone is sitting in one room together watching TV. 
The Cree Great American Bulb Swap is coming to Washington DC.  Here are the details:
“Haven’t switched to LED bulbs? Now’s the perfect time as days are shorter and getting darker earlier. Washingtonians can participate in the Cree Great American Bulb Swap this weekend.  Just bring in any CFL or incandescent bulb and trade it up for a New Cree┬« LED Bulb for free.  The New Cree LED Bulb is up to 85 percent more energy efficient compared to energy-hogging incandescent bulbs- and it pays for itself in a year or less! 

Forget the frustration and inconvenience of constantly changing burnt out bulbs- Cree LED Bulbs last up to 22 years (that’s potentially 5 presidents from now!).  Just imagine all the money you’ll save on energy bills and fewer replacement bulbs.  Cree LED Bulbs are also mercury-free and provide superior light quality, unlike those squiggly compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.” 
Join Cree at Eastern Market 225 7th Street SE Washington DC 20003 from 11am-2pm Friday (December 5th) or 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday (December 6th and 7th) and you’ll have a chance to trade in an old bulb for a new one, calculate your energy savings, participate in games with great prizes, and picture opportunity with “Bulby” the costumed character mascot. 
PS- Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you leave. 
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