Business Review: Jamberry Nails

Okay.  Let’s start with the basics.  I am admittedly an idiot at nail maintenance.  If I had the money, I would go and have acrylic pink and white nails put on all the time by some nice professional at a salon so that my nails looked good and I didn’t have to fuss with them.  I am skilled in cutting without taking off skin and in applying clear polish.  You wanna see what happens when I try to do cute?

Bam.  That just happened. I call this application “4th of July Glitter Seizure”

Right.  Obviously nails aren’t my forte.  So, I was excited when Jennifer Dunkel wanted to send me some Jamberry Nail Shields to try.  I’ve seen these on friends who have polish and style before, and I was excited to join the club.

Let’s pause for a moment for me to tell you that they’re still on (almost a week later) and they do not chip, because they’re not polish, which is great. (They’re vinyl) Typically when I get a manicure in a salon, I’ve lost at least some of the polish by day 2.  So, once you get these suckers on they’re fantastic.

Unfortunately, and I’m going to blame this on my lack of skill, I really didn’t care for the process, even though the results were great.  We got pink glitter shields to use on my daughter and peacock ones for me, although I ended up in pink glitter, too.  We followed the directions carefully:

It took me a while, and I struggled with heating the shields without over-heating my fingers, although I have to say that when you get through the application process (or if you’re less incapable than me and have no issues), your nails do look really good.  I think that when I try the peacock ones I’ll do one nail (maybe my ring finger) and then paint the other ones in a coordinating color.  Again, this is probably mostly my own lack of still that made application such a procedure, but they did turn out really cute, I think.

If you like cute nails, but your polish chips a lot, or if you’d like fun colors/designs that would be practically impossible to create on your own:

Then Jamberry Nails has options for you. Colors range from exotic to floral to plain (they do have a line that includes plain colors, too), and there is also a children’s line that comes with 2 mix and match prints for little girls.  Sheets are $15 and are supposed to be able to complete 2-3 manicures, with trimming of larger pieces.

You can order your nail shields from Jennifer by visiting her website, or by hitting her up on Facebook. One of my friends told me she’ll never forgive me for putting this out right before Halloween because now she wants all of the fun holiday shapes she could never paint on herself: 

Jennifer is giving away 2 free sheets of nail shields to a reader!! Contest closes September 30th at midnight.  Enter by leaving a comment with which two prints you’d like to win (and be sure to be specific!!) Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!