Center for Pastoral Counseling Manassas

I had the opportunity to meet up with the very approachable and kind Alexandra Delaroderie from the Center for Pastoral Counseling at our Community Conversation on School Safety, but I wanted to follow up with her and provide those of you who couldn’t attend with information on their services. She has her masters in counseling from Oakland University, and was an advisor in the community college system, and after staying home with her daughter for several years, she re-entered the workforce doing counseling.

CPC is housed in Churches (the Manassas campus is inside the Church of the Brethren), but it’s more of a spiritual link, and there is no religious requirement.  People of all faiths (or none at all) are welcome.  Alexandra herself likes to focus on mindfulness with her clients- which she defines as being present in the moment of life and slowing down to appreciate what is happening.  She notes that studies show that this reduces stress and anxiety when practiced over time.

The Manassas CPC treats works with people struggling with depression, anxiety, couples issues, premarital counseling, career counseling, teenagers, and other issues as well.  Alexandra is happy to refer younger children to other staff, as they are not her specialty. She will also offer referrals to those who need high-level medical intervention, such as those with schizophrenia or borderline personality disorders.

Perhaps the best part about the Center for Pastoral Counseling is that they offer affordable services.  While Alexandra does not accept insurance, several of the providers do, and their services are available on a sliding-scale rate based on income so that everyone can afford to get the help they need.

alexandra-delaroderieTo meet with Alexandra in the Manassas CPC office, you may call 703-903-9696 ext. 210.