Chick Fil A Lake Ridge Mom Blogger Night

Does anyone need a reminder about my love of CFA? 

Remember that time that they helped me raise a few hundred dollars for brain cancer research?

Or that time that they sent me to Atlanta? Or that time they have the perfect unsweet tea with lemon?

Except on Sundays.  I have to pass CFA Bristow EVERY blessed week on my way to Chapel Springs and the struggle is real because you never want a CFA iced tea more than on Sunday morning, let me tell you what. I’ve asked them about putting out a gatorade bucket of tea and an honor system can, but they don’t seem to think that would work out as well as I do.


Anyway, I love Chick Fil A.  I love all the great work they do in our community, I love that they have healthy fast food options (grilled nuggets? Much better choice!), and I love that they offer fun events for kids. I am, after all, a mom blogger- when you really get right down to it. And because I’m a mom blogger, CFA Lake Ridge invited me to come out and sample some of the new menu items last night! (As well as some oldies but goodies!)

So much fun!! We had White Sand and Teacups, The Mummy Chronicles, Mom the Magnificent, Beltway Bargain Mom, Once Upon a Squat, and Macaroni Kid Woodbridge.  And the cow.  And the awesome CFA Woodbridge/Lake Ridge team of Helen, Krystal, and Ann!

When I arrived it had not been the best day.  So when Helen handed me a sample of their new frosted coffee (available March 14th and sooooo good.  Think a frappe from your fave coffee shop.) and Laura Harders from Beltway Bargain Mom was there, I literally almost started to cry I was so happy.  It doesn’t take much for me, people.  I blame the brain surgery- it’s turned me into a walking Kleenex commercial.  #SoHappyImGonnaCry

Then Helen brought out a tray of PWC Moms Amuse Bouche.  We had a mom blogger event a few years ago at the Woodbridge store, and I had joked that my husband and I went out to fancy dinner for our anniversary once where they brought me out this amuse bouche that was literally just the perfect bite of food.  It inspired me to start making everything, including my CFA order, into the perfect bite.  So I would put chicken and a little cole slaw on a waffle fry and drizzle it with Chick Fil A sauce, and boom- instant perfection.  Helen remembered and brought out a tray of my “perfect bites”, minus the cole slaw that is no more.

However there is now superfood salad, which is amazing.  And also, cheese sauce.  Which doesn’t taste like nasty canned cheese, but like actual cheese sauce! (Not that I’d expect nasty canned cheese from CFA, but usually when people offer you cheese sauce that’s what you get.)

There was frosted strawberry lemonade (it tasted like summer in a straw….the number of times that I said I was so happy last night is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 400.  I was only there for an hour.)

There was chicken tortilla soup (so good!) and the new spicy southwest chicken salad (with spicy pumpkin seeds that I would just eat as a snack) and the most adorable market salads I’ve ever seen (and, if you ask, they will make you one without blue cheese crumbles).

Did you know that if you get grilled nuggets with a superfood salad side that you can have a tasty, healthy lunch for under 300 calories? Which is pretty darn good.

Of course, a CFA sauce will add 140 calories, and it’s my favorite, but I’m also a big fan of the Buffalo Sauce now, which adds exactly 10 little calories to your lunch.  I like that with the kale, broccolini, and chicken you feel really full! And I like hot sauce, so it all works out.

Thanks to Chick Fil A Lake Ridge for a fun night with some amazing local bloggers! And the coffee.  The coffee wast amazing. #Caffeine