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Summer Reading 2016

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Published: 05/25/2016
Prince William Libraries has revamped Summer Reading again.  You may remember last year's program included various options for points that you logged online, but that system is totally gone, and this year there's a passport program.

The 2016 Summer Reading theme is "Stay Local, Read Global" and includes programs for children through adults.  There is a paper reading log available per parent requests to have something to turn into the schools, but it is not a program requirement. Starting June 1 you'll be able to sign up online for the program.

Younger children will receive a paper passport, but you will still need to register them online. You will have to pick up the passport in the library you register with.  Every week, parents will be able to set a goal for their children, and then once a week the child can come in and tell the volunteers at the library how they met their goal and get a stamp.  Any child who collects five stamps on their passport will be able to choose a book to take home to keep.  There are no weekly coupons for everyone, but there will be chances to complete weekly challenges to possibly win a coupon or prize.  You might want to ask your child's teacher for input on realistic goals for how to divide up summer reading for your child.
Older children will also be able to come in for weekly check-in entries.  At the end of the summer, those entries will win a special prize valued at $100 or more.  There will be two prizes per branch awarded. Students can receive extra entries by writing book reviews for use on the library website and Good Reads.
Adults can enter to win a $15 Target gift card per branch per week.

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