Break the Record and Moo with Chick-fil-A

Some of you may be new here, and not know about the fact that while I am not actually important at all, I’m a VIP to Chick-fil-A because I’m a huge “Raving Fan” of the Woodbridge location. (I have to be honest, I may have cheated on Woodbridge a little while I was getting treatment at Duke.  Soup was kind to my very upset tummy and there was a CFA right by our hotel….I felt guilty about it, though.)

Join the Northern Virginia Chick-fil-A Restaurants as they try to break the World Record for people dressed as cows!  Join them at the FIELD HOUSE (I know the image says Patriot Center, but it’s incorrect) at George Mason University on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 10am.

People, it’s on a Tuesday. Now, let’s talk about why this is genius.  Here’s what we’re going to do, and be “we” I mean PwcGrammy because I don’t do crowds yet.

Step 1: Eat a smoothie.  July is too hot for cooked breakfast.
Step 2: Drive to University Mall Theaters.  Buy $2 Tuesday Tickets for afternoon show.
Step 3: Drive (approximately 2 minutes) to GMU’s Field House.
Step 4: Eat Mor Chickin.  Get in record book. 

Step 5: Go see cheap movie.  In cow costume.  Cross your fingers it’s barnyard themed.
Step 6: Revel in what an awesome mom/grammy/dad/caregiver you are
Step 7: Cross your fingers that kids will nap on the drive home and you can sing along with the radio as loud as you want without being mocked.  (Maybe that’s just me, though)

For the World Record, you’ll want to come dressed in a one or two piece cow suit with a headpiece or decorated hood.  Many local CFA Restaurants will have haz-mat style suits available while supplies last for customers to decorate.  Also legal would be a black or white sweat suit (with hood) that you add spots to.  Shoes should be “cow appropriate” in black or white.  Also note that this event will benefit the Capital Area Food Bank, and participants are encouraged to bring canned goods to the event.