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Review: Zerorez Carpet Cleaning

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Published: 06/24/2016
Okay, I am sure a lot of you are with me on this, but I have a love/hate relationship with carpet.  In the scheme of things hardwood is so much easier, especially when it comes to spills – wipe them up and they are gone.  On the other hand, when my piggy toes get out of bed in the morning they want to hit the soft warm carpet and not the hard cold hardwood.  So... I still have carpet in the bedrooms of my home.  Well, the carpet in my room is eight years old and so, of course, it has been put to the test with those that live here, my husband, me and an occasional sneaky dog; and those who visit, my daughter, her husband and three kids and my son and his wife.  Why would they be in my room you ask?  Years ago my husband watched tons of football and I wanted to watch anything else, so I agreed that we could get another TV in the bedroom for him to watch football on as long as he did laundry (ours is upstairs) while he watched. I know, smart, right!  Now we will let the grandkids, or the grownups watch something up there when we don’t all want to watch kid stuff.  Well after all those years, my carpet had some dirty high traffic areas and one iced tea stain that needed to be cleaned up so I decided to call Zerorez and give them a try.  I called their office to schedule and was pleased that I would not have to wait weeks to get in.

Of course, anything that is going to make things better first makes them worse, so I worked my tail off getting everything out of my room.  Boy do I have a lot of stuff!  Of course, this gives me the chance to easily Spring clean my room. J

When I scheduled with Zerorez, they told me my appointment time would be 10:30-12:30.  After having scheduled many home repair type projects and having everyone run late, imagine my surprise when Tim, the tech that was coming to do the job, called me at 10:00 to tell me that he was on his way but that traffic may delay him until 10:40.  Shoot, I was thrilled with such a short delay and it ended up he was on time!  I showed him what he was going to clean and he asked me some questions about the type of traffic the carpet get, its age, etc. and then he showed me his demonstration again.  I took a video so I could let you see it because it really caught my attention:

Tim got to work and I could smell the pleasant citrus oil scent of their eco-friendly powered water coming down the stairs to the kitchen.  The essential oil smell is nice, and I didn't have to worry about allergies or anything because there is no detergent in the water. About an hour or so later, Tim asked me to come and see the room.  Wow, the tea stains were gone!
                                                    Before                                  After
The high traffic “get in and out of bed” stains were gone too.

                                                      Before                                        After

The bedroom looked happy and I felt happy knowing that my carpet seemed almost new again.  The carpet was supposed to be dry in 4 hours and I was excited because I wanted my bed back.  Because the contents of my bedroom were blocking almost every bed in the house, I had been sleeping on the bottom bunk in the grandkids' room.  It was a little bit of a maze to get to because I had rested my mattresses against one of the long sides of the bed and the room is not very big so I had to go around the back side to lay down.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a bed above, the mattresses blocking one side and the ends of the bed that go up to the top bunk, so I thought I was in a box and freaked out for a second before I looked right and saw the window.  That was definitely weird!
                                                Junk                  Junk                  "the box"
Well, the carpet was dry in the 4 hours like I was told but I had dinner guests so I did not get my bed put back. L  One more night in the grandkids' bunk bed but at least I knew where I was when I woke up the second night.

After vacuuming the bedroom, I am very happy with the results although there is one place that still looks a little stained.  It is better, but not as good as I think it could be.  The good news is that when I talked to Zerorez they immediately scheduled a time to come out and work on that stain.  They “want everyone to be 100% satisfied with their job”.  They are returning tomorrow and I have no doubt that they will take care of the remaining stain because everyone I have spoken with right down to the scheduler has been very courteous and eager to prove that their green carpet cleaning process is better than the rest. I would be more than happy to have them come and clean more carpets, but right now I am considering having them give me an estimate on one of their other services, air duct cleaning and sanitizing.

Now when people come to visit, I will not feel like I have to close the door to my beautiful bedroom!
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