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Published: 07/03/2015
My momma is a college student (so proud of her!) and is almost done with her degree, so she's amping up her job search, and my dad is on the market, too, so they both needed to update their resumes.

With social media being such a key part of the job search these days, places like LinkedIn want you to have a headshot, and neither of them had a current one.  I was really excited to be able to be somewhat helpful by setting up a gift session with Deanne from Classic portraits.  She did my head shots after I was sick (when I was informed that my headshot no longer looked like me....speaking of which, these no longer look like me- but I did enjoy rocking the short hair!)
And I think she did an amazing job on my parents, too!

Here's my gorgeous mama who will finish her degree in Business Management:

And here's my dad, an IT manager, who we refer to as "Coach Papa" around here:
Deanne is really wonderful to work with.  She's kind and has a great eye for detail, doing things like coming over to fix a stray hair or tilting your head just-so.  When she did my head shots, she stood on a ladder so I wouldn't have more than one chin....not that that's a problem I have....

You can find more info about headshots, maternity, engagements, senior pictures, family portraits, or any other type of pictures with Deanne on her website  (note- it plays music, so if you're at work don't crank the speakers!) or visit her on her Facebook page! 
I love working with Deanne and have never had anyone give me anything but the highest praise when I've recommended they work with her!! If you attend the Real Housewives of Northern Virginia events, you've seen her there, too- she works every one of them! 

Thanks for another great session, Classic Portraits!

Disclosure: I paid for my parents pictures, and it was worth every penny :) I just really love Deanne. 

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