All About Double Strollers!

I recieved the following question from a reader:
Hello PwMoms, I
am getting ready to have my second baby, and I need a new stroller.
 With the first one I bought the Graco travel system because it seemed
like everyone bought that, but I didn’t really look around and I haven’t
really loved it.  I like the snap-in  carseat thing, but it’s heavy and
awkward and for my next stroller I really want something light and
functional that will fit a preschooler and an infant and fit in my car.
 I also want to run, but maybe I can’t get it all in one place? I’d love
your recommendations.
Listen, y’all, if there’s one thing I know, it’s when I don’t know something.  I, too, purchased a travel system and then became insanely interested in baby wearing because tying a Moby wrap one of 723 different ways was so much less complicated than that stroller! 

If there’s two things I know, it’s when I don’t know, I should ask an expert!! It just so happens that one of our fabulous sponsors is BabyBlossom– so their owner, David, took this question on for me! 


For many people, it’s easier to buy a car than a stroller.  Add a second child into the equation and things get even more complex. 
Let’s start with your last comment first…about running/jogging strollers.  You shouldn’t jog until the baby is six to twelve months old  —
always check with your pediatrician first to make sure the little one
is good to go and verify that the jogging stroller is rated for your
baby’s age.  For this conversation, we’ll skip talk about the jogging stroller.
Moving on to a double stroller, there are many, many options.  But let’s focus on some of the preferences you mentioned:  Lighter weight and compact (and appropriate for two).
If you think you’ll be rolling along sidewalks and at shopping malls (smoother surfaces) then the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and the Maclaren Twin Triumph immediately come to mind.  They’re compact (about 25 lbs or so), easy to fold, and can accommodate a newborn (with some extra head support).  The City Mini Double can take one infant car seat (with an optional adapter).  If you can wait until the baby is about three months old (when he/she can the head up) then the Kinderwagon Hop could work.  It’s about the size of an umbrella stroller but has two (front-to-back) seats that each handle 40 lbs.  At 22 lbs, it’s about the lightest double stroller on the market.
If you’re more inclined to stroll on rougher surfaces (parks, trails, etc) then the new Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double  is worth considering.  It’s
based on the popular City Mini Double but has larger, beefier tires,
bigger seats, and other features (it is a bit heavier than the regular
City Mini Double).
you’re willing to add a bit more weight in exchange for more
versatility (reversing and/or removable second seat; larger tires;
increased storage)and cost  then there other strollers to check out:  Baby Jogger City Select, UPPAbaby Vista, Britax B-Ready, Phil & Teds Explorer to name a few.
One important point to mention is to make sure you try out any double stroller before you buy.  Bring
your preschooler and see how he/she fits – not every child will
comfortably fit in every double stroller (or any stroller for that
matter).  If your #1 child is in the 3-4 age range then this could be especially important.
Comments/Suggestions? Share them below!! Thanks so much to Baby Blossom for their help with this question!