2016 Dumfries Christmas Parade

This year I got to judge the annual Dumfries Christmas Parade.  Here’s what I learned.

One: Winter Parades= Cold.  Dress Appropriately. That Christmas Tree headband might be super cute, but it’s not going to keep you warm.

Two: Bring something to sit on.  Because the parade route closes down Route 1 through Historic Dumfries, you’ll need to either park at the end of the parade route (Dumfries shopping plaza) or at the Dumfries Elementary School, which is up past the Weems Botts Museum.  You’ll want to arrive early enough to walk and then get situated, and unlike a 4th of July parade, sitting on the ground isn’t a good option because the ground is cold!

Three: Winter Parades = Not as crowded.  Because of the chilly weather, there were less people out for the parade.  That means that you don’t have to fight thick crowds, and that kids around me (even towards the end of the parade route) made out like bandits with candy!

Four: Love the people that put in effort.  Some of the entries in the parade were, in a word, lame.  But a bunch of businesses and groups put in the effort to be fun and festive, and they were very much appreciated.  The tow truck companies that entered were all really great- they put all kinds of characters and inflatables on them.  The National Park Service did a cool float, and the marching bands were really cool! The Toys for Tots float blew foam “snow” at the crowd, and the parade ended with Santa coming into town on his sleigh.

The Dumfries Christmas Parade is held annually, and you can find more information on the town website.

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