4 simple ways to sneak exercise into your day!

4 simple ways to sneak exercise into your day!

 Gone are the days when I had hours to spend at the gym or time for long runs through the neighborhood. Now that I am a stay at home mom with 4 small kids, I have to make sure to grab all opportunities to sneak some ‘fitness’ into my day!

Here are 4 simple ways to help you fit in fitness:

 1. Dance parties! My kids love when I put on loud music (especially Gangham Style, of course!) and we dance all around the house. You are guaranteed to work up a sweat if you do this for 30-40 minutes.

 2. Lunge, squat, lunge. Whether we are at the park or just playing in the basement, I practice this one. I lunge, I squat, I lunge. Repeat as many times possible. Do this 4-5 times per week and you will notice firmer and stronger legs.

 3. Make use of your stairs. I don’t have a gym membership, but who needs one when you have a built in stair master in your house? Here is a stair workout that I love to do 2-3 times per week. Quick and intense!

4. Races! My boys are very competitive and love to race Mommy. Sometimes, I even let them win! 😉 Either way, we do this over and over for 20-30 minutes and I’m exhausted. The extra bonus is they are usually exhausted too!


How do you squeeze fitness into your day?


Lisa is a stay at home mom of 4 boys (ages 7 and under). In her life before kids, she was a personal trainer and marathon runner. Now she blogs at Workout Mommy to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in your busy day. She firmly believes that exercise is what keeps her (somewhat) sane and it’s a lot cheaper than therapy! Workout Mommy can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.