30 Acts of Kindness Tasks 3-6, Show Some Love

During February, I’m celebrating my 30th Birthday with 30 Acts of Kindness suggested by readers
The point of these posts isn’t to “brag” about what I’ve been doing,
but rather to raise awareness about different organizations in Prince
William County and share how you and your family can get involved in
making our area a better place to live.  If you’d like to join me in any
of my assignments, or if you participate in one on your own, I’d love
to get your picture and/or story to share!! I’d love to think this is
making a difference, and I hope that you’ll join me!  

One of my greatest hopes in doing this series was that just ONE person would be inspired to take their family out to make a difference.  I had three different mommas write in and suggest showing appreciation to our local police, firefighters, and library staff.  We made triple chocolate chip and oatmeal Craisin cookies and delivered them to Lake Ridge Neighborhood Library, OWL Station 14, and Logan’s scout leader, who’s a PWC Police Officer, was kind enough to deliver our cookies to the station for us.  However, the big news, for me, was an email that I received from a momma who decided she’d do the same.  I cannot tell you how this made my day 🙂 I knew someone had done the same thing because they mentioned it on the Manassas Park Fire and Rescue Page. I had a few readers email/message to ask if the cookies were mine, and I was so excited to say no! I was even more excited to get the full report from mom Julie sharing their amazing experience taking part in this “assignment”.  Rather than share my prepared post, I’m going to share her email, with permission, of course!

Thank you so much Julie, for sharing your story- that was such an act of kindness to me, as I always wonder if anything I do is making an impact. 
  I’ll begin with yesterday (2/2/14), busy busy and more busy. Sunday School, church, home to change and get coupons, “quick” (lol) 4 hour trip to Wal-Mart on Super Bowl Sunday, back home, gramma starts mixing the dough as I put away groceries, settle kiddos down. The nightseemed like it never ended, why you may ask, well my 4 yr old didn’t fall asleep till 2 hrs past norm, about then the 2 yr old woke from his 2 hour night nap at 9:30pm and up till like 4(am)!!!!! So my 3hr
sleep was precious!
Noon on 2/3/14 I set off with only my 4 yr old because the little one isn’t feeling great. Cookies all packaged up and ready to go, I thought it would be fairly quick since everything was close by (NOT) :). 

We started at the police station where Ms. Bunge greeted us with a smile. As we were talking, mainly my non stop 4 yr old son William, she asked if he had a children’s id. We don’t, so she asked if we wanted to, sure that sounds great since we are already here. That was the beginning to the wonderful experience we had at Manassas Park police station. About the time we were done with making the id officer William was standing there talking away to William, he gives us free passes to the community  center for the whole family and then asks if we are ready for the tour- I wasn’t even aware we were going on! He took us around showing William everything from their newest police vehicle to pulling up a cruiser close to the building so we could see it but not get wet, all the while picking up different things to take with us, a photo of a police vehicle, cups, pens, sticker/picture game, I was running out of hands. Then he shares with me his job which is community outreach, says he has a office at the rec center where he was when we arrived but to my surprise Ms. Bunge had called him and asked if he could come over to give us a tour!!! I was in awe of their kindness they showed us when we were the ones trying to do the kind act for them, officer William didn’t even know he had cookies waiting for him!!!

After that, it was off to the fire house. EMT Lee greeted us with a warm smile as we handed over the tasty cookies. Asks William if he wants to see a fire truck, he says yes as if you needed me to say that! Lee was awesome showing us around, sharing his knowledge about how those big red fire trucks work and letting William roam all around from one vehicle to the next! From there William got a cool plastic glove balloon with a painted face made by Lee and his own pair of plastic EMT gloves!! (Way past time to eat so we break at Starbucks for a quick snack).

 Now to the library!!! Started by returning a book, then to the information desk where William hands cookies to the “nice lady” he calls her. She was excited to get cookies, said the peanut blossoms were her favorite!! William and the”nice lady” talked for a few minutes until he inched his way toward the kid area anxiously wanting to start doing puzzles, she says what a wonderful boy he is and that he could stay there all day talking to her, I share that he talks from the time he wakes till his eyes close, so she says well in moderation(lol), she shares that her daughter was that way and even talked in her sleep!! (We stayed at the library doing puzzles and reading books for a little while). Not sure what “nice lady’s” name was.

5 o’clock we finally get back home!! So much to share with little brother and grandma about it fantastic day that turned into a kindness act from both sides that was pure and from the heart!
~ Julie