Convoy Cleaning Service

So, here’s the thing.  I am busy.  I have three kids who do cub scouts, orchestra, hockey, swim team, AHG, piano, violin, and a myriad of other social events.  I have a job, a website, and I homeschool. I have doctors appointments….

You know what, nevermind, I just do not like cleaning.  Let’s be real. My husband, however, likes an immaculate house. So, to make this more of a reality, I prefer to keep up rather than make it happen.  It is SO MUCH EASIER to keep up when once a month the house is totally clean.

Enter, Convoy Cleaning Services.

We actually tried another cleaning service, but I wasn’t completely thrilled.  The product they used on my hardwood floors made them sticky and my countertops weren’t cleaned.  You couldn’t tell because we have quartz and it LOOKS clean, but if you touch it, you can always tell.  I actually found Convoy on Thumbtack, and we were so happy with them.  I had to giggle when I got a message from the owner asking PwcMoms to review them.  No problem, I told him, you already clean my house! But, we set up a day to be an official review cleaning.

On February 9th, we had 22 kids and 9 moms over to my house for a Valentine’s party.  They were there from 1-3 and were inside/outside/making crafts/eating snacks everywhere.  Then I had other events all night.  Sooo, I just left everything.

On February 10th, Convoy came.  Happy Day 🙂

Here’s the before and after.  I am highly embarassed about some of these.


It was 7:30am.  I did not make my bed yet.  Magic! I also love the vacuum lines on the carpet.  I know that’s strange, it’s just the little things that make me happy. They line up so nicely….


This is my living room where kids left a bunch of crumbs (which I assume were magically transported since nobody’s supposed to have food in there).  They’d be really easy to miss in what is otherwise a basically unused room, but the cleaning team is always very thorough, even in what would be an easy room to skip. I say that because I skip it on the regular when I’m cleaning 😉

This picture on the left, upon uploading it to blogger, looks a little unsavory, but it’s just mud from where kids were running in and out of my sliding glass door.  It’s kind of hidden by the kitchen table, so it would be another spot that’s easy to miss.  On the right, same spot, now magically clean, and they even moved my computer cord to get everywhere (and not douse a cord in mop water, which I especially appreciate).  This is my kitchen, all clean: 

Glorious.  And they even clean the appliance (outside, although you can pay extra to have the insides cleaned, as well.)

This is my school room, before on the left (not really anything much happening) and after on the right.  They dust the kids desks, and thoroughly clean the floors.  We spend a ton of time in this room since we homeschool, so this is a big deal for me!!
I would like to blame this sink on other people’s children being in my house.  Unfortunately, my boys have simply not mastered the fine art of toothpaste.  At all.  
My oldest is 11.  And I clean this sink of all the time.  Sigh. 

After! Yay!

So, as you can see, my house is happy, I am happy, we’re all happy.  Here are some more things to love about Convoy Cleaning Services:
1) Veteran Owned Small Business.  I love to support the people who have defended our country, and I like local.  You know me. 

2) Timely.  We’ve had one cleaning where there was a time issue, but the cleaning team texted me to let me know, and otherwise they are always very prompt.
3) Eco-friendly products.  In case you missed it, I had a brain tumor, so I really appreciate that Convoy uses Honest and Method products.  My house is still super duper clean and smells amazing, but without a ton of strange chemicals in the air.

I also think that it speaks volumes that when I mentioned Convoy Cleaning Services on Facebook, people took the time to say how much they love them:
Michael Whitlow PWC Moms- we use Convey Cleaning Services too- after what seems like a new service every six months, it’s very refreshing to see a company and its VET owners actually care. We finally can say we landed on a company that not only does a fantastic job but really seems to care!
Nidhi Sharma-Gaskill I highly recommend Convoy Cleaning Services. Ish and his wife are very nice, polite, hardworking & honest folks. They will not give anyone any reason for complaints.

If you’d like to try Convoy Cleaning Services, whether you need a good deep-clean on a weekly basis or your Mother in Law is coming and you need some backup to make sure everythign is perfect (they’re actually coming to my house again this month for just that reason!), you can give them a call at 703-626-6189 for an estimate.  If you tell them I sent you, you’ll get $25 off your first cleaning and $15 off all recurring cleanings.
Disclosure: I have had Convoy coming for months and was more than happy to pay them.  For this review, I was provided with a cleaning.  However, when they come again, I will be paying them and will still be just as happy with the results.

PS- they fold the tissue, which makes me feel like I’m on a cruise or at a hotel.  Again, I am infinitely thrilled by the little things.