Camp SheEO

Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for sending me to Camp SheEO. I had such a great time! Each day this image2 week we worked on a different part of being a successful female entrepreneur. On Monday, we talked about professional etiquette and how to be part of a team and run a meeting successfully. On Tuesday, we talked about how successful businesses are healthy businesses and they address a community need, which helped me to make my product idea better. By Wednesday we were in startup teams working with our success coaches on our pitches for Friday. We worked on how to present and pitch our idea, marketing and more. On Friday we had our pitch and I got to share my idea for a spaghetti strainer with real business owners just like on Shark Tank, and they loved it! I think that I definitely wimage1ant to be a business owner and inventor now, and I am hoping to learn more after-school in the year-round SheEO Academy. There were some other cool businesses, too, like a YouTube maker channel and a cool toy for animal lovers. It was also really cool to work with the other girls in my startup group because everyone was good at different parts, from ideas to being creative to writing our commercial. Our success coach was awesome, too. She really encouraged me about being a woman in business and how we can do anything! Thank you again so much for sending me- it was a great gift!



Camp SheEO has been active in Fairfax/Loudon County for several years and is now offering its popular camps at Competitive Edge in Woodbridge. Camps are available on June 18th and July 16th for girls ages 8-15 and July 16th for little business girls ages 5-7 (half day camp). Special discount pricing is available this year only for the new PWC location, so take advantage! Camp SheEO gives girls permission to embrace their creativity and potential as business owners to develop a pipeline to increasing women entrepreneurs. Building on skills learned in school, this camp will help girls with idea development, entrepreneurship, professional etiquette and business planning. Activities include idea storyboarding, goal mapping, vision board collage, business etiquette, planning and “PITCH DAY.”  Learn how to be a SheEO at:




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