By Popular Demand- Our 2015/2016 School Choices

Because enough of you have asked what curriculum we’re using this year that I’ve found myself keeping it up in a Word document so that I don’t have to keep typing it, I’m going to put it here.  None of these are affiliate links, I don’t get anything if you buy their stuff, I just don’t want people emailing to ask me where to get them, so I’m saving a step 🙂

Singapore Math (for the 2 elementary students)
Teaching Textbooks (for the middle schooler)

Apologia Land Animals (I don’t like this as much as I like the Apologia Chemistry and Physics we did last year, but I do like our science coop, so we’re going to keep on keeping on)

History/Social Studies:
Sonlight American History Year 2
US States, Capitals, and major geological features

IEW at Harvester Teaching Services.  We get the books here and take the classes here.
My kids will (hopefully- one is wait listed) be in Ready, Set, Write, IEW 2, and Advanced IEW.
Grammar Revolution at Harvester– they use the Get Smart Grammar series. Spelling is taught in this class, as well.
My youngest is taking a reading class at Harvester, which includes spelling.  Our History curriculum includes both read aloud and co-curriculur reading books with it, so they mostly do those although we have a couple of “must reads” that go on our list, too.  Because of our literature rich history, they are allowed to pick generally anything they want for personal reading time each day as long as it’s at or above their reading level.
We use Handwriting Without Tears and Typing Without Tears.  It is not always necessarily tear-free, but I like it.

Foreign Language:
We have a tutor who comes to our home and teaches us Arabic.  Surprisingly, this bothers a lot of people who want to know why we aren’t learning Spanish.  I took 6 years of French and 3 years of Russian, which I loved.  I wanted to take a new language with my kids, and my interests were Chinese (because there are a lot of people who speak it!) and Arabic (because I have a degree in comparative religious studies with a lot of focus on Abrahamic traditions).  The Chinese tutor was $120 an hour.  The Arabic tutor was $40.  We are taking Arabic.

Physical Education:
We have a sport going at all times, in addition to daily movement of one type or another (bike rides, walks, swims, yoga).  This year we’ll have one in gymnastics, one in swim, and one in hockey.

All three kids take lessons at Jessica’s Music Studio.  Because I was a dumb choir student who never learned to really read music.  Also, because I am lazy.

My 2nd grader will be taking a class in Art, my 4th grader is taking cooking, and my 6th grader is opting to do a speed math class because he really wants to do Algebra in 7th grade.

What about socialization??
This question makes me ill.  But, in addition to going to coop, classes at Harvester, and you know, interacting with people on a daily basis, we have a kid in Scouts, a kid doing theatre, and a kid doing…well, everything because she can’t nail it down to one thing.  Trust me, they see people.

What about testing??
Under Virginia law, there are several options for filing as a homeschooler and several options for showing proof of progress.  You can read about that here. We do Stanford Achievement Testing every year.