Camp at Home Week 4: Travel Week!

Travel Week Summer Camp

Materials Needed – white paper, card stock, construction paper, crayons, markers, stapler, glue, paper plates, paint, scissors, googly eyes, stickers(anything from super heroes, princesses, disney, star wars, minions, sand pails, oceans), toilet paper rolls(empty), leaves, sticks, grass, acorns, flowers (nature stuff),

Food List – pretzels, M&Ms, peanuts, cashews, almonds, rasins, CheeseIt, Wheat Thins, grapes, apples, dried fruit, zip lock bags, graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey chocolate bars, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, oreo cookies, cool whip, frozen pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream, heavy whipping cream, marshmallow fluff, cream soda, butter extract, and rum extract.



A little about me – Hi I’m Jenn, I am married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years. We have 8 children ranging from 18-4 years old. I homeschool my kids from K-8, and I am also a coach at the high school that I graduated from. We are a busy party of 10, but we have so much fun. I love helping families plan their magical vacations and making family memories. I can’t wait to spend this week with you traveling all over “virtually” of course 😉


Monday – What do we need to Travel and how do we travel. Let’s start here –

  1. Craft – Make your own Passport – Here is my family making the passports –

This is the link I used to print out the passports –

  1. Worksheet – Travel Journal or matching travel items or
  1. Exercise – Scavenger Hunt – You don’t have to go far to do this one, find a local park or your own neighborhood and have some fun. I also improvised with this, I had them check off the things that they found, if I was not with them to take photos. and here are a couple of things we found one afternoon when we did the hunt –
  1. Snack – my favorite car ride snack is something sweet and salty, I love junk food on car rides, I know its not for everyone. But lets make our own trail mix. The beauty of this is you can make it as healthy or junky as you want. Be creative and having the kids help will allow them to pick what they want in their snack bag.


Tuesday – Travel to the beach! Let’s travel to Hawaii.

  1. Start here 😊 –
  1. Craft – Paper Plate Tropical Fish –

Here we are making the tropical fish –

  1. Movie – Moana or Lilo & Stitch
  1. Update your passport with something you learned from the state and draw a picture. ALOHA
  2. Snack – palm trees – here is the link to my kids making

Wheat thins, apple slices, and red grapes and of course dole whips for a cold treat

  1. Worksheet – coloring page of the state of Hawaii and here we are coloring too!

WednesdayNational Parks – Start your day here –

  1. Video – National Parks – 30 min video (get your passport out) and your worksheets(#3). Keep your eyes open you just might see a national park that is really close to home, (if you live in VA) We also had the worksheet listed below printed out to mark while watching
  1. Craft – Leaf rubbing/nature collage –

Here is the link of my kids doing this craft and updating our passports –

You will first have to go on a nature hunt for your materials before you start this craft.

  1. Worksheet – match famous parks – and map

List of national parks –

Map –

matching worksheet – and here we are doing the worksheet (ps we needed a little help on 2 of them from Alexa – don’t you just love her!)

  1. Snacks – let’s make smores – here is the link to our family smore making


Thursday – Universal Studios Orlando – Let’s start our Epic Vacation         here –

  1. Crafts – Make and Name your own Minion – here is my link on how to do this….
  1. Movie – Depending on the age of your children and what is allowed in your home, todays movie is Harry Potter or Despicable Me
  1. Experiment – What Harry Potter house do you belong in?
  1. Coloring Page – pick your favorite superhero – make sure you get your cape out Here we are in our capes coloring our Super Heroes –
  1. Story time – find a favorite Dr.Seuss book to read together
  1. How about some Butter Beer! Here is my teammate Patricia from back in June when she was on PWC MOMs too 😊
  1. Here is a more advanced craft – The Super Tram –
  1. Update your passport – if you did Harry Potter, make sure you add England 😊 and make sure you place Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay on there as well.

octoberdisneyFRIDAYWalt Disney World Orlando Florida – Let’s have a magical day- click here first –

  1. Craft – Mickey Mosaics – here is the link of my kids doing this craft

This is the template that I used and changed the print scale to 200% Kids can color these in how ever they would like, or make a mosaic like you can see under the walk way of Cinderella’s Castle. Click here to print the Mickey head – and here are my girls decorating their Mickey’s –

  1. Let’s take a virtual trip to Disney – Link of some of my POV of some rides…..

The Astro Orbiter –

Slinky Dog Dash –

Expedition Everest –

Gran Fiesta Tour –

It’s A Small World –

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad –

  1. Snack – grey stuff – here is the link of my kids making the grey stuff –
  1. update your passport – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Orlando Fl WDW.
  1. If you are feeling adventurous this just might be the craft for you!
  1. Let play dress up as our favorite characters – it can be just from your own clothes – in Disney language this is Called Disney Bounding. Here is the link from my kids playing dress up!

Thank you for traveling with me this week. I hope you all have enjoyed “seeing” everything. Please let me know if I can ever help you with any of your travel needs.

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Have a magical day!

Jenn Lalli – Simple Luxuries Travel