Camp at Home Week 1: Science Camp

Hi Guys!!

We’re going to be offering Weeks of Camp at Home that you can hopefully use to keep your kiddos busy if you’re still at home. Businesses are welcome to submit a week in exchange for free advertising, so if you’re interested, let me know!

Week 1 is from me- it’s a science theme! Have fun!

Science at Home Camp

Elementary Kids, younger with help

Materials Needed for the Week: Zip-top sandwhich bags, Gallon ziplock bags, clear plastic cups, Sharpie markers, shaving foam, food coloring, blue Jello, Cool Whip, blue construction paper, white paint, borax, skewers, thread, pipe cleaners, Mason Jars, string/ribbon, rock candy, Model Magic or Polymer Clay, school glue, baking soda, contact lens solution, sweetened condensed milk, cornstarch, empty 200 ml bottle, two sheets of cardstock, tape, brown/green paint, paint brush, vinegar and baking soda (OR yeast, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap), strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, vanilla, sugar, kosher or ice cream salt, whipping cream, milk, thermometers (optional), print this sheet, Cheerios (or other small cereal, Fruit Loops or Kix work great)

Monday: The Water Cycle

Video: Bill Nye Season 3 Episode 7

Experiments: Water Cycle in a Bag and Water is Water

Snack: Jello Cloud Parfaits make the jello the night before and allow children to decorate their own parfait

Craft: Ink Blot Clouds

Tuesday: Crystals and Geodes

Video: All About Geodes

Experiment: Make your own geode!

Snack: Rock Candy

Craft: Crystal Stars (Note- this mixture is about the same as you’ll use to make your own geode- but these stars are really cute to hang up or to give as Christmas ornaments)

Wednesday: Polymers!

Video: Bill Nye Atoms and Molecules

Experiment: The Science of Slime

Snack: Edible Slime

Craft: Polymer Clay Flower Bowls (you can use model magic so you don’t have to bake)

Thursday: Exothermic Reactions and Volcanoes

Video: Bill Nye Volcanoes

Experiment: You’ll want to make your craft first on this day- let it dry while you watch the video and have snack, do the experiment last, and then you can do either the regular baking soda and vinegar, or for a more impressive eruption, try this.

Snack: Volcano Strawberries

Craft: Make your own volcano

Friday: Phases of Matter

Video: Bill Nye- Phases of Matter

Experiment (solid): Ice Cream! 

Snack (liquid/gas): Obviously, we’re having that ice cream you just made

Craft: Phases of Matter printable activity