Activities for Little Guys/Gals

Sometimes one of you asks a question on the wall that warrants you an entire blog post.

My goodness some of you are needy. 😉

Just kidding.  I wouldn’t have anything to claim I’m doing if I didn’t have questions. Then I’d have to admit I really AM watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and not “doing laundry and blogging”.

I would never live that down, y’all.

Okay, so, user question was something along the lines of “I’m looking for sports activities for my 3 year old”

You wanna nab an early sports scholarship for junior? Let’s do this.

Gymboree (Happy Birthday to our Gymboree Woodbridge Friends!!) offers sports for ages 3-5, art for ages 18 months-5 years, music 6 months to 5 years, and play and learn from birth to 5 years.  (Bonus- they’ve got scheduled indoor play times you can take advantage of!) Classes vary by location.

Haymarket Ice Plex offers Skating lessons for children as young as age 3.  Hockey classes can be started after passing the first two levels of skating lessons so a child has a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

SoccerTots/Little Sluggers offers classes starting at age 18 months for soccer (which involve parents) through age 10.  Locations are all over the NOVA area, including Haymarket.  Baseball starts at age 2 and goes through age 5.

The Little Gym (in Gainesville) offers classes ranging from Parent/Child (4 months-3 years), Sports Skills (starting at age 3 through age 6, includes hockey, baseball, soccer, and more), gymnastics from ages 3-12, dance from ages 3-12, and karate from ages 4-12.

The Freedom Center in Manassas has “Little Hoops” basketball starting at age 2.5 and 3.5 year olds can try “Little Pucks” hockey. Pee Wee Football classes start at 3.5, as does T-ball.  Parent/Child sport classes start at age 2, and Soccer and Sports Mix start at 3.5, with Tae Kwon Do starting at age 4.

Prince William County Park Authority offers swimming and gymnastics for toddlers, including “Parent/Child” classes that start at 6 months for swimming.  Ballet begins at age 3 and gymnastics at 18 months.  The Dale City Rec Center offers two courses of “Tiny Titans Tri-Athletes” classes for ages 2-5, and has both soccer and t-ball for ages 4 and up. Basketball through the Park Authority begins at 4, All Star Sports (a mix) is ages 3 and up, and Little Pros is 4 and up.  For these courses, check out Our Leisure Magazine.

Gymnastics- most gyms offer classes for toddlers and up.  Rates vary GREATLY based on the credentials of the instructor, and all I can say is that from a personal perspective, unless you 2 year old hops on the uneven bars and throws out a triple flip with a stuck dismount the first time they touch it, you do not need to be paying over $80 a month for gymnastics.  If the first place you call gives you sticker shock, try again.

Prince William Ice Center starts their skaters at age 4.

Most Martial Arts studios that I’ve looked into seem to have a class for children as young as 3.  I’m linking to this one but just because it’s the one I found that actually listed their class ages. Call and check the studio nearest you.  As with gymnastics, let me point out that if you’re signing up a 2 or 3 year old, please do not let some push owner pressure you into a 1 year contract.  Your kid is too young to know if they’ll like mashed potatoes from one day to the next, a year is insane.  Just throwing it out there.

Swim Kids starts em young, too, with classes for parents and children beginning at age 6 months.

Hope this helps you get started!! Have a favorite sports location for your child? Share it in the comments!