Atlanta with Kids

The second stop on this summer’s road trip (read part one here) was in Atlanta.  We could’ve obviously spent a ton of time just in that city, but since we’re trying to hit all 50 states before the kids leave for college, we’re on a deadline.

Atlanta is supposed to have an amazing Aquarium, but we can do that in Baltimore, and they’ve got some good civil war history, but we live in Manassas for cripes sake, so we don’t need ANY MORE of that.  So, we decided to go to the World of Coca Cola Tour.

Now, let’s back up.  If you are going to be in Atlanta for a few days, you should GET A CITY PASS. These were actually available in a few of the places we stopped, but we weren’t any one location long enough for it to work for us.

For example, in Atlanta, you can visit
World of Coca Cola
Georgia Aquarium (with expedited entry)
Inside CNN Studio Tour
Zoo Atlanta OR The Center for Civil and Human Rights
Fernbank Museum of Natural History OR College Football Hall of Fame

For our World of Coca Cola tickets we paid $16 an adult and $12 a child.  That was a grand total of $84.  The City Pass Tickets are $73 an adult, but the value is $129.  Way better.  If you can groupon it, even better.

Anyway, we paid our exorbitant fee and went in.  It was kind of like being at church for Coke.  There was a movie about all the ways Coke enhances our life, exhibits with things like the American Idol couch (Coke sponsored the segment), a 3D type ride to discover the secret ingredient to Coke (Hint! It’s You!), and a walk through the vault where they keep the secret recipe.

It was a little weird for me.

There was also a room where you and your children get a cup and can try all the soda you want from all over the world.

It’s arranged by continent and labeled by country.  Very educational.

Plus, your kids can run all over a room (well, run as fast as they can while their feet stick to the floor) and drink ALL THE SODA THEY WANT.  Some of which are delicious.

When you want your children to stop, take them to Italy and let them taste this little gem:

Her reaction is not as intense as mine was.  

When you first sip it, you think it’s just club soda, but then you get the distinct feeling that you’ve just vomited and the flavor is still in your mouth.


On your way out, you get a Coke in a commemorative bottle.

As you can probably tell, this wasn’t my favorite stop. I think if you’re a person who collects Coke bears or Coke Santas, or you actually drink Coke on a regular basis, you might really connect with their message.  Since we spend most of our time telling our kids that soda is a gateway drug, we didn’t really connect with what they were going for.  I think I was expecting more of a factory tour, which could’ve been neat, but I didn’t totally love this.

Next stop- food.

Actually, I believe this is backwards and we went to food first, but I am entirely too lazy to fix it right now.  We went to Greenwood’s which is a really eclectic little place tucked away near a Jewish temple and a cemetery from the 1800s.  (I know this because I went on a walk after eating with my boys.  I love old cemeteries, so we explored). 
We got the fried chicken, which is sweet (weird for me, but good) along with a host of traditional side dishes like mac and cheese and collard greens.  I loooove collard greens.  So good! If you ever go, note that the fried chicken takes a full 30 minutes, so order it first and be ready to wait.  Also, the fried chicken is enough to feed 2 hungry adults or 1 adult and 3 kids….so don’t be like us and order 3 and have enough to feed the whole restaurant 🙂 
Yes, that’s Elvis.  Yes, he’s watching over a totally sarcastic sign listing all the reasons you “Shouldn’t have to wait for a table at Greenwood’s”.  Clearly these are my people.  
What else happened in Georgia…
I think that’s it 🙂 From Atlanta, we drove to Alabama.  Did I mention that we spent a good portion of this trip speed camping? We did. You can get great rates in camper villages as a tent camper, so we stayed most of these places for $20-$30 a night, and we just rolled up our tent and hit the road in the morning. 
It was hot, frequently, but it was gorgeous, especially in Louisiana, but we’ll get to that later 🙂 

 I have no idea what my mom and my husband are talking about here….but his hand motion is certainly uncomfortable looking…

Camping! Whoot! 
Next up….Louisiana.