4th of July Fireworks 2015

I wasn’t going to post one of these because so many other local bloggers did big pan-DMV ones, but so many of you have asked, so here goes:

Waiting on a Date:
Tim’s Rivershore’s “Not on the 4th” Fireworks show had to be rescheduled due to weather, so watch their facebook page for a new date and time!

Sure Bets: 
**The City of Manassas Park will host their 4th of July Celebration from 7-10pm at Signal Hill Park.  There will be food trucks, fun, and, of course, fireworks.

**The City of Manassas will host its “Celebrate America” event with one of the largest fireworks displays in NOVA! You’re looking to be around the Train Depot/Harris Pavilion, or check out the large field by Grace UMC if you want to stay out of the crowd but still see the show! Rides for kids start at 3, food vendors at 4, fireworks at 9:15 on the Museum lawn. They also host several contests which you can sign up for online

**In Woodbridge, the Potomac Nationals will host their annual 4th of July Game followed by fireworks.  We love attending the game, and enjoy the Americana of it all 🙂 If you want to just watch the fireworks, you can park and sit outside the stadium or try to park in the County Crossing Center- but I heard that last year police were clearing the area (I’m not sure if that’s correct, it’s just what I was getting messaged- we went to the game).  Start time on the fireworks is 15 minutes after the game ends, which depends on how the game went.

**I know a lot of you have told me in the past you enjoy going out to Great Meadow for the fireworks display.  It’s $35 a car at Wegmans in advance or $40 a car at the gate, so make sure you take your friends’ minivan and not your Geo Metro! Kids events start at 4pm and this year they are closing a road to allow traffic to exit for a smoother finish to your night.

You can attempt, but I don’t know much about: 
In Dumfries, Montclair does fireworks at Dolphin Beach, but you have to be an MPOA member, so if you live close enough that you can happen to see, you’re in luck, but otherwise that’s all I know.

Quantico does fireworks, if you have a friend on base or a military ID.  I would assume you can go to Quantico Town and watch, too, but I have never tried that, so if anyone knows the routine, let me know 🙂 Here’s the flyer for the 4th of July Fireworks, which, if I am doing my math correctly are at 9:15pm, but again, the actual event is ONLY for Marine families- although I know people do watch the fireworks in Quantico.

Did I miss your favorite? Do you have details on one of the ones I only know about in passing? Head over to our facebook and let me know!