Kings Dominion's "Planet Spooky"

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Published: 10/01/2013

Inside Planet Snoopy- Super Cute Fall Decor!

We were so excited to visit Kings Dominion in Doswell this past weekend.  It's roughly an hour's drive, which I consider to be more than do-able for a day of fun!   Kings Dominion is obviously open all summer as a great way to spend some of your vacation days, but they are also open fall weekends with a Halloween theme.  Planet Spooky activities and Trick-or-Treat with the Dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Alive! are open Saturdays and Sundays Sept. 28 - Oct. 27 from 12pm - 5pm. 

On Saturdays, the park actually opens at 10:30, and we arrived around that time.  While we waited for Planet Snoopy to open, we took our kids to some of the larger sections and enjoyed absolutely no lines.  Once the park got a little more crowded, there were still barely any wait times.  I think the longest line we were in was 20 minutes.  Most rides the kids got right on or waited one cycle for their turn. It was incredibly quick. 

Top of the Eiffel Tower

We spent much of the day in the newly reopened, larger children's section called "Planet Snoopy", or, as it's known for fall "Planet Spooky".  With 18 rides designed with kids in mind, as well as a host of family-friendly rides throughout the park, most of your kiddos will be able to have a great day on the rides.  What I discovered when we went, though, is that they've got numerous family-friendly accommodations, including a "Snoopy Family Care Center" and even a "parent switcher" option you can find out more about in guest services so that families with one child who can ride and one who can't, such as an elementary schooler and an infant, don't have to have one parent miss out on all the fun!
Inside the "People Washer"

You should know that the park also features a "Halloween Haunt" which is for ages 13 and up.  If you stay at the park past 7pm, you will likely have a zombie pop out at you.  If you're cool with that, then enjoy but since I am a giant fraidy cat, we left by 6:30.  There are some decorations that remain out during the daytime at the front entrance and in some of the other sections of the park.  They are fairly tame, and similar to things that you would see out at your local craft or Halloween store during this season, but I know that some children are very sensitive to that.
She's actually commenting that she wants to climb that...she's not scared of anything.  Ever.

Once you're inside the park and into the Planet Snoopy section, you won't see anything but pumpkins and scarecrows- or Lucy dressed up as a witch...but she's pretty cute :) Snoopy is on hand, of course, too!

Several of the attractions in Planet Snoopy are designated as trick or treat stops, and when the children complete an activity, they're given a non-candy treat.  In addition to the regular rides, there were attractions such as a petting zoo, "people washer", pumpkin decorating, and hay maze.  Peanuts characters also come out both to meet with kids for photo ops, and to perform at regularly scheduled intervals.
Pumpkin Decorating! 
Linus and the Gang host a Sing-a-Long

Also open, for a small additional fee, is Trick or Treat at Dinosaurs Alive! which features a six acre animatronic tour of 36 life-sized dinosaurs from various eras. There's also a sand pit where children can dig for fossils (our day there was a "paleontologist" in costume).  During Trick or Treat, there are several stations with candy that visitors can stop at, and non-candy treats are available, as well as an allergy list.  I believe we stopped at eight stations along the route.  The dinosaurs make noise, and move, and some are even Redskins fans.
Candyvores.  Yesss.

We had a great time enjoying a fall day at Kings Dominion's Planet Spooky.  It's especially nice for our family now, because the rest of the park is open, affording my 5 year old the chance to enjoy all the great Planet Snoopy rides, and my almost 10 year old the option of some awesome roller coasters.  Everyone was able to ride something they loved, and the weather is so pleasant right now that it was an awesome day outside.

To purchase tickets, visit the Kings Dominion Website or purchase at the gate.

Disclosure: Our PwcMoms team (aka, "my family") was provided with free admission in order to do a park review.  We were also provided admission to Trick or Treat at Dinosaurs alive.  People who have had extensive brain and neck surgery shouldn't really ride much, but that was okay with me, because my kiddos had a blast! All opinions are my own, including those about Zombies being scary and me being a pansy when it comes to grown-up Halloween.  

Culpeper Harvest Days Farm Tour: October 5&6, 2013

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Published: 09/29/2013

A free, self-guided event much like the PWC Farm Tour.  Check it out online and find a list of farms and locations you can choose from. 

Featured Organization Friday: FARE Walk for Food Allergies

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Published: 09/13/2013
For more information, or to register, click Here.

FREE Fall Fest at Stonebridge, September 14, 2013

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Published: 09/08/2013

Great Country Farms Cider Festival September 14&15, 2013

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Published: 09/07/2013

Celebrate the Apple Harvest & Tractor Corn Maize Grand Opening!

Bluemont, VA – Enjoy the early fall harvest at Great Country Farms Cider Festival September 14 & 15.  Apples are available for U-Pick and the whole family can enjoy tastings of fresh pressed cider and sparkling cider blends including peach, cherry and raspberry with bottles available to take home for the holidays. Adults can purchase samples of locally made apple wine from Corcoran Vineyards, hard cider and more! All ages can explore the Tractor themed Corn Maize which is sized to be especially inviting to younger children. The weekend includes live music, arts, crafts, and clown entertainment from noon – 3pm both days.

The whole family can appreciate the hard work involved with farming the old fashioned way when they take a turn cranking the wheel on the Farm’s antique cider press! The Farm is celebrating its 20th Year anniversary with extra special events to be announced throughout the autumn season. Pre-picked produce is available in the Farm Market and homemade Cider donuts, Kettle Korn, along with apple dumplings, apple pie and other seasonal treats are served in the Roosteraunt.

Cider Festival details:
September 14 & 15 from 9am-6pm
$10/child & $12/adult admission includes cider tastings from 11am – 3pm
Farm Members, Military ID holders and kids 2 and under are FREE
Contact Jaclyn Jenkins 540-554-2073

Featured Organization Friday: Chelsea's Epilepsy Walk for SUDEP Awareness

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Published: 09/06/2013

Join other walkers at Old Bridge United Methodist Church on Sunday, September 22nd for a walk in memory of local hockey dad Jeff Beaupre.  Register online now at, or you can mark your calendar and register day-of.  I'm giving you plenty of time to find a friend to walk with! 

2013 Dumfries Fall Festival

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Published: 09/05/2013
Dumfries will host its annual Fall Festival on September 14, 2013 from 11am-6:30pm.

Featured Organization Friday: iWalk for ACTS

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Published: 08/30/2013

This sounds like a fun one.  Action in the Community Through Service (ACTS) is a mainstay in the Prince William County nonprofit scene.  They've been helping people in our area for as long as I can remember.  One of my first volunteer memories is helping with Operation Turkey, and another shortly after that was feeding people dinner at the emergency shelter with Girl Scouts.  ACTS is holding their 3rd Annual iWalk for ACTS to benefit families in need on Saturday, October 19th in Merchant's Park in Dumfries.  After the walk there's a FREE Family Festival with games, moonbounces, face painting, clowns, obstacle courses, free food, and more.  This definitely sounds like a great day for the family.

Don't wait until October, though! Sign up now for a family rate of $50, or, you can sign up as a fundraiser and get those in your life to help you sponsor this great walk!

ACTS runs a food pantry, homeless prevention shelter, domestic violence shelter, helpline and more.  They're a 4-Star Charity Navigator organization (remember- know who you're supporting!!) You can also support ACTS through the United Way: United Way NCA Designation Code: 8001
Combined Federal Campaign Number (CFC): 21878

The Big Dig: Great Country Farms

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Published: 08/22/2013

Come with an empty stomach to The Big Dig on Saturday, August 31st & Sunday, Sept 1st at Great Country Farms.  Celebrate the end of summer with pancakes, potatoes, trucks and tractors as the Farm hands get into the dirt. The taste and texture of fresh potatoes is completely different from typical grocery store products that are often a year old. Kids can experience first-hand how to search for spuds by digging in our potato fields. If the weather permits, Farmer Mark’s tractor will rip a row and turn over fresh taters for easier picking. The Farm Market carries pre-picked farm produce including tomatoes, fruits, and other veggies along with locally produced meat and dairy products.

The day starts with pancakes hot off the griddle piled high and topped with delicious fruit syrups, juice and coffee. The All-You-Can Eat Pancake Breakfast runs till 11:30am and is included with admission.  The hayride will take you to the fields so you can dig potatoes and visit other U-Pick areas. The Farm posts updates of produce availability on its social media pages as weather conditions affect each crop differently.

Kids can romp all over the five acre playground and visit with the friendly farm animals or do some catch & release fishing. Picnic around our featured tractors and antique truck and take behind the wheel photos of all the family members. Leashed dogs are welcome and can run free in our off leash areas. The Roosteraunt is open from 9am-4pm.

The Big Dig event details:
$10/child & $12/adult includes Pancake Breakfast until 11:30am
Saturday, Aug 31st and Sunday, Sept. 1st 9am-6pm
Contact Jaclyn Jenkins 540-554-2073     

Business Review: Ticonderoga Farms

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Published: 08/20/2013
Most of the "fun farms" in Northern Virginia are in Loudon County and they take some time for me to get to from my side of Prince William.  However, while Ticonderoga Farms' address may be Chantilly, and while my friend from  Aldie told me it was "just a few minutes from her" (I consider Aldie to be the dark side of the moon from where we live!) it's actually just about 5 minutes from Manassas Battlefield, which is awesome!  Here's how that works:
Where A= Manassas Battlefield Park, B= Ticonderoga Farms and C=Aldie, VA

That's about the extent of the math you're gonna find here on PwcMoms.  It's not even that math-y, but I used equals signs, so we're gonna count it. 

I found Ticonderoga Farms to be really enjoyable.  I liked that it's shaded, I liked that it's not as crowded as some of the more well-known farms, and I think that it had a lot of good options for playing, especially for younger kids in the age Preschool-Grade 1 age range.  Let's take a photo tour, shall we?

There's a pond with a wiggly bridge over the top, which my boys loved.  If you stop in the middle and look hard into the water, there are little teeny tiny sunfish! This was, apparently, a HUGE deal. We looked at the tiny fish for a good five minutes.

 There are a few cutouts for you to take your picture on, and they were in the process of "Fall-ing" up the hayride space so it'd be ready for pumpkin season and Halloween.  I think the hayride will be very fun for those visiting in the fall.

There are a few antique firetrucks for kids to climb all over, and my daughter thought this was probably the most fun she'd ever had.  Watch for any nuts or bolts, but older kids will enjoy climbing up on top and younger kids will like "driving" the truck for a minute.

 Swings! And Trees! And Chickens running around!
One of the play structures- note that there's shade involved.  We also ate lunch on one of the picnic tables in the shade.  For my kids, this doesn't matter as much, but for me, who gets a sunburn on a cloudy day wearing SPF 80, it's a big deal :)  It looked like there was a snack bar that's probably open during festival weekends, but we packed our lunch and enjoyed a picnic.
 There are, of course, the requisite slides on a hill and there's a giant inflated pillow, for lack of a better word, that the kids can bounce around on.  Your socks will get dirty, but if it's too warm out and you go without them, the plastic can be a little warm on tiny toes, so I'd bring an old pair of socks, even if your kids are rocking the crocks.
 You know, as much as anyone can "rock" crocks.

We had a fun time and spent over three hours playing outside.  This is much more "farmy" than some of the farms you might think of, but we liked that, because it wasn't as crowded.  I think my oldest son might be getting slightly too old for places like this to be "cool" for him, but he did play nicely with his siblings, and he had fun looking at the fish and jumping on the pillow.

One note- there is a bamboo maze that is a serious maze.  I think my boys would've spent hours in there, but if you're going with young children, note that this isn't like a corn maze where you wander in one direction and come out, it's a real maze with multiple twists and turns.  I can see that being an issue if you've got a child who's potty training ;)

Here's what some of my readers had to say about Ticonderoga Farms:
we LOVE going there! so much fun!

Go there for Easter egg hunts during spring. I like that its not as crazy as Cox Farms and family owned.

 Also been to cut our own Christmas tree couple years ago. Plan on taking baby soon at the end of 

August & we always bring smore's fixings to make smores there.

We love it there!!! Love!!!! We can spend a whole day there.

We go every week because its where i pick up my CSA my daughter loves it there!!

 Ticonderoga Farms offers:
* Summer Harvest Festival, Spring Easter Festival, Fall Pumpkin Festival, and a Winter Festival
* A community garden for those who'd like to grow their own produce but don't have space
* A Farm Market  including organic eggs, local honey, produce, figs, and bamboo
* Fig groves and a fig festival
And more.  The farm is also working on a botanic garden, which, from what we could see from the road, looks amazing!

Admission depends on the time of year, but for summer is $8.95/person, and hours are 10am-5pm, all week long.  Field trips, group rates, and corporate/family parties are available.

Disclaimer: PwcMoms was provided with free admission in return for providing a review.  All opinions are our own. All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of the date of publishing, but events/dates/times/offerings may change over time. Please see Ticonderoga Farms website for updated information and offerings. 

Leesylvania State Park Happenings This Week

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Published: 07/28/2013

07/31/2013What's a Watershed?
Location: Visitor Center
Where does all that water in the Potomac River come from? Where does it go when it flows past Leesylvania? Join us for an exploration of how water makes the world go around as we travel through the water cycle, learn about watersheds, and see the aquatic impacts of how we use the land we live on. Meet up with a ranger at the Visitor Center to begin your journey through the world of water.

3 Sessions:  11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., & 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/01/2013Ecosystem Exploration
Location: Meet at Powells Creek Trailhead.
Take a walk with a ranger and learn just what it is you are looking at when you explore Leesylvania. Learn who produces what, what helps whom, and what it all means to the humans who live "outside" of nature. Please remember to wear close-toed shoes and bring water.
3 Sessions:  11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., & 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/02/2013Dino Days
Location: Visitor Center    Extra Event Fee Charged.
Walk in the footsteps of the dinosaurs! Come to the Visitor Center to excavate fossils, try to out run a T-Rex, and design your own dinosaur. Fee is $2/person, $6/family

3 Sessions:  11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., & 4:00 p.m.
Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/03/2013Invasive Species Hike
Location: Meet at the Lee's Woods Historic Trailhead.
Can you tell the difference between the heart-shaped leaves of a native redbud and invasive princess tree? Take a hike with a ranger and see the plants and animals that have been waging a silent war against our native species.  Please remember to wear close-toed shoes and bring water.

2 Sessions:  11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.

Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/03/20139:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.Kids Fishing Tournament
Location: Marina in lot #1
Join our kids fishing tournament and see what you can catch. There is some fishing equipment that participants can borrow, but we encourage folks to bring their own. There are several volunteers on hand to give participants help. Sponsored by the Friends of Leesylvania State Park.
Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/03/20136:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.Canoe Tour
Location: Register at the Visitor Center and then meet at Canoe Launch   Extra Event Fee Charged.
Join a ranger for a guided canoe tour on Powell's Creek. You'll get to see wildlife, marsh plants, and test your skills in a canoe. Please register with the Visitor Center 24 hours in advance for the tour. Fee is $9.00 per person, or $6.00 per person when reserving for groups of 4 or more.

Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/04/20137:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.Canoe Tour
Location: Register at the Visitor Center and then meet at Canoe Launch   Extra Event Fee Charged.
Join a ranger for a guided canoe tour on Powell's Creek. You'll get to see wildlife, marsh plants, and test your skills in a canoe. Please register with the Visitor Center 24 hours in advance for the tour. Fee is $9.00 per person, or $6.00 per person when reserving for groups of 4 or more.

Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email 
08/04/201311:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.Colonial Children's Games
Location: Visitor Center
See what games children used to play during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Play a few innings of Town Ball. Race hoops against each other and play a game of catch called Graces. Appropriate for children 4 years old and up.
Phone: (703) 583-6904    Web Site: Leesylvania    Email

Free Movies in Dumfries!

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Published: 07/11/2013
Join Pillar Church of Dumfries and the Town of Dumfries for "Movies on the Lawn"! They'll be showing family-friendly films over the next three months, including "The Lorax" on July 12th, "Willie Wonka" on August 2nd, and "Wreck it Ralph" on September 14th.  Seating begins at 7:30pm and movies will begin at sunset.  This is the summer 2013 schedule.

Giveaway: Butterfly Harvest at Great Country Farms

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Published: 07/10/2013

Hearts are aflutter to save the Monarch Butterflies!
 “Bring back the Monarch and keep the magic alive”
encourages Nicole Hamilton of Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.
It’s the season for the mighty migration of the Monarch Butterflies and Great Country Farms wants to make a difference.  Together with local Girl Scouts, they plan to design and build a Monarch butterfly garden & educate others on how they can help.  Join us Saturday, July 20th to be a part of it. 
The Monarch Butterfly population is waning and they need your HELP!  But why are Monarch butterflies important to the environment?  Monarch butterflies are pollinators.  During the Monarchs huge migration, they pass over areas where pollination is a problem.  So Monarchs can help pollinate plant life in suffering areas.
How can you help?  GCF will plant milkweed which provides Monarchs with a safe environment to harvest their eggs.   “We are investing in Monarch Butterflies.  Our vision is to establish an extensive monarch breeding population at GCF with the help of the scouts and others,” says Jaclyn Jenkins GCF’s Director of OperationsGirl Scouts can participate in helping us design Great Country Farms Scout Butterfly Patch and are welcomed back in the fall to release their butterflies.
While at Great Country Farms, join in family friendly fun on the farm!  Kids will love the 5 acre playground and visiting with the friendly farm animals. The Roosteraunt is open for lunch the Farm Market features fresh produce and other local products. The Farm’s U-Pick season is in full swing so be sure to visit the website to see what is ripe & ready to take home for a fresh summer time meal.

Saturday, July 20th, 2013
Open 9am-6pm
Girl Scouts- $8/scout & chaperones. Leaders FREE! Please make group reservations by calling 540-554-2073.
General Public $8/Child $10/Adult at the gate + 2 FREE Passes to come back in Sept. for those who have butterflies to release!
Children 2 and under and guests with a Military ID are no charge.

Want to go for free? Enter our giveaway for tickets! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Great Country Farms provided this content and the passes we're giving away.  They also provided passes for my family to use. PwcMoms is not responsible for weather, farm conditions, or your mental health if your children sing "Old MacDonald" all the way home from the farm.  Winner assumes any liability and risk.  

2013 Music at the Marina

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Published: 06/29/2013

Music at the Marina is back! Once again, this family-fun event is taking place at Leesylvania State Park on June 29th, 2013. Starting at 7pm, this season’s entertainment features the United States Navy Band Country Current, who offer a universally pleasing mix of bluegrass music and country twang. Music at the Marina has something for everyone this summer: live music, food, kid-friendly activities, and fireworks. It’s sure to please the whole family.

This year's entertainment is unlike anything previously seen at Music at the Marina, for the United States Navy premiere bluegrass and country ensemble, Country Current, will be playing one night only, June 29. Founded in 1973 by the well-known Bill Emerson, the band boasts a long line of prestigious musical talent, and has been providing entertainment to various audiences for close to 40 years. Country Currentmakes a point to reach out to communities across the country and Music at the Marina is no exception.

Holding true to tradition, Music at the Marina is taking place at Leesylvania State Park, located right next the Potomac River. Leesylvania State Park is part of the Virginia Association for Parks, a non-profit group that works hard to promote community events within Virginia parks. Located in Prince William County, Leesylvania Park is a great setting to hold this community sponsored event, Music at the Marina.

Music at the Marina is an exciting event for the whole family. With music and activities to occupy all ages, this night of music and community fun is not to be missed. Music at the Marina is free, thanks to Steve’s Auto Repair and Friends of Leesylvania State Park. Both sponsors are providing various prizes to win throughout the night. Located in Woodbridge, Steve’s Auto Repair “is glad to once again be part of this great event and relishes the opportunity to help those within the area enjoy good music and family-centered fun

Submitted Event 

2013 Summer Sounds Series- Manassas

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Published: 06/21/2013

2013 Summer Sounds Concerts will be held on select dates at 6:30pm at the Harris Pavilion (9116 Center Street in Old Town Manassas).

June 22- Washington Scottish Pipe Band
July 6- Jamey Turner on the Glass Harp
July 20- Linda Lay and Springfield Exit
August 3- Andrew McKnight and Beyond Borders
August 17- Dixie Power Trio
August 31- Prince William Community Band

All concerts are free of charge, with sponsorship provided by Micron Technology Foundation and the City of Manassas.   Enjoy!

Waterworks Water Park Woodbridge 2013 Swim Year

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Published: 06/19/2013
Waterworks in Dale City is a ton of fun in the summer! My kids are always excited to go pass their swim test (they're too short to technically ride the slides, but a few years of swimming lessons means they can get a bracelet anyway) so they can do this:
Ahhh, the "fast slide".

Waterworks, located at 5301 Dale Boulevard, Dale City VA 22193 has beach entry, two slides, three "jungle walks", shade pavilions, children's pool, concessions stand, and lockers.  Our family always has a lot of fun when we go, and the kids really do look forward to it every year.

If you have children under 5, be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesdays from 9-10:30am for the Parent/Tot playdate.  Kids are $3.50 and an adult is free with paying child! Play in the children's area before the day gets too hot, and before the rest of the park is open!

Everyone can mark their calendar for Fabulous Fridays, June 21st, June 28th, July 5th, and July 19th.  These days, the park stays open from 4-9pm with special programs, giveaways, food deals, and games starting at 5pm.

Also available are birthday parties, pavilion rentals for groups or family gatherings, or you can even rent the entire park! (Our church does this in Fairfax for baptism services. It's not exactly the Jordan River, but we sure do have a good time.)

Also available are after-work  swim lessons! This year the schedule is:

Session 1: June 19-June 27 (6 classes)
Session 2: July 1-July 11 (7 classes, no class on July 4)
Session 3: July 15-July 25 (8 Classes, M-Th, Tu-Fri)
Session 4: July 29-August 9 (8 Classes)

Levels available are:
Preschool 1 (6:45pm or 7:20pm)
Preschool 2/3 (6:45pm)
Level 1/2 (7:20pm or 8:05pm)
Level 3 (8:05pm)

$66 for 8 classes, $61 for 7 classes, $56 for 6 classes. and private swim is available by request.  These spaces fill up QUICKLY, and you can register at any county rec center.  If you have additional info questions, call the aquatics manager, Kat Fish, at 703-680-7137.

Want to go play? We've got a family 4 pack of tickets to give someone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Guest Post: Fitness in Motherhood

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Published: 06/16/2013

Motherhood is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding experiences a woman can do. The physical demand of pregnancy and labor forever changes a woman’s body. During pregnancy is when major posture changes begin. As the fetus develops and grows larger a Mom’s pelvis tilts forward, lower back begins to curve more and shoulders slump forward, which can all lead to back and hip pain. Throughout the course of motherhood, posture can continue to be negatively affected.

It takes a great deal of strength - both physical and emotional - to be a Mother. Getting the kids in and out of the car, carrying the diaper bag, picking up the stroller, loading and unloading groceries/shopping bags, and carrying a car seat and/or kids. As mothers we are constantly squatting, lunging, reaching, stretching, and sprinting. Sometimes those are all within two minutes.

In order to be able to squat, lunge, sprint and remain uninjured and energetic throughout our day requires Mom to physically train for the tasks of Motherhood. Exercising on a regular basis will provide Mom with the strength and energy to keep up with our kids.

FIT4MOM has programs designed for every Mom at every stage in motherhood. There is the pre/postnatal program Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides classes that include cardio and resistance training. Mom works out and interacts with the kids in the stroller through a variety of exercises and songs. Classes are lead by our team of trained instructors in pre/postnatal fitness. We also offer Body Back, an 8-week program of personal fitness coaching and nutrition education. Body Back is taught by our Fitness Director Caitlin Sharp. No matter what stage you’re in, there is a program at FIT4MOM that can help you reach your fitness goals. 

FIT4MOM PWC offers more than just a workout. We offer a community of Moms who care and encourage each other. Once a week after class we offer a special playgroup with a craft or activity for the kids. After most classes Moms and kids stay after class to play and talk. We hold a Mom’s Night Out event once a month to connect with the group and get a much needed couple of hours away from the kids.  We are an understanding group that knows that some days getting out of the house is what made it a success. We provide the emotional support that we all need when we have felt challenged in motherhood.  

Please come join FIT4MOM for a Stroller Strides class (view the schedule here). Your first week of classes are FREE! Or, if you'd like a little longer, enter our giveaway for 2 months Free! That's an $80 value! 

This sponsored post is brought to you by FIT4MOM PWC.  Visit them online to learn more about these fun, friendly classes that are designed for moms to get in shape! has not visited a class, and you should consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. 


This Week at Leesylvania

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Published: 06/11/2013

*Mommy Meet-Ups: Camping 101 at Leesylvania State Park 
Time:11:00 a.m.  To  12:00 p.m.
Location:Visitor Center
Description:Calling all moms! Leesylvania State Park invites you to take a break from your busy schedule to enjoy refreshments and socializing at our Visitor Center. Our monthly meet-ups will also feature different activities for you to try while relaxing. 

Summer is approaching fast and so is camping season! Get introduced to the fundamentals of outdoor living with a Camping 101 session. We will review necessary equipment, family activities, how to build a fire, and the proper technique to make a perfect s'more. 

*Pond Play! at Leesylvania State Park *
Times: 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.,  2:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m., & 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m 
Location:Visitor Center
Description:Explore the animals that live in our pond. You'll get to see frogs, turtles, and fish. A ranger will use nets to catch animals that are under the water so you can see them up close and personal. 
*Invasive Species Hike at Leesylvania State Park*
Times: 2 Sessions:  11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. 
Location:Meet at the Lee's Woods Historic Trailhead.
Description:Can you tell the difference between the heart-shaped leaves of a native redbud and invasive princess tree? Take a hike with a ranger and see the plants and animals that have been waging a silent war against our native species.  Please remember to wear close-toed shoes and bring water.
*Colonial Children's Games at Leesylvania State Park*
Time:11:00 a.m.  To  4:00 p.m.
Location:Visitor Center
Description:See what games children used to play during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Play a few innings of Town Ball. Race hoops against each other and play a game of catch called Graces. Appropriate for children 4 years old and up.
*Father's Day Canoe Tour at Leesylvania State Park*
Time:2:00 p.m.  To  4:00 p.m.
Location:Register at the Visitor Center and then meet at Canoe Launch
Description:Join a ranger for a guided canoe tour on Powell's Creek. You'll get to see wildlife, marsh plants, and test your skills in a canoe. Please register with the Visitor Center 24 hours in advance for the tour. Fee is $9.00 per person, or $6.00 per person when reserving for groups of 4 or more.

Father's Day at the Pool- 2013

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Published: 06/10/2013
Great idea for Father's Day in Woodbridge or Manassas!! Enjoy a free admission for dad when you pay for your child!

Father's Day Fish-N-Putt 2013

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Published: 06/03/2013
Father’s Day Fish-n-Putt at Great Country Farms June 15 & 16
Bluemont, VA – Dad deserves some downtime so plan to celebrate all of his hard work with a day on the farm. The annual Father’s Day Putt Putt and Fish-a-Rama Competition  provides just the right amount of fun and challenge. Competitors for Saturday’s Putt Putt Golf Championship are welcome to arrive early to warm up for the 11am Tee Time. Sunday features the catch and release fishing contests. The pond is stocked with catfish, bass, and blue gill and no licenses are required. Prizes are on the line for the largest fish hooked and the most fish caught during the power hour. Bring your own pole and gear to fish (no drag hooks). GCF has worms for purchase in the country store. The fun continues on the five acre farm style playground featuring the Giant Jumping Pillow, Triple Threat slide, corn bin, animal barnyard and more. Dogs are welcome to hang out with the family on their leash or run free in the Off Leash Dog Zone. The Roosteraunt is open for lunch featuring burgers and dogs while fresh produce is available in the farm market along with locally raised meats & dairy products. Moms are welcomed too!
Weekend Event Details:
$8/child & $10/adult/Under 2 and military with ID FREE
Saturday Putt Putt Competition
9:00am-10:00am Check in at admission
11:00am- Tee Time
One Father & One Child per team. The first 36 Teams that sign up get to compete.
Please email with the Fathers Name, Child's Name & Age, and Cell Phone #.
Sunday Catch & Release Fishing
9:00am-2:00pm- Largest Fish Caught
1:00pm-2:00pm- Power Hour, Most Fish Caught
Bring your own fishing gear; GCF sell worms in the store.

Manassas Heritage Railway Festival 2013

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Published: 05/31/2013

Experience Manassas at its best this June and come out to the 19th Annual Manassas Heritage Railway Festival. This family celebration of rich railroad history features train memorabilia, specialty vendors, and live performances.
Country and Blue Grass music will transport you, as you watch miniature trains come to life. These elaborate train displays are created by a number of local model train groups. Located under the Harris Pavilion and in the Manassas Train Depot lot, these displays are a must see. 
Take your love of trains to a new level by boarding one of our four train excursions to Clifton and back. Times include: 10AM/11AM/12PM/1PM  Tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased at the Manassas Train Station (9431 West Street), starting May 1st, from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Everyone on board must have a ticket, so make sure to get yours early!
10:00 AM TO 11:45 AM
12:00 PM TO 3:45 PM
2:00 PM TO 3:45 PM
Check back later for a printable map of the event and our entertainment lineup!

WANT TO VOLUNTEER AT THIS EVENT?  Make sure to complete a Volunteer Application by clickinghere!  Return completed paperwork to Sarah McHugh at or mail to Historic Manassas, Inc. ATT: Volunteer Manager 9431 West Street Manassas, VA 20110.

Food vendors are by invitation only.
Vendor Applications are now closed.
All participants MUST fill out a Participation Agreement, click HERE for a copy.  Questions about insurance, clickhere.
Interested in Sponsoring this event?  Make sure to check out our Sponsorship Page!  We have sponsorship packages that include all our events, as well as a number of individual sponsorships per event.  If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please call Debbie Haight or Sarah McHugh at 703.361.6599.

Summer Fun at Madison Crescent!

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Published: 05/28/2013

For those of you who live on the Gainesville side of the county, check out these great summer events from sponsor The Marketplace at Madison Crescent.  Madison Crescent is located at the intersection of US 29 and Route 15 in Gainesville, VA.  

This summer their fun line-up of free events for Summer 2013 includes the following:

Crescent Cinemas "Fridays Under the Stars"
Join us Friday nights at sundown for a family friendly movie.  Activities on the lawn begin at 7:30
May 31 - Wreck-It Ralph
Jun 7 - Madagascar 3
Jun 14 - Rise of the Guardians
June 21 - The Lorax
June 28 - ParaNorman
Activities on the lawn include live music:
May 31 - Jeff Ebbets
June 7 - John Burton 
June 14 - Michael Seven
June 21 - Dennis Mayer
Other activities:
June 7 & June 14
Dragon Dance and activities with Twin Dragon Martial Arts

May 31 & June 21 
Yoga Instruction from Balans Studio

Sunset Celebration at Mount Vernon

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Published: 05/23/2013

This weekend, Mount Vernon will have their Sunset Celebration.  If you haven't yet been to Mount Vernon, it's a quick drive from the Lake Ridge/Woodbridge side of the county, and worth the drive from the West End.  The property is beautiful and historic, and if you have scouts, be sure to look up the badge requirements! Here are the details for a beautiful weekend:

Historic Mount Vernon invites visitors to sip wine while watching the sunset on George Washington’s home! Sunset Celebration at Mount Vernon, an event over Memorial Day weekend (May 25 – 26), offers a rare opportunity to visit Mount Vernon after the daytime crowds have departed. Visitors may take evening tours of the Mansion, relax and enjoy wine and desserts available for purchase on the lawn overlooking the Potomac River.  Delight in 18th-century music, dancing, games, and wagon rides. Stroll the lantern-lit grounds from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and immerse yourself in the 18th century as the sun sets on the plantation with costumed residents like the charming Lady Washington. This family-friendly event celebrates the beginning of summer on the plantation.
Tickets are $18, adults; $12, children ages 6-11; and free for five and under. This event requires a separate ticket from daytime admission. Annual passes are not valid for this event. All activities, with the exception of food and wine, are included with admission to this event. Tickets may be purchased online in advance at or at the Ford Orientation Center ticket window until 8:00 p.m. the evening of the event. Guests must be prepared to show identification to purchase wine.  
Tickets can be purchased here:

U-Pick Strawberry Festival Northern Virginia

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Published: 05/20/2013
Biggest U-Pick Strawberry Festival in Northern VA 5/25 & 26
Bluemont, VA - Come celebrate the event that launched Great Country Farms 20 years ago. The Strawberry Jubilee May 25th & 26th promises to be a bumper harvest due to the favorable spring weather. The weekend is packed with stupendous fun including live music, food contests (pie-eating and tart tossing), and delectable strawberries. GCF recommends that serious pickers arrive early as this vine ripened fruit is a favorite of many. The farm has moved with the times and now posts regular updates on their social media about produce conditions. Founder Farmer Bob Zurschmeide recalls “Back in 1993, we invited folks to help themselves in our strawberry fields never expecting to begin an annual event. We just wanted everyone to taste a perfect, ripe strawberry for themselves.” The traditional Diaper Derby invites the youngest visitors to join the fun by crawling across a finish line for prizes of fresh fruit or toys. The Royal Strawberry princess makes her annual appearance for pictures and strawberry stories.

Great Country Farms is also celebrating 20 years of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA members are always welcomed free of charge to all of the farm’s renowned weekend events and receive special discounts on U-Pick produce and items in the Farm Market. There is a $100.00 per share discount when 2 or more shares are delivered to one location. These sites can be private or open to the public for doctor's offices, heath care facilities, gyms, etc. to expand foot traffic and offer a great benefit to your employees and customers. Members receive a weekly newsletter with chef created recipes tailored to the harvest cycles. There are a few shares left available for purchase by Friday, May 24 at 12:00pm or you can sign up when you arrive. CSA members are welcomed all season to enjoy the farm, take hayrides, and romp on the five acre playground featuring the Giant Jumping Pillow, pedal carts, rope swings, picnic areas, and more. Four legged family members can run free in the off leash dog zones.
Event Details:
Strawberry Jubilee May 25 & 26, 2013
Open 9am-6pm $10/child & $12/adult/Under 2 and military with ID FREE
18780 Foggy Bottom Road Bluemont, Virginia 20135

via press release

National Kids To Parks Day 2013

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Published: 05/17/2013

As part of the "Let's Move" initiative to raise a healthier generation of kids, the National Park Trust is hosting National "Kids to Parks Day" on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  You can sign up on their website to let them know you pledge to take your kids outside and to a park on May 18th, and over 120,000 people have pledged so far! We have some awesome park options right here in Prince William County, including some fun, local events! Here's a list of PWC, and surrounding area, parks that have special Kids to Parks Day events on Saturday:

Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, VA - Let nature ignite your imagination! We'll read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane and spend a day outside making fairy houses with natural materials from around the park. See if you can discover what fairies and wildlife have in common.  
Location: Visitor Center 
Address: 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191.
Contact for more info: 703-583-6904.  

Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, VA will host the Occoquan River Fest from 10am-4pm. There will also be events in the town of Occoquan from 12-5pm. 
Address: Occoquan Regional Park, 9751 Ox Road, Lorton, VA 22079.

Mason Neck Park in Lorton, VA has a variety of special programs and events.  
Birding 101 (10am): Meet with a ranger on the back porch of the Visitor Center. Sit and watch the birds at the bird feeders and learn basic identification skills. Please bring your own binoculars. 
GPS Adventures (11:30am-12:30pm): Come join us on this one mile hike with park GPS units. We'll experience nature while searching for hidden caches! This program is most appropriate for ages six and up. Maximum of 10 people. First come, first served. 
Mammals of Mason Neck (2pm): Meet a ranger in the picnic area to learn about some of the local residents here in the park. Test your identification skills and learn something new about these furry park residents. 
Rockets (3pm): Come watch as we demonstrate the power of air pressure. We will be launching rockets made from 2 liter soda bottles using air, and water. Help us pump up the pressure in the bottles and guess which one will fly the farthest. 
Awesome Eagles (4pm): Meet up at the Visitor Center for an informative talk about our national emblem, the Bald Eagle. Come learn about these amazing birds and look for them as they soar along the bay.  
Address: Mason Neck Park, 7301 High Point Road, Lorton, VA 22079.
Contact for more info: 703-339-2380

Lake Anna State Park in Spotsylvania County (our favorite camping/boating spot!) has some special programs. 
Fishing 101 (10-11am) $2/person $6/family. Learn the basics of fishing and put it to the test! *Limited Space; Register at the Park Office*  
Orienteering 101 (1-2pm) Join a ranger and discover how to orienteer with compass and map.  
Gold Panning (3-4pm) Join Matt for a fun filled program featuring the history and basics of "Panning for Gold just like the prospectors." 
Address: Lake Anna State Park, 6800 Lawyers Rd, Livingston, VA 22551.
Daily parking fee applies $5 per car. Contact for more info: 540-854-5503. 

The Town of Vienna - The Town of Vienna Parks and Recreation Department and Club Phoenix Teen Center proudly present “Teens on the Green” at the Vienna Town Green on May 18, 2013. The local talent will awe and amaze as we highlight three fantastically talented teen bands on two stages. The concert is free and open to the public. Please contact the Vienna Community Center for more information, 703-255-6360. 
Address: Vienna Town Green, 144 Maple Avenue E, Vienna, VA 22180  
Contact for more info: Town of Vienna Parks and Recreation 703-255-5721. 

Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane, VA has some fun programs and events scheduled.
Tyke Hike (10am-12pm): Meet at the Lost Mountain Parking Area This discovery hike is an easy walk, for children ages 4-6 and caregivers. Bring water and snacks, and wear sturdy footwear. 
Town Ball (12-2pm): Meet at the Picnic Area Play an inning or more of this historic game that evolved into our National Pastime. 
Life on the Farm: Planting a Vegetable Garden (1-3pm): Meet near the Visitor Center Help us plant our vegetable garden. All farm hands will get to take home seeds. 
Nature Journaling (2-4pm): Meet at Turner Pond Learn the basics of recording your nature observations and receive your beginner's journal. Location: Meet at Blue Ridge Trailhead 
Address: Sky Meadows State Park, 11012 Edmonds Lane, Delaplane, VA 20144.
Contact for more info: 540-592-3556 

Also, the National Park Trust has some great children's activities on their Buddy the Bison website.  You can check those out here.