Birchdale Park

One of the smaller community centers owned by the Prince William County Park Authority (I’m not sure what to call them now that the PWC Government has assumed control, but until they send me a new logo, I’m sticking with the old name), Birchdale Recreation Center is located on the corner of Birchdale Ave and Dale Blvd, near the KMart. The physical address is 14730 Birchdale Ave.

We had the chance to head over there for a scouting activity day over spring break. Birchdale features a small community center with indoor restrooms and a few classrooms.  They are also associated with Turley Baseball Fields, which are across the street. There is an outdoor pool, playground, small half pipe, and 2 picnic pavilions which can be rented for $40 per day per pavilion.  If you rent the pavilion, you can also purchase pool passes for $1.50 per person, up to 20 per pavilion.  The pool is 25 meters. Sounds like it could be a very economical way to do a family reunion or smaller group function! The playground is wide and open, with good visibility.  Not pictured above are several swings.  The area is wood-mulched.  Behind the playground is some open space, which is perfect for a swordfight, and adjacent to the playground and the open space are the picnic pavilions.

While we’re on the subject, my oldest son had a fantastic time at the scout class he attended.  They’re drop-off, but only 2 hours, which makes it extra-nice that there’s a playground right outside.  They easily completed two achievements, in this case codes and art, and he got a certificate at the end of the day to present our Scoutmaster with to prove he completed the requirements.