Everyone’s looking for the best advertising options in Prince William County.  It’s rapidly growing, increasingly influential in Northern Virginia, and a target demographic that people want to attract to their businesses.

Prince William County Moms ( is a great way to reach families, and most importantly, mothers, in Prince William County and the surrounding areas, notably Stafford and Fairfax.  We’re proud of the work that we do helping families find events, activities, and quality locations in our area, and if you’re looking to attract more attention for your business, our advertising options can help you achieve that goal.

We offer two options for advertising on our site. The first is side ads, which are $150 a month and include a linked image and a sponsored blog post per month and a facebook post per month.

The second is a full advertising campaign.  We only offer 3 of these, and a 4th is available for a non-profit who’d like to work with us free of charge for 6 months (to apply, just email me).  Ad campaigns start at $500 a month and are a minimum six month commitment.  Why? Because I want to tell your story in a cohesive, targeted way, and I can’t do that in 3 weeks.  Campaigns include an initial media planning meeting, ongoing email/phone consultations, two blog posts per month, in-person events, live video, facebook and twitter coverage.  They’re a little in-depth to explain fully here, but please feel free to contact me for more information.

A new option- for those wishing to post an Event Flyer ONLY (no writing involved, just an event post), this can be done for $50.  As a reminder, non-profits can request a post FREE of charge at any time.

If you’d like a short-term option, we offer sponsored posts and giveaways/reviews.  Sponsored posts are content provided by your business which are of interest to our readers and contain an introduction to your business.  They must be mutually agreed upon in both content and length, and are able to be paid in cash or product.

Giveaways can include goods (including tickets) and/or services, and are fairly customizable to your particular business or organization.  Generally speaking, though, they follow two main rules:

  • Minimum value of $50 or enough to cover a family of four with equivalent compensation to
  • The recipient of the giveaway must not be required to purchase any goods or services to make use of their prize
If you have questions about a particular giveaway item, however, please contact us, as we understand that some great prizes may not fit this particular mold.
Facebook only sponsored posts are also $75 and can include a boost, starting at $10.
Blog posts with a facebook post link are $75 each.

Reader meet ups and/or moms nights are available.  However, due to the fact that they vary in length/travel time/effort for me, please contact me with your idea for pricing.

It is important to know that just because you are compensating me for my time writing does not mean that I waive my right to share my honest opinion about your business or services, because honesty with my readers is what keeps them coming back.  If that makes you nervous, you can read some of my previous reviews under the “Business Reviews” or “Giveaways” sections of this site

If you don’t see something that works for you, or if you have a new/different idea, just send me an email.  I try to be easy to work with and am happy to customize a plan that fits your business.
________________________________________________ believes in being upfront and honest with our readers, and our business partners. We provide public access to our advertising options because that’s just how we think it should be done.  We’d love to work with you, and if you have any additional questions you can contact us any time via email.