Cooking with Bloggers at Alice and Louise Cooking School

Being a blogger is not fun when your space bar isn’t working.  Being a blogger IS fun when you get to hang out with other bloggers at Alice and Louise, however! 
Last week, I was able to go check out Alice and Louise with a group of Northern Virginia Bloggers for a fun networking event put together by Andrea from Real Housewives of Northern Virginia.  Alice and Louise, in addition to doing catering, also hosts cooking classes for everyone from children through adults, and will do corporate events or private parties.  (Interested in doing one? Email me! If we can get a group of 8 together I’ll book it!) They can work around your price range and interests, and, bonus, you can BYOM (bring your own Merlot).  

 Mother Earth Meals was also on hand to share some great cooking inspired by battling cancer and increasing your health using food.  Simply Desserts was also there with some delicious cheesecake tips.  By the way, did you know that it’s Lent? Everything smelled delicious and got gobbled up, but I just watched.  Le sigh. (Okay, really I’ve been trying to pinpoint a few tummy issues and keep giving up different things to try to figure it out, but Lent is a much faster explanation)

 Group shot!  These ladies are a lot of fun! They didn’t even make fun of the fact that I brought my own beverage (it was lemonade made with stevia) in a Patriots cup.  Rocking 🙂

Pictured (In No Particular Order):
Paper Placemats
Mom Machine
Caffeine and a Prayer
Creekside Learning
Real Housewives of Northern Virginia
Beltway Bargain Mom