30 Acts of Kindness- The List

Thank you guys so much for all of the fantastic ideas for my 30 Acts of Kindness!

For those of you who missed this- I’m turning 30 in February, a birthday we weren’t sure I was going to have, and in honor of that, I want to do something useful for the world, so I’m celebrating with 30 Acts of Kindness suggested by you guys! 

I’m really excited to do each of these! I still have a few spots open, and am waiting on date confirmation on a few.  If you’d like to join me for anything, please email me!  If you do something, too, I’d love pictures- if all of you did 6 acts of kindness in February, that’d be 30,000 acts of kindness for my birthday.  Best present EVER.  I’ll be blogging about each of these to raise awareness (where applicable) and so you know I didn’t just “say” I did them 🙂 Hope you’ll join me!

Wednesday, January 29th (Email me to come too)
1.  Come and volunteer at Streelight Ministries
Thursday, January 30th (Want to join me? 4235 Dale Blvd. Dale City VA)
2.  Donate any leftover baby items to BirthRight
Saturday, February 1st
12. Become a cancer mentor with Immerman’s Angels
Sunday, February 2nd
17. Go through your closet and donate any extras to AmVets/Lupus/Goodwill
Monday, February 3rd (Doing this, too? Send me a picture!)
7. Take cookies to the Librarians
22. Take cookies to the Fire Fighters
29. Take cookies to the Police Station
Tuesday, February 4th (Doing this, too? Send me a picture!)
16. Volunteer to help teachers at a school with less volunteers
Wednesday, February 5th
3.  Send/Take treats to the nurses at Georgetown Hospital (I picked the doctors and nurses at the hospital where my surgery was- although you guys recommended people all over NOVA!)
 24. Talk to Girl Scouts about how they can get involved in Community Service (Thanks for the invite!!)
Wednesday, February 12th
10. Do the “Drive Thru Difference” (I know I said no straight money things, but my kids have been begging to do this)  
14. Make No-Sew blankets with MOPS of BUMC
Friday, February 14th (Waiting on Date Confirmation)
4.  Visit nursing home residents- Waiting on Date Confirmation! Email me to be included!
20. Give flowers to the crossing guards on Valentine’s day (Doing this, too? Send me a picture!)
Monday, February 17th (Want to come? Send me an email)
18. Help with bagging for the SHARE Food Network at First Mount Zion
Saturday, February 22nd (You can all come.)
30. Fundraiser for your favorite charity.  Well hooray,
glad you asked.  I pick the National Brain Tumor Society and you can all come out for it 😉 Incidentally, several of you offered to host
direct-sales company fundraisers for me, but I can’t say yes to all 25
of you in one month, so I am choosing not to do that at this time, but
appreciate the thought and emails!!
Tuesday, February 25th (Want to Join Me? Send me an Email!)
19. Soup and Socks for The 25th Project

Don’t have dates yet for:
5. Work at the NUMC Food Pantry
6. Volunteer at the PWC Animal Shelter and (bring treats)
8. Breakfast at an ACTS Shelter
9. Dinner at an ACTS Shelter
11. Take Chick Fil A Sandwiches (or coupons) to the homeless (PS- thank you guys for helping me win those from Chick Fil A Sudley Manor Drive!)
13. Help with animal care with Va Reptile Rescue (PS- I am totally scared of this one!)
15. Make Valentines with Eme’s Army
21. Help out with miscellaneous tasks at CASA
23. Come and speak to an elementary school writing club about voice and being a writer

Still need ideas for:

Ones that are happening, but in March, not February (and you can come, too!!)
31. Sorting Donations at the ACTS Thrift Store Warehouse
32. Sorting Food in the Food Pantry at ACTS

Ones that didn’t make the cut because I’m not medically eligible but are totally fantastic:
~Have a Cheek Swap to Sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry  
~Donate Blood (I’m going to take my
husband, who’s an O- to donate blood for me. They’ll be happier with his anyway!)
~Become an organ donor (I’ve been one since I got my license, and since I had a primary brain tumor many of my organs are still useful! Didn’t you all want to know all about my organs?) 😉