Camps at Bull Run Mountain Conservancy

Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, Inc. (BRMC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 to protect the Bull Run Mountains through education, research, and stewardship. BRMC (then trading under the name Friends of Bull Run, Inc.) was organized by local landowners who wanted to promote the preservation and improvement of natural resources on the Bull Run Mountains through educational, charitable, and scientific means for the benefit of the general public.BRMC offers educational programs to adults and children, with a strong link to local history. At BRMC preservation does not mean a hands-off policy, but rather a focus on drawing people to appreciate the resources at hand and the completion of research to better understand and protect those resources. We served nearly 3,000 children and adults with over 10,000 impact hours through our public education programs in 2016. BRMC has a high leader-to-participant ratio that ensures a focused and quality education experience.

BRMC’s popular yearlong series of nature camps (including Herpetology Camp, Nature Days, Budding Naturalist Camp, Summer Nature Camp, Chesapeake Watershed Workshop, and Winter Nature Camp) is a cornerstone of our program. Our Youth Outdoors Scholarship Program provides equal opportunities for children to attend camps. The mother of one scholarship beneficiary wrote…

“I can honestly say that it was probably one of the best adventures and learning experiences my 8 year old son … has ever had. He came home everyday happy in his wet shoes and clothing and constantly talked non-stop about everything he saw, learned, touched and experienced with an enthusiasm and sparkle I had not seen before in his eyes …. Each morning he got up and could not wait to get back to the conservancy to see the snakes, be on the mountain and catch whatever critters he could assist with in the ‘river’ as he called it. As a parent all of these things make me happy and grateful my son had this opportunity.”

Research underpins our education program. For 22 years, BRMC has sponsored and assisted numerous baseline studies that add important data to our understanding of the landscape. These studies have focused on stream/water

All of our programs endeavor to teach how important it is to care for and protect the Bull Run Mountains.

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PSA–Summer Youth Program Offering 2017*:

Herpetology Camp
Session I: June 19th – June 20th
Session II: June 22nd – 23rd
Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. BRMC invites your child to spend two days hiking and handling, searching, and observing salamanders, frogs,

lizards, snakes, and turtles on the Preserve. Marty Martin, a premier mid-Atlantic herpetologist, will be joining both camps.
9am – 4pm
Ages 7-12 years

Summer Camp
Session I: July 17th – July 21st
Session II: July 24th – July 28th
BRMC invites your child to spend an adventurous week interacting with the natural world. Each day we will focus on different groups of plants and animals on the Bull Run Mountains. Campers will add to their understanding of natural systems through hikes, stream walks, snake handling (only if desired), frog and salamander catching, bird watching, butterfly and insect collecting, crafts, and games.
9am – 4pm
Ages 7-12 years

Budding Naturalist Camp
July 24th – July 28th
At this week-long camp, young children will be exposed to the outdoors and wildlife, as they explore life on the Bull Run Mountains through a series of discovery hikes, frog and salamander searches, snake viewing, stream exploration, nature crafts. 9am – 12pm
Ages 4-6 years

Chesapeake Watershed Workshop
July 31st – August 3rd
BRMC is offering an educational workshop for youth focused on the conservation of the rivers and streams that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. We will explore headwater streams on the Bull Run Mountains, go downstream on Little Bull Run, and visit Turkey Run National Park. At each location students will perform stream monitoring, vegetation analyses, and stream habitat and riparian buffer evaluations. 9am-4pm
Ages 13-18 years