Meet Dr. Hau Le with Potomac Pediatric Dentistry!

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Published: 06/09/2015
We want to take a moment to introduce you to our newest PwcMoms advertiser, Potomac Pediatric Dentistry! They've got a fun open house coming up on June 20th: 
But before that, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to their newest doctor, Dr. Hau Le! She took a few minutes to answer some important questions I know we're all looking for in a pediatric dentist- like what's your favorite Disney movie- and she sounds like such a sweet, fun person, I can definitely see her taking the stress out of visiting the dentist!! 
PwcMoms- Tell me a little about what made you want to go into pediatric dentistry? 
Dr. Hau Le- I grew up in Vietnam where dental care was a privilege. I had many incidences of dental pain when I was a child, and was extremely fearful of the dentist. In fact, dental visits were always a threat. I got lucky enough to be sent to study aboard in the US to pursue my education. I chose dentistry, and pediatric dentistry has been always something I hold dear to my heart due to my childhood experiences. After dental school, I worked for a community health center that served underprivileged children in Maryland, and it truly confirmed my commitment to pediatric dentistry.

PwcMoms- Wow! Having that childhood experience must make you a great advocate for your little patients!! What's your favorite part about working with kids?
Dr. Hau Le- They are so honest, unique and fun to work with. My most rewarding part is helping a child to conquer their fear of the dentist.  The best part is I get to be myself around kids, being a kid at heart myself :)

PwcMoms- Nice! So, what's your advice for parents with kids who are nervous about the dentist?
Dr. Hau Le- Preparation is the key. I understand parents sometimes have dental anxiety themselves, but try to limit transferring that fear to your children. Parents should always refer to dental appointments as a positive and not as a threat (the dentist is going to drill your teeth out if you don't brush!) and let our team guide their child's dental experiences when they come to the office. We also welcome "happy visits" for our littlest patients, or childre with special needs  who would benefit from a visit to the office without any work done for them to familiarize them with the doctors and staff. 

PwcMoms- I love that- I know some of my friends with kids on the Autism Spectrum sometimes need their child to have a little extra time to acclimate.  Speaking of your office, how does it differ from a regular dentist? 
Dr. Hau Le- Our staff and doctors are well-trained and experienced in working with children. We use kid friendly behavior guidance that is uniquely tailored for each child coming to our office. We've also definitely got a fun and inviting space- check it out and come visit us on June 20th! 
A few fun facts- 
Dr. Hau Le's favorite Disney movie is "Frozen"
Her favorite scrubs have Princess Ana on them
And when she was growing up, she wanted to be an Astronaut! 

Potomac Pediatric Dentistry is located at 16708 Jefferson Davis Highway #115 in Dumfries.
You can call them at 703-221-4040 or visit

Kona Ice Truck at Frank Orthodontics

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Published: 05/18/2012

Dr. Harold Frank of Frank Orthodontics, located at 4335 Ridgewood Center Drive Woodbridge, Virginia will be having the Kona Ice Truck out to visit on June 12, 2012 from 2:30 to 4:30! Bring out your kids for this FREE event! 

If you'd like to learn more about Frank Orthodontics Prince William County location, you can visit their website here

Readers Recommend: Dentists and Orthodontists

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Published: 03/12/2012

Hello, again, readers! I've compiled 2 Facebook conversations into one convenient location here, providing recommendations from our moms on Dentists and Orthodontists.  We have some great in-county recommendations, and we have a few of you that apparently like I-95 a whole bunch and drive as far as Alexandria to get your teeth all sparkly! Hey, when you like someone, you like them!

Speaking of shiny- here's a shiny red disclaimer! My oldest kid is only 8, and our insurance covers 2 visits per year, so we have NOT been to all these people personally, soooo:

In-County Recommendations
**County Center Dental Group (Woodbridge)- have been a patient for 3 years

**Brite Stars (Lake Ridge) is great
        Brite Stars!! Dr. Pham is awesome! I started taking my daughter to her when she was 2 and 
a half and we just love her!
        We go to Britestars pediatric dentist in Woodbridge VA, 3 of my kids go there, ages 9, 5 and 2.  My 2 year old had her first visit a couple of weeks ago and loved it! She is very shy but she looked very comfortable during her visit! They let the kids choose a toy, give them a balloon, and of course they give them a new toothbrush and toothpaste. We started going there because my 5 yr old then 4 yrs old would not let our general dentist even look in her mouth. We went to britestars and she was so comfortable there that she let them clean her teeth and take xrays! She needed to have 3 fillings done and was a trooper during them too! She didnt even need "gas" to get them done! Oh, and they have tv screens on the wall and let your child watch a movie while they have their check up or procedure done.
         BriteStars lets you go back with your children.
         Another shootout for Dr. Pham!
         Dr. Pham was able to ease all the fears that [another dentist] put into my child.

**Dr. Golden and Associates (Dale City, Burke, Quantico) LOVE them!!
         My children love Dr. Al!
         I had to take my daughter for an emergency visit as a new patient.  Dr. Golden stayed late to fit us in and did a fantastic job.  She had to go back for 3 more visits and still loves him, even though she was getting major dental work done!
         Dr. Al loves us!! 

**Dr. Mary Catherine Dvorak (Woodbridge) I love Dr. Kiki! 
      Another shout out for Dr. Kiki...hands down best ped and adult dentist ever. 

**Dr. Dawn Crandall is superb.  Our family dentist, whom we adore, referred us to her when we ran into an issue with my daughter.  Two years later, my daughter is still talking about "My friend the dentist"!

**Dr. Creamer (Woodbridge). He is at the intersection of prince william pkwy and old bridge in the plaza across from Minnieland . His mother runs the office and tells the kids stories, photos too, of Dr Creamer as a child. The first time I took my kids there I walked in the door she said my name hugged and kissed me on the cheek introduced herself to my kids. Walked them around the office showing them around making them as comfortable as she could. Her son is a very gentle and kind man. Both of my kids had an incredible visit. He will allow parents in the room, I bounced from the room to the waiting room where my daughter was sitting. It's a small practice and the dr, hygienist and his mom watch everything going on. My friend has gone there for years and swears by him and now I do to. It's a wonderful 

Out of County Recommendations
**Dr. Skordalakis (Sterling/Vienna) I hunted high and low for a pediatric dentist that was gentle and allowed parents in the exam room with their child. Took 8 years to find the guy but struck gold with Dr. Skordalakis in Sterling (and Vienna). I know it's a hike but he is soooo worth it. He has this amazingly caring and gentle demeanor that has even the littlest ones opening wide! He was able to do 2 fillings in my 2 year olds mouth with no novocaine or laughing gas! Every other pediatric dentist suggested full sedation (which we did with my older son and was frightening for me and super expensive too). But Dr. S was quick and gentle and we couldn't be happier. I've recommended him to a number of friends and everyone has said he's phenomenal. 
Doesn't hurt that he's super hot too. ;-)

**Smile Ville (Alexandria)      

In-County Recommendations
**Dr. Saleh (Lake Ridge) is great.  HIm and the office staff are wonderful and genuinely care.

**Dr. Harold Frank (Mid County)
      Love Dr. Harold Frank- he is wonderful

**Dr. Dunegan in Manassas.  Love all the staff. Efficient, too. 
      Dr. Dunegan was my husband's orthodontist (he recently had braces) and my daughter is starting her treatment this month.  Watiting room and entire office are very nice and they did a nice job with my husband's teeth. 

**Dr. Daczkowski "Dr. D" (Manassas)

**Dr. Stern (Woodbridge and Manassas offices)- I saw Dr. Stern and loved him!! 

**Dr. Hessamfer (Woodbridge)- Dr. Hessamfer and his staff in Woodbridge have been fabulous.      
         My son began treatment in August and we've been very happy with his treatment. 

**Dr. Rosenberg (Gainesville and Burke) is the best! 

Non-County Recommendations
**Dr. Bagden (Springfield) he is pretty renowned, but his prices reflect what I would have spent at another location for the work I needed.  

**Dr. Metzdorf (Fair Lakes) Dr. Metzdorf is worth the drive.  IT's a father-son team.  He did my braces when I was a kid and I had a very difficult case! 

**YesBraces Orthodontics for Children and Adults (Springfield) is wonderful and they are worth the drive. My daughter has Invisalign Teen and she enjoys going to their office.

**Dr. Hamman at  Kingstowne Orthodontics (Alexandria) is awesome n has been around ortho her whole life- very honest n caring Dr U r a family member as soon as u walk n that door

Are we missing your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!! Want to give an additional shout-out to your favorite? Leave a comment for that, too!! (You may also respectfully disagree with one of these, but please ensure your comments are not slanderous and keep them PG rated with the language)
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