7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Usually someone asks what we use for curriculum, but these posts get really long, so I’m doing them one at a time.  Next up, my middle guy.  Want to see what I’m using for my youngest? Click here.

Logan- Age 12, Grade 7

Likes: Computers, Minecraft, Pokemon, Reading, Science, Hockey. Dislikes: Crowds, disorder, and the word “moist.”


We’ve used Sonlight for years and we love it, but I switched my oldest to Veritas online last year, and I love the focus on primary sources, as well as the lectures.  It’s hard, it’s aggressive (primary more so than secondary), but he’s doing it, too. Logan will do Omnibus I primary this year, which includes Gilgamesh, the Code of Hammurabi, The Odyssey, Plutarch’s Lives, Socrates, and more. It’s really engaging and interesting. They also have live online classes, but we use the self-paced.  They’re expensive, but auto-graded and very good.


This is his co-op pick for the year because he adores the teacher. I don’t have a syllabus yet, but I am certain it will be a great class.


Teaching Textbooks! Math is not my favorite, and while Elementary Math is my jam, once we switch over to Pre-Algebra, it makes me happy to hand it over to the nice man on the CDs.  Teaching Textbooks is a great program because it has lecture, demonstrations, and even hints and will show your student how to work a problem if they can’t get it themselves.  It keeps a grade log for you and includes quizzes.  For my boys, who don’t need a ton of repetition, this program is great.

Language Arts

Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons [Teacher/Student Combo] for writing, which I’ll be teaching at our co-op along with Grammar 6 from Sonlight.

For literature, he gets to pick from a list of approved by me titles and enter a reading response log each day tracking the number of pages read and a response to the reading. He eats books for breakfast, so it’s a pretty long list, but it includes some great titles- mostly award-winners.


First Form Latin Set (Teacher Manuals, Student Text, Workbook, CD) (Memoria Press)


My husband (better human than me) gets up and does a morning workout with the kids before work every day. Right now they’re tracking progress for my oldest son’s Physical Fitness Merit Badge, but they’ll also do sports (tennis is a favorite), Monday Runday, resistance training, some other stuff (I ran out of things to list like I’ve ever gotten up at 6:30 to watch them). For Health we use a lot of free TED talk videos (did you know you can select all the talks they have on a topic? You can!) as well as books. Logan’s book this year is The Boy’s Body Book: Fourth Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU! Additionally, Logan plays all the hockey. If anyone would like a kidney, we’ve got some to sell 😉


Art Achieve (also from Sonlight) works for me because I can get it as a full set with everything I need.  I am really not an art with kids person (I like it on my own, and I like them doing it without me, but for some reason it stresses me out to do it with them!) so if I just have the book or instructions I am not going to go out of my way to find the stuff.  With this program, you can purchase just the books or a complete set with all the supplies, and lets be honest, I need it all in a bag together.  I’m not going on a search for charcoal pencils.

Logan also gets to select an elective at Captial Baptist Co-op, but we don’t have the list yet, so I don’t know what that will be.

Computer Science

My awesome husband works with Logan on this. He also does VEX robotics, Cyber Patriot, and game design through ETE Post 1882. Right now, he’s making a calculator using HTML, CSS and Java Script, but I’m sure they’ll be on to the next fun thing soon.  Sonlight is selling Computer Science courses now, as well.

We also use Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 18 as an ongoing skill.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that you can get the same awesome thing that you would’ve gotten anyway, and I get a little bit of money back to help offset the crazy amount I spend on curriculum.  We both win.