3 Lake Ridge Tot Lots

Lake Ridge has several tot lots which are fantastic for a few reasons.  First, they’re less crowded.  Unlike Fantasy Playground, which is a “destination park”, these are more like neighborhood play spots, which are still fun but have less than 1.3 million children. Second, they’re shaded.  If you have a sun-sensitive child (or heat-sensitive), these can be great options.  Finally….I don’t know, I always feel like there should be 3 things.  Maybe I’ll come up with one if you read to the end, but I’m not making any promises.

So….we have:
Corner of Antietam and Seminole

Recently renovated, this playground has some really fun play spaces and has both baby swings and “big kid” swings.  It’s mulch (as opposed to pea gravel, which is the bane of my feet’s existence), but as a word of caution, there’s a “creek” behind it that is really a drainage area, so you’ll want to exercise your best judgement about whether your kids should be able to jump in it with reckless abandon.  Mine have been known to play by it and have not yet sprouted 3rd arms. Parking is street only, which is limited until 5pm. No public restrooms.
Intersection of Mohican and Stoneford

This particular play area is close enough to Fantasy Playground that you could hit it with a rock.  Not really, and you shouldn’t throw rocks, but it is close, which is nice if it’s too crowded and you need to switch.  It’s up in the woods and hard to see from the street, but trust me, it’s there.  Street parking.  If you walk just past the playground, there’s a basketball court.  No public restrooms.
2/3rds of the way down Mohican between Edgemoor and Calloway (but on the left)

Are you noticing that all of the play structures look very similar? Me, too.  This particular one is nice because it’s shaded, but right next to an open field so that you could have some younger kids playing or take some older ones with a soccer or football, and everyone could have a great time! Street parking, no public restrooms, mulch.
So, you get the idea.  There are a total of 18 tot lots in Lake Ridge, and they tend to follow a pattern.  Want to share your favorite location with us? Leave a comment with the GPS or intersection!