Nutrition Sundays: Cooking with Protein Powder

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Published: 06/19/2016

This nutritional information is provided by MaxMuscle Manassas. 


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Published: 06/11/2015

A Health Screening & Health Fair will be held on Saturday, July 18 from 9 a.m.–2 p.m. at Stonewall Jackson High School. The Health Screening & Health Fair will include free K–5 school-entry physicals for uninsured children, vision and hearing screenings, concussion training for middle and high school parents and their student athlete, and enrollment assistance for Medicaid & FAMIS programs.

There will also be health and wellness information, fitness demonstrations, and free giveaways. Tentative plans also include blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose testing; and the mammogram mobile van.

The fair is a collaborative effort between Inova Partnership for Healthier Kids, Novant Health, the PWCS Offices of Student Services and Student Learning.

For information and appointments, contact Inova Partnership for Healthier Kids at 703.967.3772.

Guest Post: Supplements While Nursing

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Published: 10/28/2014
Earlier this summer, I asked you for your fitness/health/nutrition related questions for Max Muscle Owner Corry Matthews to respond to.  Thanks, Corry! 

Supplements for Moms who are nursing (Pre/Postnatal)

This is a question I am often asked - what supplements are safe during pregnancy.  Max Muscle Sports Nutrition carries several that I highly recommend to pregnant and nursing moms (if you aren't nursing, you aren't sharing the supplements post-partum with your baby so you can choose any range of supplements).

Protein Powder - these are easy portable ways to get nutrition in on the go, especially when you either don't feel like eating or don't have the time to cook protein.  Max Muscle offers a variety that are safe for both mother and baby.  MaxPro and Triple Whey are milk based proteins and generally safe for for pregnant moms.  Test babies tolerance if nursing by having one shake a day, if baby shows no signs of increased irritation 1-2 hours post shake than you can assume it was ok.  If you desire is to add more shakes do so, every 2-3 days, similar to how you introduce new foods to your baby.

Omega 3-6-9 - opt for a high quality nutraceutical.  This is good for both mom and baby - reducing inflammation, enhancing brain function and provides essential fats.  Another option is the Omega 3 plus.

Multi-Vitamin - choose a high quality prenatal multi-vitamin and take it during your entire pregnancy and post partum as long as you nurse your baby.  The additional iron, folic acid and b-vitamins are good for developing red blood cells, reducing neural tube defects in babies, and preventing anemia.  I highly recommend the MN Prenatal.

**For more on this topic, be sure to check out Corry's book- 9 Months In 9 Months Out.  Written by several women who are both mothers and experts in their field, this book discusses the second nine months of pregnancy- the ones AFTER the baby is born.  

This post is brought to you by Corry Matthews, owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Manassas and Springfield.  Corry is a mother of 2, author, and certified nutrition expert with a speciality in pregnancy-related nutrition. You can reach her at: 
                                                       Corry Matthews 703-772-7113

FREE Admission- Community Appreciation Week 2014 at the Freedom Center

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Published: 10/18/2014
This week is free admission week at the Freedom Center! We love our membership at FAFC- it's great for taking the kids swimming, my husband's actual workouts, and me pretending I can do Zumba with rhythm.

I can't.  But nobody laughs at me!

Below is the full schedule, but here are a few highlights!

Monday October 20th-
Eating for Weight Loss and Cooking Demo- 7pm

Tuesday October 21st-
Complimentary Breakfast in the Lobby- 6:30am and 9:30am

Wednesday October 22nd-
Les Mills Body Combat Class at 10:30am

Thursday October 23rd-
Technogym Orientation in the Weight Room 8:30am

Friday October 24th-
Family Movie Night in the Pool! 5:30pm (We plan to be there! Find me!)

Saturday October 25th
Family Fun and Fit Day 4pm-6pm

Sunday, October 26th-
Babysitting Certification (Registration Required) 9am-4pm

FREE Family Events at Freedom!

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Published: 10/18/2014

Guest Post: Postnatal Nutrition

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Published: 10/14/2014
Earlier this summer, I asked you for your fitness/health/nutrition related questions for Max Muscle Owner Corry Matthews to respond to.  Thanks, Corry! 

Postnatal Nutrition:
Wow...9, really 10 months is over and now you really want to get your body back in shape.  Well, hold on, it took 10 months to put on the additional weight, and it may take the same amount of time, some less some more, to lose it!  Here are the basics for eating to lose baby weight:

                If you are breastfeeding, do not begin dieting until after your milk supply has been established - this usually takes 2-4 weeks.  Also if breastfeeding ensure you are drinking ample amounts of water to maintain milk supply.  A good way to ensure this is happening, drink 8-10oz. of water every time you nurse your baby.

                Do not lose more than 1-2 pounds per week and do not drop your calories below 1000.  Losing weight too quickly may lead to fatigue, loss of muscle, decreased milk supply, depression and sagging skin. 

                Follow the same guidelines as during pregnancy when it comes to the foods you should be consuming until baby is at least 3 months old.  After 3 months postpartum your body is well on its way to recovery.

**For more on this topic, be sure to check out Corry's book- 9 Months In 9 Months Out.  Written by several women who are both mothers and experts in their field, this book discusses the second nine months of pregnancy- the ones AFTER the baby is born.  

This post is brought to you by Corry Matthews, owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Manassas and Springfield.  Corry is a mother of 2, author, and certified nutrition expert with a speciality in pregnancy-related nutrition. You can reach her at: 
                                                         Corry Matthews 703-772-7113

Guest Post: Eating for Two

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Published: 09/16/2014

Earlier this summer, I asked you for your fitness/health/nutrition related questions for Max Muscle Owner Corry Matthews to respond to. Thanks, Corry! 

Eating for Two
You've always considered yourself a healthy eater.  You take special precaution to make sure you have enough protein, the right amount and types of carbs, you've included the 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies and the good fats...but now you're about to have a baby or just had what?  The same principles of healthy eating and supplementation apply to pregnancy and postpartum but the difference is - what you eat, your baby also eats.  Many moms find that they actually eat healthier knowing their baby is eating what they are eating.  However (yep, me included) many moms also like to indulge in their yummy, not so healthy friends - the fast food, desserts and oh so necessary salt - THAT IS OK TOO!
Lets talk specifics:
Prenatal Nutrition:
With a growing baby in the uterus, mom will go through many different phases of what she is craving and what she wants to eat.  Here are the basics:
•                Protein - provides the basic building blocks for growing tissue (aka BABY).  The National Academy of Science recommends 74-100 grams of protein per day during pregnancy.  Try to get protein in small amounts throughout the day - not into eating meat, try protein shakes, and dairy.
•                Carbohydrates - ah, this number is elevated during pregnancy to give the mom and baby energy.  The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 175 grams per day.  My rule of thumb, 80% of the time choose healthy carbohydrates and the other 20% choose what your body is really craving - sweets, salt, etc.
•                Fats - have a variety of fat daily.  Great choices include nuts, avocado, olive oils and fatty fish.  Pay careful attention to fish with high mercury levels and eat them no more than once per week (albacore tuna).
•                Remember, you only need an additional 200-300 calories in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  Most women only need to gain 25-35 pounds of weight during pregnancy; anything above this is weight you will be working extra hard in the gym post baby to take off, while you are overly tired and adjusting to a new schedule.  So, indulge, but not too much!

This post is brought to you by Corry Matthews, owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Manassas and Springfield.  Corry is a mother of 2, author, and certified nutrition expert with a speciality in pregnancy-related nutrition. You can reach her at: 
                                                         Corry Matthews 703-772-7113

Guest Post: How Do I Get My Child to Eat Healthy?

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Published: 09/02/2014
Earlier this summer, I asked you for your fitness/health/nutrition related questions for Max Muscle Owner Corry Matthews to respond to.  Here's the first one- it's actually a few questions in one! Thanks, Corry! 

Your nutrition is the key to your child’s.

What’s the single best way to change your child’s dietary habits – look at what you (as the parent) eat!  With school starting parents always ask “How do I get my child to eat a healthy breakfast?”  and “How do I ensure they are eating the right stuff for lunch and/or dinner?”

Here is the same question phrased a little differently “How do I get my children to stop eating junk”, “How do I get my kids to eat vegetables?”

In today’s society eating “balanced” can be really hard with commuting, long hours and after school activities.  The truth is – it starts and ends with the parents!  You are your child’s primary role model and your children look to you for what to eat.  Think about your breakfast today…did you have one?  Was it coffee?  What did your children see you eat before you tackled the day?  How about you dinner last night – did you eat all your vegetables?  Did you make sure everyone had a serving?
Setting goals as a family is key to getting everyone to eat better!  Here are a few simple tips that will help…

  • ·      Eat within 30 minutes of waking up
  • ·      Get at least 3 solid meals per day – start of the day, mid-day and end of the day
  • ·      Add a protein to every carbohydrate (yep, even breakfast & snacks)
  • ·      Think COLOR for every meal – what veggies or fruits can you add into your meal?  Remember, moms and dads you have to eat it too!
  • ·      Don’t drink your calories – this goes for everyone in the family – only exception should be milk for those under 2 or underweight

Small meal ideas:
  • ·      Half a whole-wheat bagel with almond butter or tahini
  • ·      Yogurt shake made with vanilla yogurt, banana and orange juice
  • ·      Hard-boiled egg sliced with whole grain toast or bowl of low sugar ceral
  • ·      Small bran muffin (homemade or one you trust to be wholesome) with nut or seed butter
  • ·      Almond butter on cinnamon-raisin toast
  • ·      Half a turkey sandwich in pita bread with sliced tomato and sprouts
  • ·      Small bowl of low-fat granola topped with half a banana and a dollop of yogurt
  • ·      Open-faced broiled low-fat cheese on whole-wheat
  • ·      Breakfast food can be served anytime of the day AND, you don’t have to serve breakfast foods at breakfast

This post is brought to you by Corry Matthews, owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Manassas and Springfield.  Corry is a mother of 2, author, and certified nutrition expert with a speciality in pregnancy-related nutrition. You can reach her at: 
                                                               Corry Matthews 703-772-7113

FREE Physicals/Sports Physicals

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Published: 07/21/2014

Hylton High School will host a free Health Fair including physicals, vision and hearing screenings, concussion training, enrollment assistance, giveaways and more.  To schedule an appointment, call 703-967-3772.

Guest Post: A Red, White, and Blue Breakfast Celebration!

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Published: 06/28/2013

A Red, White, and Blue Breakfast Celebration!
Breakfast is a big deal in our house. A slice of toast or a glass of juice just won’t cut it. And you can forget skipping it! That just wouldn’t fly (or be healthy) with our group of five, especially on the weekend.  Instead, breakfast usually looks like a veggie omelet with whole wheat toast and a side of fresh fruit, a fruit smoothie with a bowl of steel cut oats and a dollop of natural peanut butter, or a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with homemade granola and fresh berries. See, I told you that it was a big deal!
Since breakfast tends to be a big production anyway, I like to center a lot of our family celebrations around the first meal of the day. It is fun, a little unexpected, and it starts our morning out on a happy note. Most people think of celebrating July 4th over the grill with hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, and lots of creamy salads. While I love a good cookout, I challenge you to mix things up a bit this year and try some fun, festive, and HEALTHY alternatives. Breakfast is a great place to start!  Experiment by incorporating some familiar, but healthy, alternatives such as whole wheat waffles instead of those “Lego my Eggos” and plain Greek yogurt instead of the popular blue yogurt tubes. With some fresh fruit to dress everything up and a few festive accessories, you will be well on your way to celebrating a happy, healthy July 4th with your family.
A couple of years ago I put together a Red, White, and Blue July 4th breakfast celebration for our family. I included some of our favorite healthy breakfast staples and “blinged” them up a bit with some simple and festive accessories.
Our menu included: whole wheat waffles with pure maple syrup; fresh fruit salad (sliced strawberries, blueberries, and bananas); Greek yogurt parfaits topped with homemade granola; and homemade pumpkin muffins with a swirl of vanilla yogurt on top. Don’t worry; the gumballs were just for decoration!
It was a HUGE hit with our kids. We started our day with a healthy AND festive breakfast together and we had fun.  

Recipe links:

Sarah Young resides in Prince William County with her husband and three young children. Sarah is a full-time mother, Certified Health Education Specialist, healthy living advocate, and the creator of Health Wise Home, an online resource that focuses on educating, empowering, and inspiring others to help build a healthier future. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, gardening, being outside, and spending time with her family.
For healthy recipes, information, and inspiration you can follow Sarah and Health Wise Home on Facebook and at her blog, and .

Prince William Health District

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Published: 06/26/2013

Serves Residents of Prince William County, and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park
(MANASSAS, Va.) — The Prince William Health District recently introduced an updated visual identity, including a new logo, to support its visibility within the community. The new branding campaign is designed to promote the various and diverse services that the Prince William Health District provides to those in the greater Prince William area.
Health Director Dr. Alison Ansher says, “We serve the residents of the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, as well as Prince William County. Prince William Health District does so many things for our community, yet many people either don’t know who we are or don’t understand what we do. We’re hoping this new initiative will help everyone know that we are available to all residents in the greater Prince William area.”
The Prince William Health District is one of 35 health districts in the state. It is part of the Virginia Department of Health, headquartered in Richmond. It operates in cooperation with the jurisdictions of Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, and receives a portion of its operational funding from them. The Prince William Health District embraces its vision of “A Community of Healthy People and a Healthy Environment” and is dedicated to promoting optimum wellness, preventing illness, responding to emergencies, and protecting the environment and health of its residents. Some of the services the Prince William Health District provides include:
  • Investigation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Communicable Disease
  • Immunizations
  • Restaurant and Pool Permitting and Inspections
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Dental Services for Children and Seniors
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutritional Services
  • Registration of Death Certificates
  • Response to Public Health Emergencies
    Services are provided at locations throughout the community. For more information about the Prince William Health District, view the attached fact sheet or visit You can also follow the Health District on Twitter @PrinceWilliamHD or on Facebook at
    - more -
page1image57920 page1image58088 page1image58248
The Prince William Health District is dedicated to promoting optimum wellness, preventing illness, responding to emergencies and protecting the environment and health of our residents.
What Does Public Health Look Like in the Prince William Health District?
page2image3064 page2image3696 page2image4128
The Prince William Health District works to promote public health in many ways:
Public Health is the science of protecting and improving the health of entire populations
through promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease and injury prevention and detection and control of infectious diseases. Our population includes Prince William County, Manassas City and Manassas Park, and it is our vision that this will be a community of healthy people and a healthy environment.
Unlike clinical professionals, who focus primarily on treating individuals after they become sick or injured, as public health professionals we try to prevent problems from happening or recurring by implementing educational programs, recommending policies, administering services and conducting research. We work with local, regional and national partners to limit health disparities and promote healthcare equity, quality and accessibility.
page2image13240 page2image13672 page2image14104
We monitor the health status of the community.
This includes tracking trends in health indicators such as vaccination rates among children.
We conduct primary and secondary research on various public health issues.
Research ranges from communitywide health assessments to studies on specific topics like breast cancer awareness.
page2image17840 page2image18000
We implement evidence-based health prevention strategies.
We promote initiatives including worksite wellness and breastfeeding programs, among others.
page2image19392 page2image19552
We provide leadership and instruction on emerging health issues.
Spearheading efforts in the community to address issues ranging from the flu to childhood obesity.
page2image21224 page2image21384
We detect, investigate and appropriately address reportable communicable diseases in the community. Examples include foodborne and other gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory illnesses and sexually transmitted infections.
page2image23096 page2image23256
We promote healthy behaviors through education and counseling.
This encompasses anything from hand-washing practices to preconception health education for better birth outcomes.
page2image24848 page2image25008
We supply nutrition education, healthy foods and breastfeeding support for Women, Infants & Children. The WIC program encourages healthy pregnancy outcomes, healthy eating and general better health.
page2image26800 page2image26960
We offer immunizations, dental care and health screenings and referrals to other systems, programs and clinics when necessary.
We work with local health providers and social service departments to ensure that patients receive coordinated care.
We train for and plan responses to a wide range of health threats and emergencies. Recent examples include our response to the H1N1 pandemic and natural disasters.
page2image31248 page2image31408
We foster safe and healthful physical environments.
Activities include inspecting onsite sewage ground water, encouraging Chesapeake Bay protection and more.
page2image32920 page2image33080
We ensure food and water safety.
We ensure compliance with regulations or laws by inspecting restaurants, hotels and care facilities.
page2image34592 page2image34752
We limit, prevent and alleviate environmental hazards.
This includes assisting in the repair of failing septic systems, handling chemical spills and promoting preparedness.
page2image36384 page2image36544
We partner with community organizations to support systemic solutions to health concerns.
We co-lead the Live Well! Coalition, a variety of organizations and agencies dedicated to preventing chronic disease.
For more information about the Prince William Health District, visit 

Dance Studios for Children in Prince William County

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Published: 06/22/2013

Our Readers Recommend posts are always great! I love hearing from you who the best businesses to frequent are, especially since I obviously can't try the whole county out myself!! When it comes to dance studios for your beginning dancer, here's what our Dance Moms recommend!  We've included the comments from Facebook, the number of moms who wrote "recommend" posts, and the number of "likes" that posts got for each studio, total.  Some moms don't feel the need to write a new post when their favorite has been mentioned, but we want to include their support!

Studios, by "region" and then in alphabetical order (or I think, anyway- but remember, I had brain surgery...)

Dance Studios for Kids in Haymarket/Gainesville/Bristow:
AG Arts- private, professional ballet classes and coaching.  Caters to a lot of home schooled dancers. Simply the best! (recommended x2, 2 likes)
Gainesville Dance Center- They are so great!! Starts at age 3 and up (recommended x1, 1 like ) 
Gainesville Ballet- our daughter has had the wonderful opportunity to dance on-stage in two Nutcrackers, Coppelia, and Swan Lake beside professional and pre-professional dancers who gently mentor and support.  She is now age 7. (recommended x1, 2 likes)
Tiny Dancers- started out daughter there at 2 with Mommy and Me classes, now she's 5 she's been in 2 recitals! Tiny Dancers is geared towards kids 2-12. (recommended x1, 1 like)

Dance Studios for Kids in Manassas:
Academy of Russian Ballet- Much more modest performances than the other places I've seen. Starts at age 3, three professional productions a year with guest artists (optional participation) students have gone on to the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow and other programs. (recommended x2, 5 likes)
Centreville Dance Academy (This isn't PWC, but since some of you are soooo very close to the line) (recommended x1, 1 like)
Northern Virginia Dance Academy- Professional, reasonable, end of year performace free and open to the public.  We love it there and appreciate the emphasis on modesty. (recommended x1, 1 like)
Showcase Dance- great program for all ages, appropriate costumes, reasonable prices! (recommended x1, 1 like)
Spotlight Dance- great teachers and prices (recommended x3, 3 likes)
Stage Door Dance Studio- Starts at age these ladies & all the very talented dancers they create! One daughter started at 3, the other at 2, they both love it! (recommended x2, 1 like)
Virginia Dance Center- starts at age 2 and has dance camps over the summer. Has mommy and me class and summer camps.  Great instructors and staff!! The training is incredible!! (recommended x6, 17 likes )

Dance Studios for Kids in Woodbridge/Lake Ridge/Dumfries/Montclair:
All That Jazz- starts at age 2, All That Jazz is wonderful! Ms. Rebecca and her entire staff are fabulous!  You can watch them dance on TV from Lobby or a double mirror by class! The teachers are the best! My youngest does creative movement and my oldest did hip hop. (recommended x6, 27 likes )
Dance Etc- We love Dance Etc.! (recommended x2, 1 like)
DeGrasse Dance Studio (recommended x1, 1 like)
Linda's Ballet Workshop- Ms. Linda is THE BEST!!! Her philosophy is to dance for the love of it. No pressure...just a love of dance!! We have been at Linda's Ballet Studio in Lake Ridge for 3 years. Our daughter started at 3 years old.  We love it there! Reasonable prices and FABULOUS teachers make it an ideal studio. You won't be disappointed. Linda's Ballet Workshop hands down! They even have adaptive ballet for handicapped students. Also love Linda's! One more for Linda's Ballet she taught me for 14 years and is now teaching all 3 of my girls.  We LOVE it there- learn to dance for the love of it- no matter your size, age, or skill level! Perfect for little preschoolers to adult dancers! (recommended x9, 29 likes)

Reader recommendations are voluntarily offered, and do not suggest an endorsement from PwcMoms.  If you'd like to add your suggestions or endorsement, do so in the comments!

Guest Post: Improve Your Health, Your Community, and the Environment - Eat Local!

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Published: 05/24/2013
The following guest post is by Sarah of Healthwise Home. She's a fellow PWC blogger who blogs about health, food and family and has some great tips to share about farmers markets and eating local!

Improve Your Health, Your Community, and the Environment: Eat Local! 
by Sarah Young

Knowing where your food comes from is an important step in improving your overall health.  When you know the origin of your food, whether buying from the produce section of your grocery store or at your local farmers’ market, you will have greater insight on whether it is local or shipped in from thousands of miles away, if it is genetically modified, and whether or not it has been treated with potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers. In general, the more local and in-season your food is, the better it is for your health, your local economy/community, and the environment.

Did you know that on average, produce travels more than 1,500 miles from its source -- the industrial farm -- to your dinner table (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)?

And who knows how old it is. At best, grocery store produce is at least a few days old, although the average “age” of many items is closer to a few weeks and beyond.  Yes, that’s right, I said “and beyond”. Take apples, for example. In the U.S., apples generally ripen between August and September. Industrial farmers harvest apples when they are slightly unripe, treat them with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene (also known as “SmartFresh”), wax them, box them, stack them on pallets, and keep them in cold storage warehouses for an average of 9-12 months. Nine to 12 months!

Now, if you want to enjoy apples all year, regardless of the season, then you may be glad to hear that modern science has mastered the art of keeping our produce “fresh” for up to a year. But at what cost? Numerous studies have shown that the overall nutrient quality and antioxidant activity of the fruits and vegetables that we are eating today are declining due to modern agriculture methods, a decrease in soil quality, and the extended “shelf life” of our food.  While this certainly does not mean that fruits and vegetables from your local grocer should be avoided, those in search of the most nutritious and freshest produce are better off buying from a local organic farmer.

Luckily for Prince William County residents, there are many local farmers’ markets and resources in our area. Local Harvest and Eat Local Grown are two of my favorite online resources for locating farmers’ markets, CSA’s, co-ops, and farms in your area.

I hope that I have inspired you to improve your health, your community, and the environment and eat local!

Here are a few tips to help make your next trip to the farmers’ market more successful:

  • Come Prepared - Bring your own canvas tote bags, baskets, or boxes to carry your purchases in and to reduce the use of plastic bags. Also, bring cash! Many vendors are cash only.  
  • Arrive Early and Shop Around - The early bird gets the goods! Get to the market early to avoid having to choose from picked-over produce. Also, take a stroll around the entire market to scope things out before you buy anything. Prices, types, and quality can vary among vendors.  
  • Talk to the Farmers - Go straight to the experts. No one knows the food better than those who grew it.  Ask the important questions, like where their farm is located and whether or not they use chemical pesticides. Farmers can also often share tips on how to properly store and prepare produce. And who knows, you may even get a recipe or two out of them!  
  • Bring Your Kids! - There is no better way to introduce and connect kids to REAL FOOD than letting them have a part in the process. Make this a family experience by bringing your kids along and allowing them to explore, ask questions, sample new items (when offered) and pick out some of the week’s purchases on their own.  
Good luck, have fun, and healthy (local) eating!

Sarah Young resides in Prince William County with her husband and three young children. Sarah is a full-time mother, Certified Health Education Specialist, healthy living advocate, and the creator of Health Wise Home, an online resource that focuses on educating, empowering, and inspiring others to help build a healthier future. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, gardening, being outside, and spending time with her family.
For healthy recipes, information, and inspiration you can follow Sarah and Health Wise Home on Facebook and at her Blog.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and the Environment

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Published: 04/01/2013

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and the Environment

A Resource for Moms in Prince William County
Children are routinely exposed to environmental toxins in their homes, schools, water and diets.  Where can moms, parents, and caregivers in Prince William County find reliable information on environmental toxins and their effects on children?

At the Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, we provide consultations on children’s environmental health issues, at no cost.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and the Environment is a Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit established to assist healthcare professionals, public health officials, parents and others who live or work in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Our Center is affiliated with Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

The Mid-Atlantic Center responds to concern about a variety of environmental health topics including:

·      School related hazards.
·      Indoor air contamination at home.
·      Hazards of living near toxic waste sites.
·      Daycare and preschool hazards.
·      Inquires about potential toxins, such as residential pesticides, lead, well water contamination.
·      Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates.

If you would like consultation on some aspect of children’s environmental health please call toll free at 1 (866) 622-2431 or via email at More information is available at:

This is a sponsored post provided by the MAACHE Center at Children's National.  This does not constitute an endorsement or medical advice.  

May Day 5K- Run It!

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Published: 03/29/2013
The Lake Ridge RidgeRunners are a great group, and I've mentioned them before.  Whether you're an experienced runner (they've got some Ultra Marathon Runners!) or you need to walk your 5k, they've got peers, positive reinforcement, and encouragement for you!  I never ever ever could've run the Cherry Blossom without starting with the RidgeRunners.  

One of the great events the RidgeRunners host is the May Day 5K.  This is a great event, especially because it's so kid-friendly!  If your Prince William County (or wherever) elementary school has a running club, this is a fantastic event to run with the kids!

Here are the details:

This event is an annual community 5K run and walk through Lake Ridge neighborhoods.  We encourage participants of all ages and fitness levels.  Enjoy a fun-filled day of friendly competition, music, great post-race food, an award ceremony prize raffle, face painting for children, and much more!   
May Day 5K Fees and Registration Schedule: 
  • $12 Early Bird Youth Fee (until March 31, 2013 for ages 18 and younger)
  • $15 Regular Youth Registration Fee (April 1 to April 27, 2013)
  • $20 Early Bird Adult Fee (until March 31, 2013)
  • $25 Regular Registration Fee (April 1 to 27, 2013)
  • $30 Race Weekend Registration (May 3, 4, 5, 2013 NO SHIRT)
Packet Pickup: 
  • Friday, May 3, 2013, at the Woodbridge VA RUNNER store from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 4, 2013 during the LRPRA Annual Yard Sale, 8 a.m. to noon 
  • Sunday, May 5, 2012, from 6:45 to 7:45 a.m.  
  • Please pick up your packets early
  • Race will start promptly at 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 5.
Award Ceremony: 
  • The award ceremony will begin at 9 a.m. and include a raffle for prizes.
  • Top three finishers in these age divisions will receive a medal: 10 and younger, 11-14, 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60 and older.
  • Top three male and female finishers will receive a trophy
  • Top male and female RidgeRunners Club members will receive a trophy
  • The elementary school and the adult team with the most participants will be named “Fittest School” and "Fittest Team" and receive a trophy
  • The elementary school and the adult team with the fastest average times for its top five finishers will be named “Fastest School” and "Fastest Team" and receive a trophy

Guest Post: Switch Up Your Winter Workout

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Published: 02/20/2013
It's about this time that I hear many students say , "I'm bored with my workout and don't have many options". Here is some of what I tell them to beat winter workout boredom and spice up that cardio routine:
-Make a cardio medley by picking three different cardio machines, or circuits, and workout on each for 10 minutes or so. This is a great alternative to just getting on the same machine for a certain length of time.
-Break up your workout by separating them into segments, each with a different focus-speed, incline, resistance, steady state, etc. By changing your workout  every five minutes, you get  variety and,  because you're  focusing on just a few minutes at a time, the workout will fly by.
-Try  something  new.! We  all  have  our  favorite  machines & routines  but  winter is a great time to experiment with something completely different. Challenge yourself to do something new.  When was the last time you tried the rowing machine or the stationary bike at the gym? What about an at home workout?  Moving your  body in  a different way can  rejuvenate  your workouts.
-Try group fitness.  Even  if  you're  not into group fitness classes, giving  one  a try  can  give  you  new  enthusiasm  for your workouts.  Pick up a schedule at your club and make a deal to try one new class every two weeks. You get a lot of energy from working out in a  group,  so take advantage of it!

I have to say, I’ve tried all of these and yet not one is perfect for me.  One day I may feel like taking a class or,in my case, teach a class. Another day, I may turn on some music and create my own “cardio medley” at home or at the gym.  Other times, I may pop in Insanity or Turbo Fire to check working out off of my to do list.

I challenge you to try something different over the next two weeks. Be sure to share your experiences with someone. They may want to give it a try too!   

Adrienne Vose is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, dedicated wife & mother of 3. She likes to workout & motivate others to "MOVE IT" and believes that without exercise, people are inhibited from achieving and maintaining their health goals. 
No matter what your fitness goals may be or how hectic life becomes, there is a way to accomplish those goals. As a trainer, her number one priority is to create a routine that works towards your needs and gives you the results that are best for you. "Eat Healthy, Move More & Stress Less" is her motto and she fully believes this is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle. 

This guest blog is presented as an opinion.  Health changes should always be discussed with a doctor. 

Guest Post: Are Health Foods Hurting You?

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Published: 02/07/2013
As a fitness professional, it is my goal to help others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, I like to lead by example & practice what I preach. With one living such a healty lifestyle,  you might assume that they are healthy, with no issues what so ever, right? WRONG! 

I recently discovered that the fruits and veggies I thought were good for me are actually hurting me. Who knew that my love for broccoli, beans, apples and brussel sprouts (yes even those) could make me so sick? I thought these types of foods were essential for living a healthy lifestyle. While for some people, this may be true but not for me. 
After an interesting discussion with my GI doctor, she handed me a paper which listed foods I should eliminate. Of course listed was the "normal" stuff like high fructose corn syrup , dairy, certain sweeteners etc ....all things I avoid anyway. But then in other catagories I noticed all of my yummy veggies, fruits and beans!! YIKES!
Seriously? I'm not getting it. Why in the world shouldn't I eat an apple ? It contains fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals.
I realized I had been consuming a high "FODMOPs" ( FermentableOligo-Di-Mono-saccharides and Polyols ) diet. FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are found in foods. 
I need to limit daily intake of anything containing Lactose, Fructose, Fructans, Galactans, Sugar alcohols (polyols), otherwise I'd keep having severe GI issues. Some of my favorite fruits and veggies contain these types of carbohydrates which can make me sick in the gut. Moving forward, I will try this approach and see if it has any impact on my body. My hope for you all is that you will listen to your body and know that just because products are supposedly healthy, they may not be good for you!
For more information regarding FODMAP, please check out these sources:

Adrienne Vose is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, dedicated wife & mother of 3. She likes to workout & motivate others to "MOVE IT" and believes that without exercise, people are inhibited from achieving and maintaining their health goals. 
No matter what your fitness goals may be or how hectic life becomes, there is a way to accomplish those goals. As a trainer, her number one priority is to create a routine that works towards your needs and gives you the results that are best for you. "Eat Healthy, Move More & Stress Less" is her motto and she fully believes this is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle. 

This guest blog is presented as an opinion.  Health changes should always be discussed with a doctor. 

5K Hustle 2 Health and Wellness Fair

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Published: 09/25/2012
The Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge Campus will be the site for the October 7, 2012 "5K Hustle 2 Health" Run/walk and Wellness Expo.  This family-friendly event begins at 8am and runs until noon.  For more details, visit where you can sign up before race day and save $10.  Runners are $25 early registration and children under age 11 are $10.  

Urban Evolution

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Published: 09/20/2012
You need to shake up your child's monotonous perspective on staying fit with some exercise, but you don't want to make them feel like a hamster in a wheel on a treadmill or pass the ball around for 3 hours at a stretch! Check out Parkour classes at Urban Evolution for PwcMoms fans! Pay $100 for 10 visits to the gym (a 10-visit "punchcard"), and change how they look at the world forever! (This is a special savings for readers.) 

Classes are available for kids ages 6 to 14, with dedicated "homeschool only" classes for kids ages 9-11 on Wednesdays at 1pm, and more classes for other age groups to come as we grow the program! Here's a schedule for all the kid classes that are currently being offered at Urban Evolution Manassas.

Urban Evolution (or "Urban Evo" for short) has locations in Alexandria and Manassas and different age and skill level options each week, allowing boys and girls throughout Northern Virginia to learn Parkour. Cross off the food pellets and wood chips from your grocery list, because thanks to Urban Evolution, you can graduate your child from hamster to hall of famer. It's the perfect activity to grab the interest of kids who might not gravitate to team sports or whose idea of fitness is a PlayStation controller thumb workout...but it can be demanding enough for professional football players! It's a great way to help kids change their ideas about fitness while helping them build self-esteem and encouraging them to work hard.

So you’ve heard of parkour before, and maybe you’ve even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour, but what exactly is parkour? 

It's not strictly defined by any particular workout or conditioning regiment. It’s more about finding the way to keep improving and eventually reach your greatest physical potential. And that’s what makes it so great! Your only opponent here is yourself. Your competition is you (at least officially speaking). So it does have its philosophical side, but here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge your kids and hone their skills in a safe and fun environment! 

Urban Evolution offers many other classes as well. After some training, you'll be able to check out more advanced training in parkour. We bring discipline and conditioning together with creative obstacle courses to challenge your mental and physical abilities. Generally, our high teacher-to-student ratio allows us to address questions and work through challenges for kids of all types on an individual basis.

This is a sponsored post from Urban Evolution.  As with any physical activity, please note you participate at your own discretion.  PwcMoms is not responsible for children's participation in any activity listed. 

Max Muscle Update

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Published: 09/19/2012
So as part of this process with Max Muscle, a large part of my work has been cleaning up my act where eating is concerned, which means making changes in how frequently I eat and what I choose to chomp on.

There've been some winners and some losers in this process.  I thought I'd share and see if you all have any input as to what works for you when it comes to eating healthy.

Suggested Food:  Egg Whites
Losing: Plain Egg Whites

Winning!: Egg whites are actually not that bad! However, I need my food to taste like something, and I've found that 1 tablespoon of hot salsa, a few shakes of Tabasco Sauce, or 1 tablespoon of feta cheese and some spinach if you're trying to be fancy, makes them amazing.  I usually go for the Tabasco.  Buying them pre-separated makes using them a lot easier, too.
Suggested Food: Protein Bars
Losing: Luna Protein Bars in Peanut Butter.  Y'all.  I am a fat girl.  I love food, and I love peanut butter.  I couldn't get one bite of this sucker down. Not One.  I think that's funny because the Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Bars are amazing.
Winning!: 1/2 of a Cliff Builder Bar in Chocolate is amazing, as is any variety of Kind Bar I've ever had.  They sell the Kind Bars in Max Muscle, too, although they're not really high in protein but they have a lot of healthy fats.  Max Muscle also has Power Crunch bars, if you can get them- they're frequently gone because they're so popular. They taste like wafer cookies, if you used to eat those as a kid. Yum :)

Suggested Food: Max Muscle Protein Shakes
Winning: Chocolate IsoMax Powder.  It tastes like coconut to me when mixed with almond milk (not like chocolate), but it's pleasant.  

Winning!: Max Muscle Triple Whey in Chocolate.  I like Chocolate, don't judge me.  This stuff seriously does not taste like protein powder.  It tastes like Nestle Quick.  The only reason I didn't buy this was because I'm slightly dairy sensitive and I wanted the isolate.  I've come to love this as a quick breakfast.  Before starting this process I always skipped breakfast and now I'm actually hungry in the morning if I do that, but with kids and commitments speed is king. When you go in to Max Muscle, they'll actually do a tasting for you, just like a winery but proteiny-er.  Which is totally a word. 
Suggested Food: Meat.
Losing: I don't really love meat.  I eat it, but I don't love it.  When I eat it, at least in the past, I've typically used it as a conduit for getting more sauce.  Bread works equally as well.  I do not love meat without sauce. No sauce is a fail.

Winning!: I also love Middle Eastern food, though, and they've got the solution.  Greek Yogurt is a happy food on my plan, and if you put three crushed garlic cloves into a large container of low fat or fat free Greek Yogurt overnight, you have made sauce! Delicious, creamy, garlic sauce! Win.  Garlic, cilantro, parsley, jalepeno and red wine vinegar pureed in the food processor also works.  (Do you see a theme here with spicy things?) 

What helps you keep your diet healthy? Do you need some tips, too? (Or maybe you already have the fitness thing down? That's cool, too!) Come out and join me for our next Mommies Night Out at Max Muscle! Corry, who as I've mentioned a few times has been amazing, is promising that cupcakes and wine go with losing weight, and I'm willing to buy what she's selling ;) 

We'll have vendors and raffles (if you're interested in coming, let me know) and some great time together! If you're planning to join us, please RSVP to my email so we know who to expect.  Newbies to fitness, new moms (especially new moms!) and fitness divas are all welcome! 

Max Muscle Week 2

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Published: 09/06/2012
This post is a little late, which is fitting seeing as most things in my life are a little late the last few months days.  Getting back to school is tough, no matter how your children go!

So.  Week 2 wasn't my greatest results wise.  I gained a pound of muscle and dropped just ever so slightly in BMI. It could have been a lot better, but that was completely my fault because I didn't follow the program (it wasn't even in the way you think! I didn't eat because I was so busy!)

However, the oddest thing happened this past week.  Instead of being frustrated by a lack of results (especially since I skipped meals!) I was really encouraged by how good I'm feeling with the higher protein, and I've been pleased with my lack of desire to have carbs at dinner.  I feel less tired and while I might not be seeing a numerical change, I've had lots of friends comment that I look like I'm making progress.  My jeans feel happy, too, which is a nice feeling.

Anyway, this week has been much better and I'm trying to adhere to the "plan" so that I see some bigger changes, but I have to say that while I initially said that I didn't really want to be healthy I just want to be skinny, I'm actually feeling healthier and more energized, and honestly, I'll take it.  I'm hoping that a change of heart means that a change in the rest of me will come a little easier.

Anyhow, don't forget that you can join me to jog at a moderate pace (and please read that in your head using Milton's voice from Office Space) in the upcoming Max Muscle 5K.  Heck, if it's your first race out and you need someone to walk with you, I'm your girl.  I'm willing to make that sacrifice so someone else can start on their fitness journey.  It reminds me of this post from FlintLand, which starts out:

Hey Fat Girl,
Yes, you. The one feigning to not see me when we cross paths on the running track. The one not even wearing sports gear, breathing heavy. You’re slow, you breathe hard and your efforts at moving forward make you cringe.

You cling shyly to the furthest corridor, sometimes making larger loops on the gravel ring by the track just so you’re not on it. You sweat so much that your hair is all wet. You rarely stay for more than 20 minutes at a time, and you look exhausted when you leave to go back home.  You never talk to anyone. I’ve got something I’d like to say to you.

You are awesome.

We've all gotta start somewhere, and I'm still feeling like my start is pretty good.  

I'll check in with you all again on Sunday, when I go back to see my boy Stephen and get my measurements checked again.  If you're on a fitness journey, too, I'd love to hear from you- so leave a note at the end of this post.  Comments are better than chocolate cake, which I'm not eating right now, so help a sister out. :) 

Max Muscle- Week 1

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Published: 08/19/2012
I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I went to meet with the very awesome Corry Matthews of Max Muscle.  Corry is someone that really intimidated me on paper.  She's a former fitness model, co-author of a book (a real book!), and owner of a business, namely Max Muscle.
I really want to dislike people that look this awesome pregnant. 
If there is ever a store that I didn't contemplate ever entering for even a second, y'all, it had to be Max Muscle.

Just the name was enough to scare me.  I am not now, nor do I ever have aspirations of being a bodybuilder.  Heck, as I openly admit I don't even really care to be fit, I just want to be skinny.  So, when Corry contacted me about coming out to the store and talking about some ways she could help out my readers, I sat in my car staring at the storefront for a few minutes trying to decide what I was walking into.  Then I manned up and went in.  They're located at 12849 Galveston Court Manassas, right across from Confections, so I figured if it went really bad, I'd just head across the street. ;)

Guys, this might be the best-kept secret in Prince William County, but Max Muscle is not necessarily just for people who currently possess "Max Muscle".  Corry explained to me that one of her passions, and part of the reason that she wrote her book, is post-natal wellness in mothers.  We see all these women in the media who pop out a baby and leave the hospital in size zero jeans and then we beat ourselves up.  So, while she does work with competitive athletes, and even people who are really fit and want to take their fitness next-level, she's also here to help regular people who are just looking for a quality of life change.  She can help you up your energy level or drop a few pounds post-baby.  Her store stocks energy and protein bars and shakes as well as supplements, and she's even set it up so that if you're new to fitness, you don't have to go past the first 2 feet of the store.

Oh, also- if you've got a student-athlete, Corry has great information on nutrition and even diet plans for them, too! She's helped high-school wrestlers and football players add lean muscle mass rather than bulking up with fat, and she can also help parents who are looking to help their multi-sport players (hello my family!) stay well-fed and fit.

We talked for a few minutes, and then Corry invited me to try out their Max Formation program, which involves assessing your current body fat, measurements, physical activity, and calorie needs and tailoring a system of eating to help you meet your fitness goals.

Listen, she's good you guys. I let her take my measurements in the first 10 minutes of knowing me and my husband doesn't even know how much I weigh.  When she asked about my eating habits, I didn't feel judged or embarrassed at all, and she was very gentle about making corrections to how I currently do things, but also firm with the fact that they needed to happen.  For example, I openly admitted I frequently don't have my first food of the day until around lunchtime or later.  Corry said that was a very common mistake that a lot of women make, but then told me that I was going to have to suck it up and eat breakfast. That's a perfect balance for me.  Don't make me feel stupid, tell me you get that it's hard, tell me to do it anyway.  It works!
This is my magic spreadsheet.  It's pretty amazing. 
This post is getting really long, so let me cut to the chase.  over the next 3 months I'll be using the customized Excel Spreadsheet that I was provided with.  It's got a pull-down menu for each meal so I can keep making my family meals as I usually do and it will provide me with portion sizes.  I spent $64 on protein powder mix (um, yeah, that almost made me drop dead, but then I realized it's just over $1 per serving and I spend a lot more than that on iced tea at Starbucks).  I've gotten a lot of feedback from friends that think that too much protein makes you big, or that you need to totally cut out carbs, or that you need to eat only egg whites, but I'm going to try this for 3 months, and I'll share with you guys how it's going.  It seems like a really reasonable plan, and I'm kind of at the point where I'll try anything.

I didn't have an ideal weight in mind, but Corry's measurements helped me set a super-embarrasing 40 pound goal.  It's been 1 week, and I'm -2.  I'm also on vacation this week, and with the exception of driving to South Carolina alone in the car and using Diet Coke and snacks as a crutch to stay awake (I drove from 7pm to 3am), I've had no problems following the plan as directed, and I even really like the protein shakes, which aren't required, but I bought because they're really fast and easy for breakfast, rather than cooking for myself every day.

If you've got questions or comments you'd like answered as we go along, I'd be happy to answer them, or to get answers for them from Corry.

Also, Max Muscle Manassas will be having their 5th Anniversary in September, and they're holding a 5K to benefit the Semper Fi Fund in celebration.  I'm planning to run jog it at a moderate pace, and if you'd like to join me, I'd be happy to put together a team of us!

Aaaaannnnddd.....other than that just cross your fingers for me because failing in front of an entire audience of people would be mortifyingly embarrassing.

Oh, aaaannnnddd (since I'm apparently typing things out the way I hear them in my head right now) if you go in to Max Muscle Manassas and tell them you're a PwcMoms reader, they'd be happy to give you 10% off this week. Just show them this post on your smart phone (or if you don't have a smart phone, just tell them, it's random enough that you should be good).

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