Congrats to Rebecca and GMS Gymnastics!

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Published: 02/04/2016
We have been loving gymnastics this year.  Savannah started at GMS before they started advertising with PwcMoms (which is my favorite way for this to work- then I already know I love the business before I start telling you guys about them!) and it's been great for her coordination and flexibility.  I don't expect we'll have anything like this happen, but it's such an incredible story that I have to share!

Congratulations to GMS and to Level 10 Gymnast Rebecca Chong, who trains there, on Rebecca signing with Yale!


Her parents have GOT to be freaking out.  I know I would be! Way to go Rebecca!

Meet DPGolf Academy!

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Published: 08/27/2015
Today we delve a little bit deeper with DPGolf Academy! They've got a GREAT giveaway coming up next week, so pay attention- you might just learn something that can help you win!! 

PwcMoms: Thanks for chatting with me today! To start off with, can you tell me a little bit about why inspired your business? 
As many of us approaching retirement ponder, in 2008 after servingin several capacities for 25 years with the Prince William County Police Department, I began to think “okay, what’s next?” I had a very rewarding career with the PWC Police Department as an officer, leader and teacher and needed to come up with a plan for my “2nd career.” While with the department, I had a unique opportunity to develop my teaching experience in a wide range of disciplines, gaining extensive experience and earning several certifications as a physical fitness specialist and teaching professional. I designed and coordinated the physical fitness training programs and requirements for new officers as well as the SWAT Team. One of the most rewarding experiences was my time at the police academy – providing a solid foundation for success and helping new recruits reach their individual goals.
I had played high school golf but drifted away from the game for many years. After looking into the Professional Golf Association of America’s certification program, I thought, “wow, what an opportunity to combine my formal teaching experience with my love of the game.” In 2003 I opened the DPGolf Academy in Bristow, VA. It has given me a chance to grow even more as a business owner, professional golf instructor, and mentor to my teaching staff and students.

PwcMoms: What's your favorite aspect of working with children?
While I enjoy working will all age groups and skill levels, teaching juniors is one of the most rewarding. Kids come to the game with much enthusiasm and energy, and an open mind. That means we have a great opportunity to get them started early on the right path to learning the game – they tend to be more open minded and trust what we are trying to teach them. And when they connect the dots – well, seeing that and their smiles is the best part.

PwcMoms: What do children gain from golf? 
I think that some of the most important things children can learn from our programs and working with me and my staff is as teachers and mentors is proper sportsmanship, effective problem solving, good listening and learning skills, and most importantly, building self confidence.

PwcMoms: What all do you offer for families? Are there any programs people can do together?
Yes, we have several options for families:
Our five-part series is designed to bring families together through golf, and provides significant savings. We cover course familiarization, etiquette and rules, and basic fundamentals of the game. Schedule according to your availability.

·      Five – 60 Minute Sessions
·      Cost: $400 per Family

A great lower cost option for couples, friends, or co-workers who want a more tailored instructional program. Semi-private instruction is customized to the group’s experience level and can cover any part of the game – short game, putting, full swing, or any combination. Take single 60 minute lesson or save on 5 lesson series. Schedule when convenient for you.
Lesson Time: 60 Minutes
Number of Students                      Cost              Series of Five
Group of 2                  $50 Per Student          $200 Per Student
Group of 3                   $45 Per Student          $175 Per Student
Group of 4                  $40 Per Student          $150 Per Student

This instructional program is designed to teach you everything needed to play golf in just a few lessons. Our PGA Professionals will show you many ways to play by combining fun, friends and fitness. Each session focuses on the various golf skills you’ll use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you’ll put your skills into action on the golf course in a casual, friendly setting. Register with a friend and save $20 on your class registration.

PwcMoms: Do you offer any special programs for schools or scouts?
Yes, we have delivered our Pee Wee Golf Class to PWC schools and have also designed a program to help Boy Scouts earn the Golf Merit Badge. We also offer a High School Golf Prep course to help students prepare for the HS golf season and explore collegiate opportunities.

PwcMoms: Where can people find you online? 

Water Polo in Lake Ridge

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Published: 06/03/2015
Do you or your kiddo want to check out Water Polo? It's a fun, fast-paced sport and there are both adult and child teams forming in Lake Ridge!

You can try Water Polo for free on Sunday June 7th from 8am-11am.  Want to play? Email Randy Cooper for more details at  Lake Ridge Swim Club is located at Harbor and Old Bridge, and you can also find details online at the team's website.

Giveaway: Majest Martial Arts

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Published: 10/29/2014
Our friends at Majest Martial Arts are bringing you this weeks' giveaway! Check it out below! 

In a society that likes to glorify violence, the idea of enrolling your child in a martial arts training class may seem crazy. The image of martial arts instructors as the over the top "Karate Kid" Cobra mental cases makes the prospect seem totally insane. Contrary to popular image, martial arts is actually extremely beneficial for children.  Led by Master K.B. Kim of Korea, Majest Martial Arts - Montclair is dispelling these myths, helping develop our students in both body and mind.  Tae Kwon Do helps children by increasing respect, developing skills in listening and self-control, encourages teamwork and support, helps children learn to set and achieve various goals, and fosters increased self-esteem and physical fitness. 

Our programs are geared for students ages 3 to 99, with a variety of special classes, including our brand new HOME SCHOOL Tae Kwon Do Program!  Whether you are young or old, looking for self-development, or helping your child set and achieve personal goals; Majest Montclair has a fit for you. Programs include:

            Ø  Tiny Tigers (Ages 3-5)
Ø  Evening Color Belt Classes
Ø  Family Classes
Ø  Teens and Adults Classes (Ages 12 to 99)
Ø  Demo Team
Ø  School Break Camp Programs
Ø  *NEW* Home School Program (Ages 5 and Up)
Ø  Leadership Team
Ø  *NEW* Silver Tae Kwon Do (Age 55 to 99)
Ø  Olympic Style Sparring (Gyeorugi)
Ø  *NEW* Cardio Kick Class
Ø  School Age Child Care Programs (Serving Pattie, Henderson, and Ashland Elementary, as well as  Saunders and Graham Park Middle School)

Enter to win 3 Free Classes and a FREE Uniform (a $90 value!).  To win, visit the Majest Facebook and click "like".  Then, check out their reviews and pictures from class.  While you're looking, watch for the picture where PWCMOMS is hidden and comment on the photo to win! You must comment AND like to win! If more than 25 people enter, two winners will be chosen.

Want to check out Majest? They've got an open house coming up, too! Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 10am-2pm. 

As always, giveaways are governed by our giveaway rules- and by entering you agree to be bound by them.  Good luck! 

Soccer Skills School Summer Sessions

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Published: 06/12/2014

Registrations now open for upcoming summer sessions!!

Training will be held at SNF (Sports Network & Fitness) 8320 Quarry Rd, Manassas VA

Includes 6 sessions at 1.5 hours each. Each session will take place once a week over the summer season.

Training will focus on shooting, passing, shooting in transition and finishing.

Ages 6-9 will be held Wednesday starting June 25th from 7-8:30pm
Ages 10-13 will be held Thursday June 26th from 7-8:30pm

$99 per child – Sign up now through June 15th and receive a $15 discount!!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Soccer Skills School. 

Readers Recommend: Gymnastics in Prince William County

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Published: 01/13/2014
We recently had a momma looking for gymnastics and Prince William County, and, as always, you all had plenty to say on the subject!!  If you'd like to add your thoughts, please leave a comment on the bottom of this post!! Love to hear from you! 

Apollo Gymnastics x12- "Apollo Gymnastics right off of Hoadly and PWPkwy." "APOLLO especially if they are serious and want to compete." "3 of our 4 have gone to Apollo and we have really liked it a lot.  My one daughter had a teacher one session we did not like, but other than her the experience has been great." "My son does gymnastics at Apollo.  He has had great coaches." "Apollo is great, but there are some instructors who work better with different kids.  The parent area is great to watch and ask around about instructors (and can be visited before you sign up to research)." "I am a former gymnastics coach and currently a personal trainer.  I highly recommend Apollo.  My daughters love it and have improved by leaps and bounds.  It is expensive, but one of the best around here." "Very well run"
Apollo is located at 12700 Apollo Drive, Woodbridge and offers classes for ages 18 months and up, and birthday parties for ages 4-12. Their phone number is 703-580-9144.  45 minute classes are $80/month at the time of publishing. 

Dale City Rec Center- "My daughter does tumbling at the dale city rec center and loves it! All the 
instructors are great!"
The Dale City Rec Center is located at 14300 Minnieville Road, Dale City, and offers classes through the Prince William County Park Authority.  They offer tumbling for ages 1.5-4 years.  703-670-7112. Classes range from $42-$68 for a 6 class session.

Freedom Center-  If you're just looking for a quick intro class to see if your preschooler/toddler likes it at all, Sally at the Freedom Center funds a great class and the sessions are short and inexpensive"
The Freedom Center is located at 9100 Freedom Center Drive in Manassas, and offers classes through their recreation department.  They offer classes for children ages 3.5-12 years old, and classes appear to be $10 per class in 4 or 5 week sessions at the time of publishing. 703-993-8444.

GMS x4- "GMS in Manassas off Balls Ford.  They have beginner and rec classes and stuff for girls that want to compete in a team.  Great all around gym." "GMS by 66 in Manassas great for competitive and has brand new facility for rec classes." "GMS is the best around!! They have been around for years and years and the owners are amazing. You can't find anything better for sure."
GMS is located at 7226 Newmarket Court, Manassas and offers classes for ages almost 3 and up.  1 class/week is priced at $150 a month at the time of publishing.  703-369-7800.

Novaks x6- "Off stage coach rd Dumfries" "We've done Youth Sports and both" "Novaks is great" "Affordable, with a world championship to back them up."
Novaks is located at 17535 Old Stagecoach Road, Dumfries.  They offer open gym, play gym, classes, competition team, birthday parties and camps for ages 5 and up, with a special play gym for ages 5 and under.  Class prices are not listed. 703-221-5833

World Gymnastics- "I love coach Isben at World Gymnastics.  I can't vouch for any others.  He has figured out how to work with five kids on the autistic spectrum and it is better than any OT."
At the time of publication, their site was down.  

Youth Sports Gymnastics x 11- "Love youth sports gymnastics near BJs in Wdbg!" "We checked out quite a few and really liked Youth Sports....the coaches there are really great." "I've heard great things about Youth Sports, we did not have a good experience with our children at Apollo." "We've done Youth Sports and both" "Great for girls and boys." "Most have a free trial class; however, Apollo does not.  I did not want to sign up for a class without trying it first.  We have been at novaks, world, and youth sports.  Most impressed with youth sports. It is clean and does not smell like feet!" "My daughter goes to Youth Sports.  She loves it." "My son has been at Youth Sports for 6 years.  Clearly we love it there."
Youth Sports is located at 14023 Noblewood Plaza, Woodbridge.  They offer classes in tumbling, cheer, rhythmic gymnastics, jumprope and regular gymnastics starting with parent/tot.  Sessions are 5 weeks, prices aren't listed online.  They also offer birthday parties, camps, and special events. 703-590-8400

Distance recommendation- 
Dulles Gymnastics Academy- "Dulles gymnastics academy is great.  For under 5yo, $8, 11-12pm on Fridays.  It's great because your kid can try everything out and they have two instructors present." 

Try Hockey Free at PWICE!

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Published: 10/05/2013
We love hockey in our family, and Prince William Ice Center wants to invite your child to try hockey FREE on November 2, 2013 from 2-3:30pm! Register online anytime for this program.

Soccer Shots Free Demo Day- September 16, 2013

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Published: 09/12/2013

Giveaway: Visit Richmond VA/Redskins Training Camp

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Published: 08/09/2013

It's Football Season.  According to my husband, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's technically just the pre-season.   (I'm not going to lie, though, as a Green Bay Packers fan, he's lying next to me telling Redskins jokes and trying to get me to add them to this post, which is not happening....and if it does, it was him, not me!) 

Photo From
If you'd like to experience the pre-season up-close and personal, you can head just a short drive south to Richmond, Virginia.  From July 25th to August 16, 2013, Richmond is proud to welcome the Washington Redskins to the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp, and they'd be proud to welcome your family, too.  Admission to the camp is free, and you can take advantage of watching your favorite players, get autographs, take pictures, and even attend special events and possibly win a giveaway (or two!).  

The Omni Richmond has even put together a special package for those who want to start singing Hail to the Redskins a little early this year! 

We actually love Richmond.  My oldest son, Riley, has been incredibly interested in politics since he was five and has been invited down to the capitol for swearing-in ceremonies and tours because he's such a good campaign volunteer. We love the Children's Museum, which is right next to a science museum if you have older children, and we actually thought about getting married at the Botanical Gardens, which are beyond amazing. 

Photo from
100 South 12th Street | Richmond, VA 23219 | (804) 344-7000
Redeemable: July 25 - August 15, 2013
Enjoy the Ultimate Fan Experience with VIP treatment when you stay at the Official Headquarter Hotel for the Washington Redskins Training Camp.
The Ultimate Fan Experiencefrom $149 per night, per guest, includes:
·         Luxurious accommodations in an Omni Deluxe Room
·         Breakfast per registered guest in Trevi's Restaurant for the Omni Art of Breakfast
·         One gourmet boxed lunch per registered guest to take to the training facility that includes: choice of handcrafted sandwich, bag of chips, house made cookie, whole fruit and bottled water
·         Pre-arrival call from the Omni Concierge to complete boxed lunch pre-order and to assist in any planning in order for you to more fully enjoy your visit to Richmond
·         Complimentary transportation to and from the training camp facility
·         Late check-out of 3:00 p.m. on your departure day

Visit Richmond has made it even easier for your family to take advantage of the training camp fun with a Richmond, VA Redskins' Training Camp Family Prize Pack! This package includes:

•        Four (4) passes to Valentine Richmond History Center or Four (4) passes to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
•        Lunch for four (4) at Anna’s Pizza (Not to exceed $30.00)
•        The Ultimate Redskin’s Fan Pack (Assorted Richmond, VA and Redskins branded items)

enter using the Rafflecopter at the end of this post! 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Disclaimer: No purchase necessary, winners must be 18 or older and comply with any sponsor requirements.  Contest sponsored by  Winner assumes all liability, and risk, and any additional expenses, including travel to redeem prizes. Winner's name will be posted on the website and to Facebook, and by entering, you agree to these terms. 

Prince William Ice Center Camp

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Published: 07/03/2013
Guys, we've been friends for awhile, right? And, if any of you were serial killers or something, you'd have figured out my kids' names already, because it really wouldn't be hard.  It's mentally taxing for me to keep referring to them by ages or birth order, so let's just get real about it.

This is Savannah.  She's 5 and she enjoys pink, sparkles, soccer, math, kicking butt and taking names, swimming, and ice skating.  She does not enjoy dresses, tights, mosquitos, or when people do not realize that she is Lord and Master of the Universe.  Especially her brothers- they should know better.

Savannah checked out the Ice Stars Fun Camp last week, and I thought I'd share her feedback with you.  We thought about doing a video, but then I realized that not everyone speaks rapid-fire five year old, so typing her responses would be easier.

So, kiddo, tell me about camp.
Camp?  Camp was good.  I was just awesome and I skated and one day we got to do the slip and slide. Daddy let me buy lunch from the cafe and I got chicken fingers AND tater tots, which is a lot of food, but he let me do it.

What was your favorite part about camp?
Um, we did lots of different stuff. It was all good. I made a t-shirt, do you want to see it? (this is another good reason not to make a video- she just runs off.  For the record, I've seen the tie-dye shirt at least 20 times)

Was there anything you didn't like?
I thought we were going to skate too much, but we didn't, we just did it more times.  And now, I can skate while I jump.

You mean jump while you skate?
No, I mean skate while I jump.  And, I can do a spin on two feet.  And, Mrs. Marina (her coach) says I'm doing a good job.  Also, I liked the teachers.  When I grow up I'm going to be a camp teacher at the ice rink.  How old do you think I have to be to be a camp teacher at the ice rink?

I'd imagine you have to be a teenager.  Would you go back to camp again? Should I tell people their kids would like skating camp?
Oh, sure, I'd go to all the weeks.  They can come, too. We'll have fun.

That's Savannah on the far right- this picture is from the site. 
So, there you have it.  Savannah liked camp, and thinks we can all have fun together.  I was a little nervous the first day because it looked like many of the kids were older than her, but she informs me that this made it more fun because she got to hang out with the big kids.  Also, they mix the hockey camp kids and the figure skating kids together during some parts of the day, so there are plenty of people to play with. You can pack your child's lunch, or they can purchase lunch from the rink cafe.  Camp runs from 9am-5pm, but there is a before/after care option if you need a longer day.  For us, since we're not typically a daycare family, Savannah SLEPT after camp each day.  She also had a wicked crush on one of the hockey coaches.  In any event, she had a great time.  The mixed age group was probably my biggest concern, but she seemed to have a great time and came home talking about friends every day, so it worked out fine! Each week there are different off-ice activities, if you need to know about anything (like bringing a swimsuit for the slip-n-slide or a shirt to tie-dye) they'll let you know.  Also, the kids are on the ice several hours a day, but they break it into chunks so they're not bored or over-stressed about skating.  There is some outdoor play time, so we tried to dress in light layers so Savannah would be comfortable on the ice and outside.  It's a challenge, but you can do it :) Also, there's a form to sign if you want to leave sunscreen.

If you'd like more information on hockey or figure skating or learn to skate camps, you can find it here.

Disclosure: Prince William Ice Center is one of our sponsors, but they didn't ask me to write this, nor was I compensated.  We paid for camp just like everyone else, and all opinions are my own. Yours might vary, but I'd be happy to hear them in the comments if you want to share.  We had a great week at camp, but are not responsible for your experiences as we don't control the ice rink. 

Fundraiser Idea: Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Published: 06/27/2013

This isn't a sponsored post- Chipotle just got in touch with me about their fundraiser nights, and I had flashbacks to PTA and trying really hard to find things that would offer us some serious return on investment for the time we had to spend publicizing, printing, and drumming up interest!  50% of your group's sales is nothing to scoff at! 

From Chipotle:

While most companies offer only about 15% for fundraisers, our fundraiser nights are extremely popular because we donate 50% of any orders placed by customers that come in to support your group! Organizations usually apply on our website to request to host a fundraiser with us. 

Our fundraisers are held on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays from 5-8PM and the process is easy: 

  • Respond with the month you are looking to have a fundraiser night with us
  • Chipotle will send you a few available dates to choose from
  • When a date is set, a flyer file is created and e-mailed to you to promote the event
  • The night of the fundraiser any customer that comes in between 5-8PM and shows the cashier they are there for your group (by showing a hard copy flyer or the file on their phone or just by verbally telling the cashier) will have 50% of their order donated to your organization
  • The next day we will communicate the amount raised and you will receive a check within 6 weeks
Please note: the fundraiser can only be held at 1 location (not multiple stores) and no promotion can be done outside/inside the store on the day of the event. We are also not able to post or pass out any kind of flyers, brochures, etc. in the store at any time. More information can be found on our website!
50% is a great cut for your fundraiser, and don't forget, while I don't typically post individual fundraisers on the Facebook page because there are so many, you can submit these to our calendar! Be sure to include a link for people to download your flier, and invite the community out for burritos!

Summer Swim Teams

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Published: 03/01/2013
Prince William County Summer Swim Teams are so much fun!  We swam on the Barracudas last year, and our kids had a ton of fun.  If you have multiple ages and ability levels, look for a team with a developmental program, and be sure to sign up early! Some teams give preference to returning families, and spots can fill up quickly!

Here's a list of teams, along with tryout and/or registration info for 2013, if I have it from them! 

Ashland Stingrays
    Open registration will open in the beginning of April.  No try outs are required. 
Ben Lomond Flying Ducks
Braemar Blasters
Bridlewood Waves
Brookside Hurricaines- 
Open registration February 15th through April 30th.  Swimmers must be able to safely make it 25 meters across the pool on the first day of practice, Tuesday, May 28th. 
Dale City Frogs
Registration will begin March 1. We accept swimmers  regardless of their speed, as long as they are able to swim the length of the pool without assistance. 
Dominion Valley Sharks
    Open registration from March 1st through March 15th, or when all spots are full. 
Kingsbrooke Sea Lions
Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins
Lake Ridge Lancers
Meadowbrook Makos
Montclair Seahawks
Old Bridge Breakers
Piedmont Tsunamis
Ridgewood Barracudas

    Try outs are required to ensure a minimum level of confidence in the water.  Date TBD. 
Southbridge Fighting Seals
Stonewall Park Swim Team
Sudley Seahorses
Urbanna Otters
Veterans Park Marlins
Victory Lakes Piranhas
Virginia Oaks Sea Devils
Wellington Dolphins

    Try-outs will be held March 17th to ensure a minimum level of confidence in the water. 
Westridge Waves

Review: Skate N Fun Zone

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Published: 01/17/2013
If you've been reading my site for any amount of time, you know that we're huge fans of "Mommy Dates" and "Daddy Dates" in our family. (If you haven't been reading my site, then welcome.) We truly value having one-on-one time with our children so that we can really have time to know their hearts and how they're doing.  We try to make sure that each child gets individual time with one of us at least once a month.  Sometimes it's a big deal and we take them out to do something that costs money, but other times it's a walk, or a trip to Starbucks, or a walk around Target and something from the $1 section.

On New Years Eve Day, our boys were invited to go play with friends, which left our daughter home alone.  I needed to do some lesson planning, so she and daddy decided to capitalize on their alone time by heading out to Skate N Fun Zone, which offers a New Year's Eve Party at both mid-day and midnight.  Brilliant!  They actually offer special events both weekly and monthly, including a homeschool skate, rock-n-stroll for parents who have infants and older children, and more.

Skate N Fun Zone is located at 7878 Sudley Road  Manassas, VA 20109 (for those of you who always like to have an address listed) 

$10 per person covered their admission, glow cups, a balloon drop, party favors, and glow sticks.  With just two of them, it was definitely workable, although they also offer a discount for purchasing a "super pack" with 4 admissions.  For a special event like New Years, I would say that's worth it. 

The actual building is behind a few other buildings, so while there is a sign from the road, you have to "do kind of a u-turn thing" to get to the actual location. 

He's an engineer, guys, not a writer. 

For this particular event, there was no parking available, and my husband ended up asking a local Liberty Mutual agent if he could park in his lot, and he was very nice, since it was New Years.  However, inside my husband heard there's overflow parking (somewhere) so be sure to check on that if you find yourself in the same situation.

After they rented their skates, they found a spot to drop their stuff, which was slightly challenging since there were so many people.  Lockers are available to rent for your valuables, which is probably a good idea especially on a special event day.  He had this recap:
"Everything seemed relatively clean, but definitely used.  The floor was definitely well-worn, but it didn't impede our ability to skate.  There's a jungle gym included in the price, a little food area where you can buy food, and an arcade area similar to Chuck-E-Cheese where you can pay for games and get tickets to trade in for lame prizes."
"I'd say what I liked most was that they had a large variety of things to do, and even with the skating they'd shift between a game (like Limbo or backwards skate) and regular skating, and there was the arcade and the gym, so we were able to rotate a lot and stay for a pretty long time considering our daughter is 4.  We were there for several hours.  We got there just as they were finishing the balloon drop, and it was loud, so she wasn't a huge fan of that becuase everyone was popping balloons and that was "scary" for her.  I'd go again, we had a great time. I also liked that their rules included the ability to kick people out who were not dressed appropriately, were cursing, or appeared to be under the influence of anything."
I tried to grill him about something negative to say, but the hard part about reviewing things in our family is that we, generally speaking, have fun, and decide that it's a good time :)

My daughter also said that she had fun and would go again.

Especially with her daddy.

Not a paid or solicited review, hubby and DD went and paid just like everyone else. 

Manassas Blaze 14U Softball

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Published: 01/02/2013
The Manassas Blaze 14U Red is looking for players for their fastpitch softball team.  Contact information for the 2012/2013 season is below.  

5K Hustle 2 Health and Wellness Fair

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Published: 09/25/2012
The Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge Campus will be the site for the October 7, 2012 "5K Hustle 2 Health" Run/walk and Wellness Expo.  This family-friendly event begins at 8am and runs until noon.  For more details, visit where you can sign up before race day and save $10.  Runners are $25 early registration and children under age 11 are $10.  

CFA Bristow Sports Breakfast

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Published: 09/24/2012

featuring three former professional athletes and The Racing Presidents

Chick-fil-A® restaurant at Bristow will be hosting the Chick-fil-A Sports Breakfast on Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 8:30 am to 10:30 which will feature three former professional athletes, mascots, a race car, inflatables, and a cow drop.

The Sports Breakfast is the grand finale to a weeklong friendly, spirited competition between Brentsville District and Patriot High schools. From Saturday, September 22nd to Friday, September 28th the schools will be competing to see who has the most Chick-fil-A spirit. The winning school will receive $1,000 and the second place will receive $500.

Scheduled to appear at the Sports Breakfast and receive the Chick-fil-A at Bristow Inspiration Awards will be Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in Track & Field, Devon McTavish, Virginia native and former DC United soccer player, and Markita Alridge-Woods, former Washington Mystic player (WNBA).

The Racing Presidents, the bobblehead mascots of the Washington Nationals baseball team will make an appearance along with Screech (Nationals), Talon (DC United), G-Whiz (Wizards), Slapshot (Capitals), Pax the Panda (Mystics), and the Patriot (George Mason University).

Urban Evolution

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Published: 09/20/2012
You need to shake up your child's monotonous perspective on staying fit with some exercise, but you don't want to make them feel like a hamster in a wheel on a treadmill or pass the ball around for 3 hours at a stretch! Check out Parkour classes at Urban Evolution for PwcMoms fans! Pay $100 for 10 visits to the gym (a 10-visit "punchcard"), and change how they look at the world forever! (This is a special savings for readers.) 

Classes are available for kids ages 6 to 14, with dedicated "homeschool only" classes for kids ages 9-11 on Wednesdays at 1pm, and more classes for other age groups to come as we grow the program! Here's a schedule for all the kid classes that are currently being offered at Urban Evolution Manassas.

Urban Evolution (or "Urban Evo" for short) has locations in Alexandria and Manassas and different age and skill level options each week, allowing boys and girls throughout Northern Virginia to learn Parkour. Cross off the food pellets and wood chips from your grocery list, because thanks to Urban Evolution, you can graduate your child from hamster to hall of famer. It's the perfect activity to grab the interest of kids who might not gravitate to team sports or whose idea of fitness is a PlayStation controller thumb workout...but it can be demanding enough for professional football players! It's a great way to help kids change their ideas about fitness while helping them build self-esteem and encouraging them to work hard.

So you’ve heard of parkour before, and maybe you’ve even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour, but what exactly is parkour? 

It's not strictly defined by any particular workout or conditioning regiment. It’s more about finding the way to keep improving and eventually reach your greatest physical potential. And that’s what makes it so great! Your only opponent here is yourself. Your competition is you (at least officially speaking). So it does have its philosophical side, but here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge your kids and hone their skills in a safe and fun environment! 

Urban Evolution offers many other classes as well. After some training, you'll be able to check out more advanced training in parkour. We bring discipline and conditioning together with creative obstacle courses to challenge your mental and physical abilities. Generally, our high teacher-to-student ratio allows us to address questions and work through challenges for kids of all types on an individual basis.

This is a sponsored post from Urban Evolution.  As with any physical activity, please note you participate at your own discretion.  PwcMoms is not responsible for children's participation in any activity listed. 

Words We Learned at Football, or, A Brief Rant

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Published: 09/12/2012
What is it exactly about parents of young athletes that can potentially bring out the worst in them? The parenting "styles" that I've seen crawl out of the woodwork at sporting events makes me seriously wonder about what kind of adults we're going to have one day.

While any sport has the potential to bring out the worst in over-competitive parents (see hockey, baseball, and soccer examples) our experience has been that nobody takes the cake the way football does.

Bowrag Photography
I've shared briefly that we are trying a new football league this year, based on some coaching issues last year.  More specifically, we had a coach that called kids losers, belittled them at practices and games, and told them they were a disgrace.  We're not the type of parents to praise kids undeservedly, but there's a big difference between asking kids to earn praise and not completely tearing them apart, especially as an authority figure, and especially when the kids are between 6 and 8 years old.

This year, we've got some really fantastic coaches.  The after-game speeches this weekend told the kids that while they didn't win and need to work on some things in practice, there were some things they did right, and they need to keep doing them, and that the coaches were proud of the kids for getting out there and working hard, even though there's room for improvement.  It was a happy moment for me, as a mom, to not have to be on pins and needles during the game or after the game about what the coach was going to say to my child and his teammates.

What hasn't changed, though, is the language the parents use.  At Saturday's game, I heard a little of everything, from the f-bomb more times than I could count, to commentary on what a s--- call that was, to someone that actually used the term "n-word-ish", which I didn't even realize was a term, let alone wanting my 4 year old to ask me what it meant.

I'm not saying we're perfect parents by any means, and we're about healthy competition, but what happened to fostering a team spirit? It seems like at least once a practice I hear one parent or another yell "Don't let (kid x) knock you over! Look how tiny he is! He shouldn't be knocking anyone over!"

You know, in addition to your kid hearing you, kid x can hear you, too.  He hears that you think he's tiny and incapable.  That's your child's teammate, why are you tearing them down just to make your child feel better or more motivated?

There's also a difference between encouraging your child to continue even when something is hard, and being inappropriate.  Calling your child a wimp or a baby or a loser when something is hard for them seems a little over the top to me, even though I understand the intention is just to motivate the child to continue and persevere.  I'm not a psychologist or anything, but it seems to me that there has to be a better way to communicate that you want your child to continue in spite of difficulty versus bullying your own kid.

I guess it's possible that I'm being over-sensitive, but I don't want to believe that.  I don't want to believe that name-calling and hypercompetitiveness is the way we make children into athletes.  I don't want to believe that equal pressure needs to be applied to little league and the pros.  I don't want to believe that children will respond in a positive way to being told they're worthless. I want to believe that we, as parents, can step up, even at sporting events when we want to have our kid be the best on the field.

In that spirit, I'm instituting a few commandments:

1) Thou shalt follow thy child's ambitions- including not being more competitive than your child and not forcing them into a sport or position that they're not comfortable with because you become metally fixated on that goal.

2) Thou shalt treat thy child's teammates with respect- it's little league, not the NFL/PGA Tour/MLB/NBA.  There are kids out here that are just trying it out for a season, and there are kids here that are naturals.  Be proud of the natural talent of the good kids and the struggle of the newer children equally and don't pit one child againt a teammate.

3) Thou shalt "know your role and shut your hole".  You can be a coach, or a spectator, or an official.  You cannot be all 3, so if you're just a spectating, stop screaming at the kids playing the game.

4) Thou shalt recognize thou art not in a bubble.  We can all hear you.  Including other people's small children.  Keep it to a Shrek-level on the language.

5) Thou shalt back off the coach, assuming he's not actually harming the kids.

6) Thou shalt pat your kid on the back first.  Even if you want to correct something or run a play by play of everything your kid needs to work on, the first words out of your mouth should be praise for something they did right.  You can find something, and if you can't, try harder.

Agree? Disagree? Have more commandments? I'm interested. Leave a comment, but try to leave your football language on the sideline when you do it ;)

Featured Organization Friday: Pink in the Park

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Published: 08/17/2012
Okay, so this isn't technically a featured organization, but it's an event for an organization that's feature-worthy!

The Potomac Nationals will be partnering with the American Cancer Society to bring you "Pink in the Park" on Saturday, August 25th at 6:35pm right here in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Tickets are only $8 and HALF of each ticket will go towards the Making Strides Walk.  For everyone that wears Pink to the game (not a problem if you have my wardrobe!) the Potomac Nationals have pledged an additional $1 donation.  

Giveaway: Free Week of Camp!!

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Published: 08/16/2012

ATA Martial Arts (8088 Sudley Road, Manassas VA) emailed us to let us know they have a few spots left in their last week of Summer Camp, which runs August 27-31st, and that they'd like to fill one of them with a PwcMoms giveaway!

Camp is for ages 6 and up, and runs from 8am-5pm.  It's an active camp, so your child will be busy and engaged "minus the video games" according to the description from the owner.

If you don't win, camp is a great price for this area at $150 for full-day care.  There are 4 spots remaining for camp, minus the spot available through this giveaway!!  Thanks so much to ATA Martial Arts for this great giveaway!!

To Win:
Enter up to 4 ways.  Leave a comment indicating you've completed each.  If I cannot contact you, you cannot win, so be sure that you provide an email address, either in your comment or by emailing it to me separately!
1- "Like" (or have already liked) ATA Martial Arts on Facebook and leave a comment here saying you did
2- "Like" (or have already liked) PwcMoms on Facebook and leave a comment here saying you did
3- Tweet the link to this contest and include @PwcMoms in your tweet and leave a comment here saying you did
4- Email your entry to PwcMoms

Remember, winners are picked at random, so please do not try to break my heart thinking it will help! It just makes me sad!! Winner will be selected at random at midnight on Sunday, August 19th and announced on Monday, August 20th.

Good luck!  (Also, be sure to check out ATA Martial Arts for the school year, too!)

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary, winner assumes all liability and risk, PwcMoms is not responsible for winner's individual experience or any injuries from taking part in a martial arts based program.  Winner has 24 hours to claim their prize or it will be forfeit and offered to the next randomly selected winner.  PwcMoms is not responsible for ensuring you receive your notification in a timely manner.

Potomac Nationals Barefoot and Pregnant Night

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Published: 07/26/2012
Join the Potomac Nationals for "Barefoot and Pregnant" night on August 14th.  Expecting moms get $4 tickets, as well as anyone who brings diapers for a diaper drive. One lucky momma will go home with all the collected diapers1! If you're really pregnant and go into labor at the stadium, you get season tickets for life!!

Giveaway: Waterworks Giveaway #2 and Potomac Nationals Giveaway #4

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Published: 07/03/2012
If you're looking for some great TV-free fun this summer, you've got some great options.  I love our local baseball team here in Woodbridge, the Potomac Nationals, and they've been so kind to sponsor tickets for us to give away all summer long.  I don't have 4th of July tickets for you, but I do have some for June 9th- the promotion for that day is $1 day!! If you don't win your tickets, you can buy them for just $1.  Hot dogs are $1, too! Check out our review of the Potomac Nationals experience, and see the full list of games and promotions by clicking here.

Now, another great way to have fun this summer is with Waterworks.  We did a giveaway for them a few weeks ago, and when I was at the park the last time with our homeschool group, I made a point to find the manager and let her know how much excitement was generated from her giveaway.  I think she's like me and felt bad everyone couldn't win, and while we can't get everyone in for free, she hooked me up with two more sets of family 4 packs for after 4pm tickets! I'll do one set this month and one set next month in August.  You can read more about Waterworks in Dale City by click here.

To win: Leave a comment for EACH contest you're entering (so one for the Potomac Nationals and a separate one for Waterworks, if you'd like to enter both).  Winner will be selected on July 7th.  Please make sure that your entry is distinct enough that you'll know it's you (So don't leave a comment as "anonymous" because then I can't tell you that you won! Winners may be announced via blog, facebook, twitter, and/or email.  Winners assume all liability.  Prizes are non-transferrable and have no cash value. is not responsible for your sunburns, hot dog bellyaches, or child being obsessed with Uncle Slam and follwing him all over the ballpark so that you can't actually watch the game.

Good luck! Contest closes at 12am on July 7th.

Giveaway- WaterWorks Water Park Woodbridge

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Published: 06/15/2012
Growing up in Princedale (yeah, Dale City!) I thought WaterWorks in Woodbridge was the coolest place going.  It was close enough to walk to (not that my mom was going to let me stay there unsupervised, but I could walk if I wanted to), it had "The Tube" and every summer I tried to prove my upper body strength had improved enough to cross those stupid lily pads.

Y'all, I could do a double salchow, but I have never done a pull-up.  That's what figure skating did to me.

Anyway, Water Works is still pretty awesome, and still has the tube.  In fact, it's got more than that:

  • Spacious Beach Pool Entry
  • Enclosed Speed Slide
  • Circular Open Slide
  • 3 Challenging Jungle Walks 
  • Shade Pavillions
  • Full-Service Concessions
  • Snack Shack
  • NEW - Parent/Tot Play Date
  • NEW - Swim Lessons
  • NEW - Junior Lifeguard Camp
  • Coin-Operated Lockers
  • Certified, Professional safety Staff
  • 2 level Children's Wading Pool with:
    • Colorful Crayon Sprays
    • Great Slides
    • Rope Climb
    • Super Geysers
    • Fun Bubblers
    • Whale Slide
WaterWorks will be open for weekdays starting tomorrow (well, Monday, if you're being picky) and we've got their full schedule on our calendar at!  They have some great special events, too, including late night Fridays.  The pool also offers junior lifeguard training as well as group and public swim lessons.  

Want to check out Water Works? I have a set of 4 passes good for any evening after 4pm! Check out from work early and take the kids swimming this summer! Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner Monday morning. 

WaterWorks, part of the PWCPA, provided free passes for our winner. is not responsible for any injuries sustained while at the park.  Please follow lifeguard rules and do not leave children unattended regardless of swimming ability.  

Swim Lessons at Waterworks

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Published: 06/15/2012

Waterworks in Woodbridge offers children's swim lessons for all levels.  Check out their summer 2012 offerings! 

NEW Programs for Summer 2012 SWIM LESSONS
Waterworks is offering group swim lessons and private lessons in the evenings at the park. Below is our schedule of classes being offered this summer. You may register at the park or at any of the other recreation centers. The group lesson fees are $64 per session.
Swim Lesson Schedule Monday - Thursday (8 classes)
Session I: Jun 18 – 28
Session II: Jul 2 – 12 (no class Jul 4)
Session III: Jul 16 – 26
Session IV: Jul 30 - Aug 9

Preschool 1 6:45 p.m.
Preschool 2/3 6:45 p.m.
Level 1/2 7:20 p.m. and 8:05 p.m.
Level 3 8:05 p.m.
Private Lessons
For those who prefer one-on-one instruction, the Park Authority offers private & semi-private lessons on the same days and times of the day (PM) as group lessons.
Fee: $165/6 – 30 min lessons (plus $55/additional person; semi-private)

Junior Lifeguard Camp
This is two-week training program for youth who desire the skills to become a lifeguard. Students will gain valuable on the job training in the areas of recognizing emergencies, introductory lifeguard skills (certification not included) including First Aid and CPR, and effective communication with guests. Participants will work one days with an experienced lifeguard during the second week. T-shirt & whistle provided, discounted admissions and/or volunteer opportunities are available after class until 6 p.m. on class days (weather permitting).

Prerequisite: Students should be able to swim 100 yards continuously in deep water and tread water for 1 minute.
Fee: $150; 8 sessions
Day: Monday-Thursday
Dates: Jun 18-28 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Jul 30 - Aug 9 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

FREE Skating Lesson June 2, 2012

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Published: 05/22/2012
As we've mentioned about a million times, we love skating lessons and hockey at the Prince William Ice Center in Woodbridge, VA.  If you've been thinking about a way to keep cool this summer, spending a little time on the ice is a great way to do it! 

Prince William Ice Center is offering a FREE skating lesson for ages 4 to adult on Saturday, June 2, 2012.  To reserve your spot, just call 703-730-8423!! 

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