Affordable Counseling Option in PWC


The pandemic is leaving a devastating impact in our community. The high-levels of
uncertainty are leading to an alarming spike in depression and anxiety according to
Mental Health America. In Prince William County social isolation, stress, and fear are
causing an increase in mental health issues, which is creating a real and crippling
impact on residents. The Women’s Center is here to help.
The Women’s Center has partnered with the Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince
William and the Federal Government, to offer affordable counseling to the residents of
Prince William. The Center’s counseling services are offered on a sliding scale to match
the budget of each Prince William resident who seeks help.
With over 65 professionally trained therapists on staff, The Women’s Center meets the
diverse psychological needs of women, men, children, couples, and families of all ages
by offering numerous services and specialties. Sessions are also offered in both English
and Spanish.
The Center is offering virtual therapy sessions as well as in-person sessions that follow
social distancing guidelines.

Residents of Prince William seeking counseling at The Center should call (571) 385-
1625 to make an appointment.